Sunday, 12 May 2013

Skarloc's Wood Elves and Ogres. 

Not really done a lot of painting since my last blog update on wednesday.
I did get around to repainting/touching up the paintwork of a few Skarloc's Wood elves, and getting most of  the Marauder Elf Lord on a Dragon done. I also painted up a giant eagle, and a Dark Elf test model.

My main focus at the end of this week when it comes to miniatures has been sorting out things with an idea to have a workable 3,000 point army list of all the races that I currently have. I did read on someones blog (sorry, I can't remember who's ! ) that they had done this idea too. I think it will give me a plan for painting and whether I need to buy the odd figure here and there.
 I would also like to properly start a Brettonian army using the old C26 Citadel minatures, now re-avalible from Wargames Foundry. I am not sure whether to use the orginal army list from Warhammer Armies, or the updated list in White Dwarf #137. The updated list allows for great choice of infantry, but the older list is the one people know about more.

Anyway, in keeping with the idea I had in an earlier blog post of posting that which I have recently painted together with older stuff, here are a few pictures of the what I have got around to painting, as well as photographs of some C23 Ogres I painted a while ago.

 Marauder Elf Lord. I have opted for a green Dragon and for green and wood brown equipment to keep a plain and rustic Wood Elven feel.
 Close up. I wanted back of the saddle to look wood carved and gilded.
 13 Skarloc's Wood Elves.
 Glam, the Laughing Warrior, Wood Elf wardancer; and the Skarloc 'The Hooded one' . 
 Kaia Stormwatch; and Aralane Warskald Wood Elf musician.
 Three archers. I am mainly going for a mix of greens and browns.
 Three more archers.
 Giant Eagle. The elf gives an idea of the size of it.
I am sure this is an old citadel model, but could'nt find details on it. 
 Dark Elf test model. I painted up this old Marauder Dark Elf as I am looking re-do the army and fancied painting one up. It might seem strange but the base colour for the flesh tone is a mix of white and Vallejo German WWII field grey.
 Nearly finished the Grenadier wingless dragon.
 A Regiment of ten C23 Ogres.
 C23 Ogres: 
 Marauder/ Bandit Ogre.
 Pit Fighter
 Gutlugg Executioner. Always loved his teeth !
 Thug Ogre
 Shaman with skull headed mace
Bounty Hunter.


  1. I think that grenadier dragon could have done with a bit of greenstuff to hide the join.

    What colour did you use for your Ogre skin?

    1. hehe, funny you should mention that !

      I was looking at the Dragon this afternoon and decided the same thing. I bought it off e-bay already made up, and have beheaded it this afternoon to clear up the join.

      For the Ogres is used a combination Citdael Rhinox Hide (the new name for Scorched brown, a dark brown really), and Vellejo Meduim Fleshtone (#70.860).

      I like you elves, I have been using Citadell Warpstone green, the closest thing to the old Woodland green, for some of the clothing.

  2. I use some of the citadel washes, however I mainly use coat d'arms now.

    I need to find a new replacement gold the coat d'arms one actually appears green! Useful for wood elves but not much else...

    1. You could try Vallejo.
      They do a great 'Old Gold'
      It's number 70.878

  3. Man it's good to see those ogres, I have 9 of the 10 you show and the captain which is the only one nearly painted so far looks frightningly like yours... (guess I still have time to change a few things ^^)

    I really like how the overall unit looks on the table. Your shaman looks like he's gonna ask "what"s your quest?"

    Though I'm not big on elves these are brilliant and rmeind me of Mike McVey's army in WD's of old...

    1. Thank you, I painted the Captain similar to the old paint scheme he was given when relased in the 1980's, so don't worry about any simliarites.

      The shaman does look like he's the brains of the regiment, and for a very different selection of miniautres they do fit well on the table together.

      I'll have a look for some of Mike McVey's Elves. I based them loosely on the orginal 1980's paint scheme too.