Thursday, 14 February 2019

Kulo, Governor of Xit.

Another Space Ork from the 1980's, but with a little difference.

I am currently painting my 1980's early Rogue Trader Space Ork's with a mind to creating the Ork Drop Legion which invaded Rynn World. However I also have in mind the Ork forces used in the 'Wolf Time' scenario, from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican. So whilst painting some of the Drop Legion, I decided to paint up my conversion of Kulo, the Ork Governor of Xit.

In the background, Kulo is a very fat and loathsome Ork. He does'nt wear any physical armour, but has field armour, and is equiped with a bolt pistol and power glove. None of the 1980's Orks seemed to fit this description and so I decided to convert my own one.

I wanted to keep the conversion parts limited to the 1980's. For the body I used one of the 1980's Judge Dredd range JD3 Fatties bodies I had spare. For the head I swapped the Fattie head for a plastic Orc head from the Warhammer Regiments set, using greenstuff to hold it in place and create a fat neck. Finally, I selected a few items, including a Power Glove, from the RTB101 Space Marine plastic box set.

Painting wise I loosely kept the theme I am using with the Drop Legion Orks: rusty metals, and semi World War Two German army colours. As both Kulo, and Luggub's Drop Legion, are part of the wider Charadon Empire I thought this was a sound idea. I gave Kulo a lighter shirt colour to show off how fat his body is, and also so I could make the light shirt mucky suggesting the lack of hygiene which is sadly a feature of the Charadon Empire. I also painted his nose and face a little flushed to suggest over-indulgence of food and drink.

Enjoy :)
The artwork of Kulo in the Book of the Astronomican, drawn by Tony Hough. I met Tony Hough once at Salute, he was a nice person, and we chatted about his artwork.
The army list entry for Kulo.
I based him on a 40mm round base. I am still considering what basing materials to use for the Orks, so will add more to the base at a later date.
I kept the greenstuff around his neck a little rough to suggest cellulite and various warts/skin problems.
Side view, with the Power Glove. I painted the Power Glove rusty, and then lightly painted the checks on the it to suggest peeling paint.
Side view, with the RTB101 Space Marine Bolt Pistol and pack, no doubt trophies from Kulo's rise to power.
Rear view. Less said the better really!
Size comparison with Kulo and one of the RTB102 Space Ork Raiders for scale.
RTB102 Space Ork Raider.
I have been painting lots of these, and Ork Dreadnoughts. More of these in later blog updates.

Next updates will be more Space Orks. Rynn's World, you have been warned. :)

Friday, 8 February 2019

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought pilot, taking a break.

I've been painting a lot more Rogue Trader Orks, but more of those in other updates. For now, here is a conversion of an Ork Dreadnought.

I have always loved the film 'Kelly Heroes', and Oddball's tank crews in particular. One of the crew, known as 'Turk', amused me. It must have been the fez, as I like fez's. So I converted an old solid based Orc crewman  from Citadel's Arcane Monstrosities TA4 Orc War Machine. It was a simple conversion, bending the arms, and adding a green stuff fez and cigar. The Dreadnought was painted in a rusy style, with Citadel's Typus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, and Runefang Steel.

And so there you have it. A chilling out Ork pilot, taking a break somewhere on Rynn's World.

Enjoy, and don't hit me with any negative waves Moriarity. :)

 Chilling out.
 Close up.
I do love how Citadels Technical Paints turn out.
I am not sure the Fez looks as tidy as a real fez, but could always be more of a smoking hat instead.
 Rear view.
Oddball's crew.
Next will be more Rogue Trader Space Orks!

Monday, 4 February 2019

Gordal Luggub.

I am starting to re-paint/paint my early era rogue Trader Space Ork army. My army is based on the Ork list in the 1988 Book of the Astronmican, and the additional rules published in the White Dwarf magazines from the time, mainly concerning the Dreadnoughts and random vehicles stats.

I had painted this army some years ago, but was never very happy with it. It seemed to me a little flat and dull. The paint scheme was based loosely on the World War 2 German army, as the early Ork sculpts suggested, but by doing that I feel I lost something of the Orky-ness of it all. The bases did'nt offset the miniatures very well, and I did'nt really like the German tank paint scheme I used for the Dreadnoughts.

All of this was a shame. I love the early Space Ork range and background, the era before the 1990 Clan based army lists and miniatures. So I am re-visiting them with the aim of combining the World War 2 German look, with that early Space Ork vibe. I have also started using some of Ciadels Technical Paints which are great I am very keen on using the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust combination to creat some rusty Ork Vehicles, armour, and guns.

So here is Gordal Luggub, Commander of Luggub's Legion, Charadon Ork Taskforce, assigned to attack Rynn's World.

Enjoy :)
 Gordal Luggub.
He is from the RT202 Space Ork Command Group range, sculpted by Kev Adams, and released in 1988.
I have painted his armour to look rusty and grotty, rather than shiney and pretty, to give that lived-in and messy Ork look. I used the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust combination over a black undercoat, and highlighted with Runefang Steel. I will be using this a lot in the repainting.
Rear view.
I have based him on a new 32mm Citadel round base. I think that the Orks in Powered Armour look better on this size base. The rest of the Orks will be on the standard 25mm round bases.

Next update will be more Orks. I will, as time goes on paint more Imperial Army Troopers, but for now, it's the Orks. They do, afterall, have Rynn's World to invade!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Rogue Trader Imperial Army: an old paint scheme make anew.

 A long time ago, perhaps around 1990 ( I cannot quite recall), I painted some of the 1987/8 first releases Imperial Army miniatures for my Imperial Guard army. I wanted an 'army looking' colour scheme, but GW did'nt really have any khaki green paint, and I did'nt have access to World War Two/Vietnam colours. So I chose a basic scheme based on the 'Trooper of the Army of Retribution IX campaign' on page 161 of the Rogue Trader rulebook. This was the old Woodland Green for the clothing, Goblin Green for the armour.

Many years later, but still some time ago (!) I paint stripped them and tried out differing paint schemes. One was more 'army Green', then I tried the classic Codex Grey, and then a few in the much later Catachan Green and a mix of Vellejo paint, but none of them really worked. So I just boxed them up and forgot about them. Which was a crime for just cool miniatures.

Over the last week or so I dug out the old Imperial Army miniatures and thought "why not paint them up in the old paint scheme, only with better painting than 1990?" So I did. The result was great fun, and personally quite heartwarming in a way. My old Imperial Army/Guard had returned to life as I always recalled them, but with better painting than when I was 16. At some point I will do a more in depth look at the range, and I will be painting more in the future, but not yet. When I do, the army will be based on the Hylgar's Hell-Raisers Army list from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican.
Enjoy :)
'Trooper of the Army of Retribution IX campiagn' on page 161 of the Rogue Trader rulebook.
A terrible photograph of a weeks casual painting.
I need to base them, but have not decided on how yet.
Left to right:
Trooper Bruce, B-Trooper Gaxt, and Reconaisance Trooper Kai.
Trooper Langton, Point Trooper Hulme, and Trooper Lifeson.
Trooper Black (one of my all time favourite miniatures), Female Trooper Rutherford, and Trooper Trooper Caidan (I noticed the painting error on his puttee from the photograph and have now rectified it). 
Trooper Rothery, Trooper Brough, and Trooper Peart.
Trooper Morris, Imperial Garrison Trooper (from the first Rogue Trader releases), and Trooper Turner (with Heavy Bolter).
Three of Trooper Chow.
This miniature was often used as a 'standard trooper' in many blister packs as well in the hard blister packs of Imperial Guard sold around 1992. He makes a good generic grunt model. I like the backpack and blanket roll.
Sgt. Hicks (another of my all time favourite miniatures), and Trooper Jones with Ork head.
Lieutnant Olsen, and the Imperial Assault Trooper from the second Rogue Trader flyer in March 1988. As an aside, he looks very much based on the C100 Imperial Space Marine sculpts.
Talisman Timescape Astronaut.
I have included him as the Hylgar army list includes an entry for a Lieutnant with a Power Axe. I have painted him up in slighly more industrial colours with the idea that the Power Axe is used as part of semi-industrial equipment on thier planet, rather than being a standard issue.

Next update will be on my real current project,  re-painting Luggub's Drop Legion. Rynns World has been warned! ;)

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Dorian Hawkmoon

I've have started reading 'The Chronicles of Castle Brass', by Michael Moorcock. For those of you unfamilar with it, it is a compliation of three stories set in the a post apocalytic Earth, set at least a 1,000 years from now. The setting is part of the Eternal Champion Multiverse, and the central character of these books, and the earlier books, is Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln [Cologne,Germany].

Now, Games Workshop produced a miniature of Dorian Hawkmoon, and other miniatures depicting characters from the Multiverse, in it's BC5 Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion boxset, produced in 1986. This miniatures depicts Dorian before the overthrow of Granbretan, when he still had the Black Jewel implanted in his skull. Whilst reading the book last night I thought it would be fun to paint up Dorian today for no other reason than for the fun of it. Which I did.
The boxset can be seen here:

The miniature is lovely. Sculpted by Jes Goodwin, Dorian has all the grace and elegance which is suggested in Moorcock's writings, by some of the artwork based on the books (I am thinking of Rodney Matthews artworks in particular), and also which Jes Goodwin was to produce in his ranges of Elves in the following years. The miniature was fun and quick to paint, with nice detailing. One word of caution is that the miniature is delicate. The casting of the ankles is thin, as is where his sword meets his hand. I have seen several broken, and have anectotal evidence that this is common. As he is the Duke of Koln, I painted the shield with flag of Cologne.

Enjoy :)
 The 1986 Grafton Books edition (1987 re-print).
The cover artwork is by Mark Salwowski.
 Dorian Hawkmoon, Duke of Koln.
 Rear view, showing his firelance.
 Shield, based on the current flag of Cologne.
 Front view.
I am currently sorting out my Rogue Trader Tratior Legions, and so might return to the project I abandoned a couple of years ago. However, I have been distracted by a big box of Slann, and the Eternal Champion range today, so I really need to focus on a project for my next update.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Lady/Queen McDeath.

Wow, I have been so busy at during December that I have'nt been able to do any painting at all, with one  exception. What I have been doing, when time allowed, is collecting and sorting out miniatures, but alas no real painting.

I did finally finish painting Lady (later Queen) McDeath, about a year after I started her. I followed the artwork from the cover of the McDeath Gamesmaster book. It's bright, and a very 1980's looking colour scheme, and I like it. I would like the buy another Lady McDeath and paint her in the black scheme from the poster which comes with the boxed game, but as she is a very rare miniature, this would not be practical.

Sculpting wise she a great miniature. Very similar to the artwork, with a well sculpted bodice and odd looking headress, as well as the skulls and jewellery. Her face is very expressional and has a haughty look to her. I am not sure of the sculptor, but she looks similar to the 1985 C46 Townsfolk, and some of the 2nd Edition Talisman miniatures.

So here she is...

Enjoy :)
 Lady McDeath: Sorceress; power behind the throne of East Albion; wife to the King; and owner of Spot.
 Side view.
The proportions and details of the bodice, shape of the dress/robe, and jewellery are nicely done, and the miniature has a sense of drama about her.
 Rear view, showing her long hair.
 Right hand side view.
Lady McDeath take Spot out for a little excercise.
The Gamesmaster's Guide.

Not sure what the next blog update will be on. I have three armies I collected over 2018 which I have'nt photographed, and am sorting out my Slaves to Darkness era Chaos Renegades.

Friday, 16 November 2018

McDeath Scenario: Spot.

The McDeath scenario.
This is something I have wanted to approach for a while. I have always liked the scenario, but it's only in the last few years I have got around to collecting the miniatures for it. My aim is to have not only the forces required to play the scenario, but also use those forces for the basis of two 3,000 3rd Edition Warhammer armies; McDeath's (Orc and Goblin list); and the Rebellion of the Just (Norse list).

There will be several updates on the McDeath Scenario, but this one is focusing on Lady McDeaths pet hound, 'Spot'. Spot is a two-headed Chaos hound, which breathes fire, has Iron hard skin, and has a Scorpion Tail mutation which can deliver a poisoned attack. In the scenario, Spot is Lady McDeaths pet, and obeys a limited series of commands.

I have collected all but three of the character models from the release sheet, I don't have Sandra Prangle or Markus Grimmock, but I do have stand-ins. The third model was Spot. The original Spot miniature is one of the Chaos Hounds from the C22 Creatures miniatures range. However there are two similar two-headed Chaos hound miniatures, and I have the other miniature than the one featured in the Scenario release sheet. When I picked the hound up from e-bay, it was missing it's tail, and in need of repair. So I added a spare tail I had from the C29 Giant Scorpion, all achieved with a little drilling and pinning.

I based Spot on a 50mm square base. I tried a 40mm base and a 25mm x 50mm base, but both seemed a little too small. As I intend to use but Spot, and the Beastie of Loch Lorm, as 'counts asTrolls' in a 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin army of McDeath (more on this in a later update), I wanted both to have the same base size. Both work better on 50mm, so that's how they ended up. Painting Spot was easy. I just copied the paint scheme from the McDeath Gamesmaster Guide cover artwork. It was just a mix of browns/beiges/ and white, over a black undercoat.
I am very happy with how Spot turned out.

Enjoy :)
'Spot' from the left side, showing the howling head. The other C22 Chaos hound, the 'actual' Spot, has the howling and closed mouth heads around the other way.
Right hand side.
Slight close up of the heads.
The replacement Scorpion tail.
WIP Lady McDeath shown next to Spot for scale. I think that the 50mm base gives Spot a better and bigger battlefield presence, more befitting such a fearsome beast.
The Gamesmaster's Guide for the McDeath Scenario showing Spot. The tail in the artwork is slightly different, but I thought that the tail I had would work nicely.
Next update will be Lady McDeath. It's about time I finished painting her. I might get McDeath himself painted if I have the time.