Thursday, 11 April 2019

Spikes Harvey Wotan, and friends.

I've taken a little break from painting and blogging (although not picking up stuff on e-bay!) for a while. However last week I decided to get back into painting, and decided on some of the old C16/D3 Chaos Dwarfs ranges.

Before I go any further though, I would like to comment on last months blog post concerning Justin Coutange. I wish to thank everybody to sent sympathy and condolences, and who shared their comments concerning Justin, both here on on the Oldhammer Facebook group. I did'nt think it would be personally appropriate to reply to each of the comments, but it was better to leave them to stand for themselves without me adding anything.

Concerning the Chaos Dwarfs, I originally painted my ally contingent of Chaos Dwarfs a few years ago, but despite the positive response, I was never quite happy with the paint scheme. Given my recent experimenting with Citadels Technical Paints on the Rogue Trader Orks, I wanted to give that technique a try with the Chaos Dwarfs. The Technique was the same: black undercoat; base coat of Typhus Corrosion; varying levels of application of Ryza Rust; and then highlighting of Runefang Steel.

I am very happy with the outcome. They look suitably rusty and Chaotic, and more how I personally imagined Chaos Dwarfs. I always thought of them lurking about on misty, snowy, desolate mountains fighting Dwarfs, Gobliniods, etc. With that in mind I gave them a dark grey base, with snow (Citadel's Valhallan Blizzard), and some Icey tufts (from Serious-Play).

Enjoy :)
 Spikes Harvey Wotan.
This moderately famous C16 Dwarf was one of the characters in the White Dwarf pull-out scenario from White Dwarf #83 'The Crude, the Mad & the Rusty. This scenario saw Spikes, Oxy O'Cetylene and his Tin Man, and a pair of Khornate Goblins, hunting down the Ogre Skrag the Slaughterer.
 I do like how the rust looks. I have decided to make the weapons, and for the others the shields, rusty. All that misty mountain air!
 I like how Spikes Harvey Wotan's skull masked helmet looks, giving a dead-eyed Chaotic look
 'The Friends'.
On the left is Badbreath Blackbeard, and on the right Grimdur Gutwrencher.
Like all of the other Chaos Dwarfs, while the metal will be rusty, but there will be a little dirty colour from items such as helmet plumes, beards, and scabbards, as well as any items of clothing.
 Zelazad Hornhead and Origol The Horrible.
 Ori Pointed-Beard (sporting his pointed beard!) and Jabbertooth Eyesplinter.
 Ori and Jabbertooths rusty shields.
 Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen.
These were'nt named but were numbered. Here are Crossbow 4 and 3.
 Not Chaos Dwarfs, but part of the army.
I have expanded my Chaos Dwarf collection over the last few years, and I have also added some non-Chaos Dwarf items to add an extra (little!) something. Here are, on the left the LE5 Psychohobbit, on the right is the Chaos Familar Iron Armoured Imp.
 Chaos Dwarf Bazooka.
I love the Bazookas, they look great and they have that 2nd/3rd Edition warhammer vibe of random fantasy nonsense.
 View of the loader, with a firework looking rocket.
 Rear view.
Yes, that patched-up bag of explosive rockets look Health and Safety safe to me!
...and now for something random.
I wanted to test out another of Citadels Technical paints, Nighthaunt Gloom. This paint is usually used for Ethereal miniatures. I chose an old JD3 Perp Judge Dredd miniature, Theobold Wen, which I have wanted to paint for a while. He looks quite Victorian, and thought he would make a nice Ghost.
Painting wise, it was just a wash of Nighthaunt Gloom over a white undercoat. I like how it has turned out, and plan to use this for painting Ghosts, with the greener version Hexwraith Flame for Scpetres.

Not sure what the next update will be on. I had'nt planned on painting all of the Chaos Dwarfs. I am currently sorting out all of my Fantasy Battle armies, and have been collecting the last items for my Slaves to Darkness era Daemon Legions.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Justin Coutange

I've been putting off this blog post for a couple of weeks. It's an unhappy post. On the February 28th a good friend of mine, Justin Coutange died. He had been ill for a little while with a brain tumour, but his sudden death took all who knew him by surprise.

Many people in the 'Oldhammer' and gaming community knew him via his blog, The Masterworkguild. Although he had'nt blogged for a while, his collecting, painting, and contributions to the Oldhammer Facebook Group were well known. For those interested, his blog can be found here:

I had known Justin for a long, long while, 32 years in fact. We first met at school, Shoreham College in West Sussex, when he was 14 and I was 13 years old, back in 1987. We both collected the ESCI 20mm plastic Napoleonics, inspired by the 1970 film Waterloo. We also collected fantasy miniatures. He had a few Wood Elves, and I Undead and Goblins, amongst other things. We hang out at school, and started gaming with hotpotch armies on his mothers living room floor (much to her disapproval!), or dining room table (even more so!). When I set up my table at home, we gamed there on a table of artifical Greengrocers plastic grass (my parents were Greengrocers) and rocks.

The first battles were messy affairs. Rarely did we finish a game, or if we did it was usually a bloodbath. By this time, late 1987 onwards it was 3rd Edition Warhammer. With the release of Warhammer Armies in 1988 armies and battles took better shape. I usually fielded Slann, sometimes Dark Elves, or Orcs and Goblins. Justin always opposed me with his Wood Elves. His mother disapproved of his gaming, and he had little time or money to spend on his army at first. I, by contrast had a part time job from the age of 13, and parents who did'nt really care what I spent my money on.

...and so we gamed, painted, and lived through the arguably the  'Golden Age' Warhammer.

Games Workshop Brighton opened in 1989, so we hang there, or gamed at our parents houses. Justin was never really taken with Warhammer 40k. Fantasy Battle was his love, and Wood Elves his passion. When he went to Uni, we stored his collection at my parents home as his mother did'nt want the clutter, and in the holidays we sat painting in the summer sunshine.

When we were older, we still kept in touch. Neither of us were impressed with 4th Edition Warhammer, or the following Editions. We looked into other games and manufacturers, and returned to 3rd edition Warhammer, and to Napoleonics. In fact, two weeks before he died he sent me a copy of General d'Armee. Deep in his heart he still longed to defeat Wellington. Strange considering his ancestors were disinherited by the revolution of 1789.

In later years we met up less. We didn't game much, but chatted and kept in touch. His job and family, and my work kept us in contact but not always in the same place. Blogging and Facebook kept us closer and that 'Golden era' alive. We had both diversified our collections, Justin spent time on Orcs and Goblins, and Undead, amongst other things. Some years ago we had a last hurrah as it turned out, with a two day 5,000 point 3rd Edition game. Our classic match up: Wood Elves vs Slann. The battle reports can be found here:

Sadly, we did'nt stage another of our epic battles. In the 'old days' 5, 6, 7, or 8, point battles took place. But alas no records of those epic stuggles remain (we even conducted a siege!). Life, and now death has got in the way of that. Time can do that.

Many people will remember Justin for his contributions to 'Oldhammer', for his sculpting, especially  his great Undead Ogre sculpt, and as a nice person.  He was much more than that, but for those he knew in the gaming world, I think that's a good way to remember him.
For me, he was my friend.

 Justin as I always remember him. I think he's in his 20's here.
 Justin's famous sculpt of the Undead Ogre. It was meant to be an undead version sculpt of Jes Goodwins famous C23 Ogre Hrothyogg.
He sent me one for free.
 The Goblinlee.
Not many people are aware but he sculpted a Goblin, and sent me five of the casts.
Why the Goblinlee Goblin?  Look two photographs down...
 ...rear view...
 ...he sculpted my name on the tab. It was the Goblin Lee. :)
The Grenadier Treeman.
Well this was Justin's first Treeman miniature he ever bought . He never liked it, but I did. Years later, in about 2000 and something I saw a paint stripped one for sale on e-bay. Hmm, I thought. I have'nt seen one of those for sale before. I always liked Justin's, so I purchased it. It turned out it was Justin selling his old Treeman, and I bought it without knowing he had been selling!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Rogue Trader 'Bomber Class' Ork Siege Dreadnought.

As part of my redux of Luggrub's Drop Legion, I have been painting Ork Dreadnoughts. Now, more on the bulk of Ork Dreadnoughts once they are finished. However as part of this I decided to convert a spare Ork Dreadnought into a Siege Dreadnought. I thought Luggub might need one for attacking New Rynn City.

Most people who are interested in the Rogue Trader era, especially the early era, are familar with the Ork Dreadnought rules first published in White Dwarf #100, and later included in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium. However, anecdotally it seems that people are less familiar with the Ork Dreadnoughts in the 40k section of the 1988 Warhammer Siege book. The book details three different types Dreadnoughts each for the Orks, The Imperium, and Eldar. I chose to make a 'Bomber Class' Ork Dreadnought because I liked the combination of las-cutter and phase-field generator, and felt it would be a challange to represent both items in a conversion as Citadel had never made models for either.

I started off with a Super-Attack Onslaughter Ork Dreadnought, bascially the big four-armed one, as the Bomber is equiped with two power claws, as well as the las-cutter and phase-field generator. I used the short legs option because I reasoned that the Bomber would require a study lower centre of gravity for using the las-cutter and phase-field generator, as well as having to be close to the ground/walls/fortifications to use them.

For the las-cutter and phase-field generator is used two old plastic Zoid parts. On the Dreadnoughts right hand side I added my version of the las-cutter. This is a cut down Zoid leg, with a nice looking tube thing on it. I placed the phase-field generator on the left hand side to give the model a certain symmetry. For this, I used a random Zoid piece which reminded me of the Star Trek Warp engines, which is similar to the warp technology used in the phase-field generator. Finally, for the headshield I used a few cut down lollipop sticks, some metal mesh, and a couple of squares of plasticard.

Enjoy :)
 Warhammer Siege (1988).
The  'Bomber Class' Ork Dreadnought entry in Warhmmer Siege (1988).
 Before painting.
I added another piece of lollipop stick, some cut up sprues, and a little model barbed wire to the (60mm) base as rubble.
 Painted. :)
I used the Citadel Typus Corrosion/Ryza Rust/Runefang Steel over black undercoat combination. I love the Citadel Technical paints, as for the Orks they create a grotty, rusty, out of warranty look to their weapons, vehicles and equipment. I dry-brushed some yellow with black stripes onto the claws to suggest that at some point there was a visit from an Ork health and safety officer.
 Rear view.
 Phase-field generator.
I think it looks like the Star Trek Warp Drives.
 Top view of the headshield.
I added a couple of pieces of plasticard to break up the blandness of the mesh and suggest a half-hearted (or with Ork perhaps half-arsed) attempt at extra protection. For those unaware, the headshield is a canopy which provides the Dreadnought, and any assualting infantry, with extra protection from above when assaulting fortificaions, etc.
 Base, complete with rubble.
I have used Citadel's texture paint 'Agellan Earth' for the soil. I wanted the base to have some rubble, etc, to suggest it was close to fortifications. I will be adding some flock tufts to this, and other Ork basing, once they are delivered by Royal Mail!
 Thw WIP Ork Dreadnoughts.
Various Ork Dreadnoughts in a variety of levels of painting. I have eleven Ork Dreadnoughts.
 For fun, I converted and painted up a 1980's second Edition Blood Bowl Orc. 'Converted' is really  grand description for glueing a RTB101 Space Marine bolter on his right hand.
Luggub's Drop Legion has an option for 'Exotic equipment', one of which is 10 suits of Carapace Armour, so I might use him and some other Blood Bowl Orcs as those. They might also make good 'Scumbos' for the Wolf Time scenario.
Rear view.

Next update...
...more Orks. :)

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Kulo, Governor of Xit.

Another Space Ork from the 1980's, but with a little difference.

I am currently painting my 1980's early Rogue Trader Space Ork's with a mind to creating the Ork Drop Legion which invaded Rynn World. However I also have in mind the Ork forces used in the 'Wolf Time' scenario, from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican. So whilst painting some of the Drop Legion, I decided to paint up my conversion of Kulo, the Ork Governor of Xit.

In the background, Kulo is a very fat and loathsome Ork. He does'nt wear any physical armour, but has field armour, and is equiped with a bolt pistol and power glove. None of the 1980's Orks seemed to fit this description and so I decided to convert my own one.

I wanted to keep the conversion parts limited to the 1980's. For the body I used one of the 1980's Judge Dredd range JD3 Fatties bodies I had spare. For the head I swapped the Fattie head for a plastic Orc head from the Warhammer Regiments set, using greenstuff to hold it in place and create a fat neck. Finally, I selected a few items, including a Power Glove, from the RTB101 Space Marine plastic box set.

Painting wise I loosely kept the theme I am using with the Drop Legion Orks: rusty metals, and semi World War Two German army colours. As both Kulo, and Luggub's Drop Legion, are part of the wider Charadon Empire I thought this was a sound idea. I gave Kulo a lighter shirt colour to show off how fat his body is, and also so I could make the light shirt mucky suggesting the lack of hygiene which is sadly a feature of the Charadon Empire. I also painted his nose and face a little flushed to suggest over-indulgence of food and drink.

Enjoy :)
The artwork of Kulo in the Book of the Astronomican, drawn by Tony Hough. I met Tony Hough once at Salute, he was a nice person, and we chatted about his artwork.
The army list entry for Kulo.
I based him on a 40mm round base. I am still considering what basing materials to use for the Orks, so will add more to the base at a later date.
I kept the greenstuff around his neck a little rough to suggest cellulite and various warts/skin problems.
Side view, with the Power Glove. I painted the Power Glove rusty, and then lightly painted the checks on the it to suggest peeling paint.
Side view, with the RTB101 Space Marine Bolt Pistol and pack, no doubt trophies from Kulo's rise to power.
Rear view. Less said the better really!
Size comparison with Kulo and one of the RTB102 Space Ork Raiders for scale.
RTB102 Space Ork Raider.
I have been painting lots of these, and Ork Dreadnoughts. More of these in later blog updates.

Next updates will be more Space Orks. Rynn's World, you have been warned. :)

Friday, 8 February 2019

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought pilot, taking a break.

I've been painting a lot more Rogue Trader Orks, but more of those in other updates. For now, here is a conversion of an Ork Dreadnought.

I have always loved the film 'Kelly Heroes', and Oddball's tank crews in particular. One of the crew, known as 'Turk', amused me. It must have been the fez, as I like fez's. So I converted an old solid based Orc crewman  from Citadel's Arcane Monstrosities TA4 Orc War Machine. It was a simple conversion, bending the arms, and adding a green stuff fez and cigar. The Dreadnought was painted in a rusy style, with Citadel's Typus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, and Runefang Steel.

And so there you have it. A chilling out Ork pilot, taking a break somewhere on Rynn's World.

Enjoy, and don't hit me with any negative waves Moriarity. :)

 Chilling out.
 Close up.
I do love how Citadels Technical Paints turn out.
I am not sure the Fez looks as tidy as a real fez, but could always be more of a smoking hat instead.
 Rear view.
Oddball's crew.
Next will be more Rogue Trader Space Orks!

Monday, 4 February 2019

Gordal Luggub.

I am starting to re-paint/paint my early era rogue Trader Space Ork army. My army is based on the Ork list in the 1988 Book of the Astronmican, and the additional rules published in the White Dwarf magazines from the time, mainly concerning the Dreadnoughts and random vehicles stats.

I had painted this army some years ago, but was never very happy with it. It seemed to me a little flat and dull. The paint scheme was based loosely on the World War 2 German army, as the early Ork sculpts suggested, but by doing that I feel I lost something of the Orky-ness of it all. The bases did'nt offset the miniatures very well, and I did'nt really like the German tank paint scheme I used for the Dreadnoughts.

All of this was a shame. I love the early Space Ork range and background, the era before the 1990 Clan based army lists and miniatures. So I am re-visiting them with the aim of combining the World War 2 German look, with that early Space Ork vibe. I have also started using some of Ciadels Technical Paints which are great I am very keen on using the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust combination to creat some rusty Ork Vehicles, armour, and guns.

So here is Gordal Luggub, Commander of Luggub's Legion, Charadon Ork Taskforce, assigned to attack Rynn's World.

Enjoy :)
 Gordal Luggub.
He is from the RT202 Space Ork Command Group range, sculpted by Kev Adams, and released in 1988.
I have painted his armour to look rusty and grotty, rather than shiney and pretty, to give that lived-in and messy Ork look. I used the Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust combination over a black undercoat, and highlighted with Runefang Steel. I will be using this a lot in the repainting.
Rear view.
I have based him on a new 32mm Citadel round base. I think that the Orks in Powered Armour look better on this size base. The rest of the Orks will be on the standard 25mm round bases.

Next update will be more Orks. I will, as time goes on paint more Imperial Army Troopers, but for now, it's the Orks. They do, afterall, have Rynn's World to invade!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Rogue Trader Imperial Army: an old paint scheme make anew.

 A long time ago, perhaps around 1990 ( I cannot quite recall), I painted some of the 1987/8 first releases Imperial Army miniatures for my Imperial Guard army. I wanted an 'army looking' colour scheme, but GW did'nt really have any khaki green paint, and I did'nt have access to World War Two/Vietnam colours. So I chose a basic scheme based on the 'Trooper of the Army of Retribution IX campaign' on page 161 of the Rogue Trader rulebook. This was the old Woodland Green for the clothing, Goblin Green for the armour.

Many years later, but still some time ago (!) I paint stripped them and tried out differing paint schemes. One was more 'army Green', then I tried the classic Codex Grey, and then a few in the much later Catachan Green and a mix of Vellejo paint, but none of them really worked. So I just boxed them up and forgot about them. Which was a crime for just cool miniatures.

Over the last week or so I dug out the old Imperial Army miniatures and thought "why not paint them up in the old paint scheme, only with better painting than 1990?" So I did. The result was great fun, and personally quite heartwarming in a way. My old Imperial Army/Guard had returned to life as I always recalled them, but with better painting than when I was 16. At some point I will do a more in depth look at the range, and I will be painting more in the future, but not yet. When I do, the army will be based on the Hylgar's Hell-Raisers Army list from the 1988 Book of the Astronomican.
Enjoy :)
'Trooper of the Army of Retribution IX campiagn' on page 161 of the Rogue Trader rulebook.
A terrible photograph of a weeks casual painting.
I need to base them, but have not decided on how yet.
Left to right:
Trooper Bruce, B-Trooper Gaxt, and Reconaisance Trooper Kai.
Trooper Langton, Point Trooper Hulme, and Trooper Lifeson.
Trooper Black (one of my all time favourite miniatures), Female Trooper Rutherford, and Trooper Trooper Caidan (I noticed the painting error on his puttee from the photograph and have now rectified it). 
Trooper Rothery, Trooper Brough, and Trooper Peart.
Trooper Morris, Imperial Garrison Trooper (from the first Rogue Trader releases), and Trooper Turner (with Heavy Bolter).
Three of Trooper Chow.
This miniature was often used as a 'standard trooper' in many blister packs as well in the hard blister packs of Imperial Guard sold around 1992. He makes a good generic grunt model. I like the backpack and blanket roll.
Sgt. Hicks (another of my all time favourite miniatures), and Trooper Jones with Ork head.
Lieutnant Olsen, and the Imperial Assault Trooper from the second Rogue Trader flyer in March 1988. As an aside, he looks very much based on the C100 Imperial Space Marine sculpts.
Talisman Timescape Astronaut.
I have included him as the Hylgar army list includes an entry for a Lieutnant with a Power Axe. I have painted him up in slighly more industrial colours with the idea that the Power Axe is used as part of semi-industrial equipment on thier planet, rather than being a standard issue.

Next update will be on my real current project,  re-painting Luggub's Drop Legion. Rynns World has been warned! ;)