Friday, 15 November 2013


Just a quick update to say that my blog has received 20,000 views since I started in April this year! 

Thank you to everyone for your interest in my blog. :)

In the near future I plan to keep working on my Warhammer Armies project, that is having a completely painted 3,000 point army finished for each of the army entries in the 3rd Edition Warhammer Armies book.

The Wood Elf army is over half completed. I still have the High Elves, Empire, and Skaven left to do (and maybe a Norse/Barbarian army from the White Dwarf list). Apart from the odd one of two Empire and Skaven miniautres I require they are complete and only need an army list write up and painting.

The Warhmmer Armies project should be finished off by the Spring of next year. After that I will probably make some more inroads into the Slann and Goblins. I am also sure I'll end up painting Squats or some other project as diversions too (maybe the Confederate Cadians).

Update wise I still have the 'to do' Warhammer Armies things to post.  I also still have several other armies  as well as odds and ends to post as well. As I did recently with the Imperial Army and Wood Elves I might also focus on one range or aspect of a miniatures range, and/or painting guides. Please let me know if you think it's a good idea? :)

Still more to paint and photograph!
 I finally managed to get back to re/painting Wood Elves this week. I will base them up and do a proper update on Sunday.
Ooglorg the Cruel.
 Random Iron Claw IC301 Space Pirate I painted up the other day.


  1. Well first congarts for the milestone !

    I can only support the range-focused approach. It gives mor attention to special sculptors and strenghtens the army theme which is always good in my book. What you've done with the wood elves is really good because of this I think, a bit like you did on undead and chaos.
    If you have the whole Iron claw space pirate range, hat could be a strting theme (If you don't I might do that first ;) )

    1. Thank you,
      I am suprised how fast the views have increased.

      I like the idea of the range focused update, and you're right it does showcase the work of the sculptor. I do enjoy giving the miniatures a form of contexual anaylsis.
      It is interesting looking at the way the sculptors approached the design and how each miniature in a range release relates to others, and how they used some miniatures as the basis of sculpting others.

      I will still do the army based updates. Glad people like the armies with a theme, I might try to do the more in depth background that other bloggers do.

      I could do a Space Pirate update, good idea, and it will be good to see your Pirate update too. Not sure how many I have, I'll have to find them and see. :)

    2. It turns out I have 11 Iron Claw Pirates; all but 1 of the RT601 Pirates; all of the RT502 Mercenaries; and 23 of the RT601 Adventurers.

      So I could do an update later tomorrow on them if people wanted to see them, but very few of them are painted?

  2. Replies
    1. To expand on my previous post. A very long and exhausting work week has left quite frazzled.
      But that picture of enumerable hordes of Gobbos just waiting to be painted has just made my week! Thank you sir.

    2. Thank you for following my Blog.

      Glad the Goblins cheered you up, they cheer me up. :)

      It was great to see them all laid out on the table, although I must admit to a slight sense of concern as to how I am ever going to get them all painted!
      Luckly, unlike a Goblin my leadership is'nt 5, so I did'nt panic and run away :)

  3. The goblin horde, even in its untainted state, is amazing!!!

    I'm sorry to say that about half your 20,000 hits have been me, repeatedly going back in time to when we used to game together on those green grocer mats of your dad, or on my aunts lounge floor!

    1. The problem with Goblins is that they will probably run away from your Elves! I still have a lot to paint.

      I remember the old mats, seemed a good idea at the time. Your Aunts house had a large floor for gaming, but I recall it took most of the day to sort out and set up!