Sunday, 12 January 2014


As of lunchtime today I have received 25,348 views since I started up my Blog in April 2013.  Again, I wish to say thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my Blog. :)

Painting wise, I am still working my way through my old Rogue Trader Squat Army.
I have been less busy than I thought I would this week, and have been going to bed far too late, meaning I had more time to paint! Consequently I have managed to complete both Biker Squads this week, as well as a few other odds and ends. I have also made a start on the Heavy Weapons Trikes.

I still need to varnish and base the Bikers, as well as the rest of the army. A comment by Asslessman about the Squats being a good opposite to my Space Ork army, as they are both in World War 2 colours, has got me thinking that I might base them up to match the Orks with mud effect and green flock.

Enjoy :)
 The 2 Squads of Squat Bikers.
I decided to only use the all one casting metal Squats for the Biker squads to keep a co-herence to them. Also, the bodies that require arms need at least one of the arms converted to hold the handlebars which in my opinion worked better on the Heavy Weapon Trikes than the Bikes. 
I did convert up both unit leaders from the exo-armour Trikes.
The 8 Bikers of Squad 1.
With both squads I decided not to go for a 'biker gang' look but keep the uniform style and colour of the rest of the army. I did this to keep the army linked together and not look like a collection of disperate parts. I have however used more leeway in the painting, giving the Bikers more different coloured details and colours, such as with hats, shoulder/knee pads, t-shirts, and gloves. I did paint all the visors a glowing green, giving the idea of data diplay (sat-nav maybe LOL) and to give the units a secondry unifying colour in conjuction with the uniform colour.
 The 8 Bikers of Squad 2.
 Bikers packing a las-gun too, just to be sure! 
 Backward facing caps, back in fashion by the 40th Millennium. I like using the orange as it works well with the uniform colour, as does lighter greens.
 The most 'biker' looking model of the Bikers. The one at the back I painted as wearing a denim jacket.
 The final all one piece metal biker, with a more 'biker' style helmet.
 The two Squad leaders. Both are sitting on converted exo-armoured trikes. I built up the cushioning on the seats to give them better height. 
The leader on the left is an old Warlord biker, with head swap from a Drastik Plastic Dwarf and holding a Rogue Trader Ork Bolt Pistol from the plastic box set.
The leader on the right is a foot-slogging biker model converted to ride the bike, and with a Bolt Pistol from the weapon sprue GW made at the time.

 Guildmaster on a Jet Bike. 
Having a Biker Squad allows the use of a Guildmaster. In the old Squat army list they are no Jetbikes, but I thought why not? The Squats are meant to be technologically aware, and I thought he looked good on it. It can count as a normal bike for gaming purposes.
Looking at the model I was struck how 'gangsta' he looked with the gold chain and shades. So I 'pimped him up'a little in the painting, with lots of gold and a purple coat, and kept the shades all gold.
 My other Guildmaster miniature on the left. I used Rogue Trader Eldar arms on him to give an armoured/bionic look.
On the right is a human Tech Priest from the RT601 Adventurers range, to be used as an Adept Mech advisor.
 Two random miniatures I painted while waiting for the Bikers bascoat to dry.
On the left is an Iron Claw casualty figure. I am going to use him as one of the crew members for a Tarantula weapon system. Rather than have him as dead, once based, I green stuff up some beer cans or a bottle around him to suggest he is a little worse for wear. 
The other model is a fantasy Dwarf  from the D6 Villager range, which I will use as a living Ancestor.
Heavy Weapon Trikes WIP. 
Yesterday I converted the one on the rear right to have a las-cannon instead of the usual Mulit-melta, using a spare las-cannon I had from the Rogue Trader era Ork Wartrak.
I think Squats using on an old Ork Wartrak would be a nice conversion.
Something else from the 1980's!
For those of you unaware, Southern England has also been experiencing high winds and floods. While Brighton and Hove has'nt been flooded, several trees have been blown over (including some old Elms of which we are the only city left to have a signifcant number left). Following a couple of trees being blown over down the road the council cleared some land near the railway, and I spotted and old soft drinks can for Quatro, which they stopped making in the 1980's (1986 according to Wiki). It has the old style ring pull hole, and a best before date of 5th July 1985.
In a fit of 1980's nostalgia I cleaned it up and it's sitting on my shelf! 

Next Blog update will be on the progress with the Trikes, and other Squat related stuff I move onto. :)


  1. Looking good as always Lee, I'd recommend putting the Bikes on pill bases rather then cav bases as too my eye it really does improve the look and flow of the bikes. Still rather jealous of the amount of Bikes/trikes you have.

    1. Thank you.
      Not a bad idea. I based them up 'traditionally' with the old cavalry bases but might re-base them, it will give them a better battlefield impact.

      If you are short of bikes Ramshackle games do resin bikes/trikes. I am not sure if they would work with Squats, but you might be able to convert some of the 1989 metal Squats to sit on them? I have never dealt with them, but I have'nt heard anything bad about them.

    2. Ramshackle games are a pleasure to deal with, the owner is a member of the Squat FB group, I' thinking of using there Iron Grumbler tanks

  2. Nice touches with the blinged-out Guildmaster and the villager as a living Ancestor, Goblin Lee! And Congrats on the 25 000 views! I think I probably accounted for several hundred at least. Thanks for that!

    1. Thank you, and I am glad you've enjoyed the Blog.
      I have another different fantasy Dwarf miniature I am painting up as a Living Ancestor, as well as a 'proper one' to do.
      The Guildmaster was fun to paint :)

  3. Congrats Lee ! Very great bikes and I LOVE the drunken mortar crew though I'm sure he will not admit he is :" A quat's never drunk ! I'm just listening at the ground !"

    1. Thank you very much,
      I wanted to use the dead Squat but did'nt want him to be dead! Got to pick a brand of beer for him to have enjoyed now :)

  4. Any lover of Squats is a friend to me. Your collection is enviable sir indeed.

    (And Quatro.... My fav drink from when I were a lad playing in the suburbs of Billericay before the town turned to utter crap.)

    1. Thank you,
      I only have about 20 more to paint, and then I have to base and paint them.
      I like your Blogs, the imperial Guard are good. If you are interested in Praetorians mine are here:

      I loved Quatro in the 1980's and so was suprised to see the can!

    2. Thanks mate. I'll check them Praetorians now.