Sunday, 2 February 2014

Squat army completed but not finished!

Just a short update this weekend (if you excuse the pun!)

 I have finished painting the Squat army! I painting up the last Combat Squad, two Warlords with thier respective Hearthguards, and the Bombots. I still have to varnish them all and base them, which will still probably take most of the week, but they should (well might!)  be ready for a whole army update next weekend.


 Last batch finished. 
  Warlord and Hearthguard.
The Warlord and three of the Hearthguard are from the 1989 release that went to go to with the plastic boxset.
 Warlord and Hearthguard.
 As Squats were meant to have traded with the Eldar I have equipped them both with Rogue Trader era Eldar Melta guns. I have given the Warlord the Eldar arms from the same era too as they fit well and give the impression of bionic arms and a left handed Power Glove. Painting wise I kept with the same colour as the rest of the army but painted up the armour to look like they are wearing old style family heirlooms.
 Two more of the Hearthguard.
 Apart from trading (and fighting with) with the Eldar, the Squats also traded with the Orks. Both of these have Space Ork weapons from the Rogue Trader boxset. I like the little Dragon crest on the helm on the one on the right. 
 As I only have three of the four Hearthguard set I added a flamer model, 'Koch Wesson',  from RT301 range. I painted him up with a greater variety of colours than the normal Troopers to show he is part of a Hearthguard.
On the right is the rear of the Warlords cloak.
  Repainted Warlord and Hearthguard. 
When I first started the Squat army project I was going to paint them up in a green and brown uniform, so painted this squad up in that way. They are now re-painted to match the rest of the army, and unoffically I regard them as the Army General and lead squad of the army, hence the Eagle standard.
Warlord and Army General, from the Iron Claw range.
 Army Standard, 'Garand Steyr', and the Musician 'Grom Atchison'.
 Iron Claw trooper with a Melta Gun, and 'Nambu Arisaka' with a flamer.
 Combat Squad 3, from the 5th Brotherhood.
 Like the other two squads from last week, they are armed with las-guns with one trooper with a las-cannon.
 Plastic Las-Cannon Trooper, and the Squad leader, 'Brew Ithaca'.
 Two Iron Claw Troopers. 
The Iron Claw Squats are very enjoyable to paint as they have a lot of character and detailing. The las-gun on the left, and the Auto-gun on the right are both the same style sculpts used by the Perry's in thier early Imperial Army/Guard releases.
 Two more Iron Claw Squats.
 Two RT301 Squats with the AK47 looking Auto-guns.
On the left is 'Gal Von Benko'. He has the same little backpack as all the AK47 Auto-gun troopers have. He also has a piece of equipment I have never been able to figure out on the right of his body. I thuoght it might be spare ammo clip, but it pops up on other non-Squat/Auto-gun miniatures. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.
The other Squat is 'Luger Gerlich'.
 They are basically the same miniature, but with different visors and noses.
I thought I would add them to the army as a cheaper points replacement in case I did'nt use something else, or if I decided to add a Sixth Brotherhood to the army.
These two are from Para 3 Bots pack in the Citadel Paranoia range.
I was sorting through boxes and spent this morning glueing together three Rogue Trader era Wartraks which I never got around to painting up when I did Luggub's Drop Legion. I probably should have spent this morning more wisely varnishing the Squats, but I like the Wartraks. I will get them, and the rest of the odds and ends of the Rogue Trader Space Orks finished at some point, but for now the Squats are the thing to finish.

Next update should be the varnished and based up Squat army, however I do have a busy week ahead, so will see how far I get. If not, I will find something interesting to post. :)


  1. Good job Lee, unlike me your at least trying to fight the distractions.. My Squats are once again on hold lol.

    1. Thank you.
      That's a shame, I am looking forward to seeing your Chaos Squats finished, although your Slaanesh stuff is good :)

  2. Never would have thought of it but the eldar weapons work on th equats. the bionic arm is really convincing ! I love to see the back of the monis in your posts, I didn't know the earthguard a such a lovely cloak !

    The device maybe a communicator or targeter but I admit I've never seen one like this before (or didn't pay attention to it...

    The painting is still great but I think the earthguards could use some blackilining or ink wash where the silver and gold parts are next to each other, this would make the gld stand a bit more than it is now just my 2 cents though...
    Looking forward to the varnished and based army (or something completely different ;).

    1. Thank you,
      I thought the Eldar weapons would make an interesting addition, and had a background explanation. With the arms I was looking through a bits box and wondered if one of them would make a good power glove and found they all fitted nicely.

      I have always wondered what the device is, might make it a topic for a later blog post.

      After photographing some goblins a while ago I released that you don't see the backview of miniatures very often, and people miss out on the details.

      Good idea, I was thinking that the armour looked a little flat. I will probably give them a black ink wash to line the edges.