Monday, 2 June 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Finished!

I finished painting the Warlord on a Juggernought this evening. This means I have finished painting the whole army in a week. :)

 The army is painted is composed of:  60 Khorne Beserker Marines, 9 Chosen Marines, a Warlord on a Juggernought, 2 Predator Tanks, 1 Defiler, and a Dreadnought. 

I do still need to paint the bases and varnish the army,  but the the actual painting of the models is finished. I am pleased with how the army has turned out. I purposely chose a basic paint scheme, not just to allow quick painting, but to give a dark, moody and gritty look to the army, rather than a cleaner look, which I think I have achieved. I also chose this project to get me back into the routine on painting again after a break of over a month, especially in the evenings after work.  I was also fun to blog about the daily progress of the army and to show it taking shape, and it really motivated me to carry on with the painting every evening.

All in all I am pleased with the result, and am happy to have been painting again. I would like to thank everyone for taking an interest in the project. I will finish the basing as I go this week, I won't do a daily update on the basing, but will show the completed army in my next blog update on Sunday.

 Warlord on Juggernuoght. 
The model is a later 1990's one, and is on a 50mm square base to give an idea of the scale. I had the model and thought it would make a good Warlord, surrounded by his squad of Chaosen Chaos Marines.
Again I went for the darker look as with the rest of the army, and I drybrushed gold like the other heroes and Chosen. I also drilled out the barrel of the Bolt Pistol.
 Right side view.
 Left side view.
 The Dreadnought. 
On advice from Asslessman I drilled a hole into the Plasma Cannon barrel. I then repainted to barrel end silver rather than the Plasma green I used first, and I think it looks a lot better. I also gave the Dreadnought the red Bloodletter Glaze.
 Blood for the Blood God!!! 
The whole army.
 Side view.
What next?
Well apart from basing I am not sure, but I want to keep up the momentum of painting. I do have a wish to paint another army, or some Goblins. I will spend the next couple of days sorting out something :)


  1. Lee, seeing you piant this army has given me th ewill to get back to my 40k chaos army. I think I'll try to get a unit done every once in a while just to let it grow and get painted. I have absolutely not the nerves to paint it in one go like you did although I could be tempted to try... that would only mean 6 months of WIP for me though...
    Nothing beats the look of a finished army, Well done really !

    1. Excellent, I am glad my project has inspired you to paint one of yours. It will be great to see how you progress with the army.

      I would'nt necessarily recommend painting them all in one go, but it is fun and you do build a certain momentum. Painting one unit at a time and pacing yourself is more sensible, but I wanted to take on the challenge so I could get back to painting.

      Thank you for suggesting the drilling of the Plasma Cannon barrel, glad you liked the progress reports and the 'finished' army :)