Sunday 13 July 2014

Skaven Weapon Teams and Army List Version 2.

I am still painting the Skaven Army, although due to work and being ill (I've had a summer cold) I have only been able to paint the weapon teams, the Slave Ogre, and the Army General. I am also halfway through speed painting 66 of the Heroquest Clanrats, and so they will be finished before the week is out.

After discussing my first draft of the Skaven Army list I have compiled a second version, which I may still tinker with, but I have settled with the overall framework of the army.
The second version is as follows:

Army General, Level 20 Hero, Hellhoned Blade, Protective Rune Heavy Armour, Warplock Pistol
=148 points.

Army Standard Bearer, Level 15 Hero, Heavy Armour =125 points.

Level 20 Wizard = 230 points.

Level 10 Wizard = 80 points.

10 Gutter Runners, light armour, shield, slings = 145 points.

35 Clanrats, light armour, shield, spear, Standard bearer, musician, Level 10 hero = 294.5 points.

35 Clanrats, light armour, shield, spear, Standard bearer, musician, Level 10 hero = 294.5 points.

35 Clanrats, light armour, shield, Standard bearer, musician, Level 10 hero = 274 points.

35 Slaves, shield, Standard bearer, musician, Level 10 hero = 162.5 points.

35 Slaves, shield, Standard bearer, musician, Level 10 hero = 162.5 points.

19 Stormvermin, light armour, shield, double handed weapon, Standard Bearer, Musician, Level 15 hero with Baneblade [magic sword, not the tank!] =  266 points.

6 Rat Ogres, 3 Beast Handlers, light armour = 259.5 points.

3 Jezzailachis = 117 points.

4 Warpfire-Throwers =324 points.

3 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, light armour = 78 points.

Total =2990.5 points.

Different from the first draft of the Army list:
  • I have dropped the Wyvern as I only intend to use bound creatures such as Dragons to take out other Dragons or monsters (a sort of 'fire and forget' Dragon!), but the Wyvern to me seemed less impressive. 
  • I have added an Army Standard bearer for morale and panic tests
  • I did consider dropping the Stormvermin, but in the end kept them as I still wanted a smaller more mobile unit with double handed weapons for higher toughness creatures. I also added a magical weapon to the Hero. I like to have at least two magical weapons in an army to deal with Ethereal creatures.
  • Reduced the Level 25 Wizard to 20 to save points. 
  •  Added Spears to two of the Clanrats regiments. I shall be using the Heroquest Skaven models as Spaermen as the 'hand weapons' look more like hafted weapons to me. So, as long as I inform my opponent I consider it to be fine. 
  • Increased the size of the Clanrat units so it requires 9 dead Skaven to cuase a rout test.
  • Reduced the size of the Slave units to match the size of the Clanrats, and also added an extra unit of them to bulk out the army and because they are cheap in points. Against advice I did'nt equip them with slings as the battle plan is to get into close combat as soon as possible, and so did'nt think the slings would get used.
  • I added Gutter Runners, because I wanted them, and did'nt want an army without some skirmishers. 
I still have 9.5 points, and could probably glean some more points from something if needed. The re-design has also lead to me buying a few more Rat-Goblins (sorry, I mean Skaven!!)  from e-bay, included a Throt the Unclean model (for £1!) for lead the Stormvermin. I have added aporox 25 more models to the army, pushing it over the 200 mark for models in the army.
I am really growing to like the old metal Skaven models, an old range I never really had much dealing with over the years. I am rally enjoying assembling and painting the army.

Enjoy :) 
 Army General with Warplock Pistol.
Yes, he is Green!
 The reason is when I first purchased him in about 1987 I had no real idea about the Skaven, and so painted him green. With the curruption of Warpstone, and the availability of cheap hair dyes I thought why not repaint him green so as to stand out from the rest of the army?
I am pleased with how bright the eyes are turning out.
I like these, they seem very iconic of the Skaven army, and also representative of the arcane technomancy of them.
 Second Warpfire-Thrower. 
I painted the hood of the barrel carrier checked as I have noticed that I tend to paint in block colours too often, and intend to paint more patterned fabrics, especially for the Skaven, to break up the mass of standard colours.
 The third Warpfire-Thrower.
I painted this one as a test model a while ago, and just tinkered a little with the paintwork.
 Final Warpfire-Thrower from the right side.
 Two Jezzailachis, showing both sides of the models.
 For the third Jezzailachis team I always wanted to have the Skaven leader model paired with the 'stick holder model' to create a slightly different Jezzailachis team.
 3 Poisoned Wind Globadiers. 
I have turned the third one around to show the rear of the model.
The photograph did'nt really capture the glow of the globes.
 C23 Solid Based Slave Ogre, an unfortunate Ogre is now doubling up as a Rat Ogre. I think it adds a little variety and 'old skool' quirkyness to the army.
 The Slave Ogre in the unit.
I am currently painting up the Beasthandlers, so they should be ready for the next update as well.

Next update will be a continuation of the Skaven Army, with Clanrats, beasthandlers, and anything else I get a chance to paint included.
I am also planning an unusual themed Chaos Army, more of which I shall detail latter on.


  1. Well done sir you're a wonder at churning out models that is for sure. I like your list it's very similair to my own although we differ in some fashion regarding no slings and Stormvermin.
    Spice of life. Best of luck in your endeavours and don't forget those Warpfire throwers are weapon teams and may join skaven units as characters; makes them MUCH more survivable.

    1. Thank you, and also for the comments and suggestions on the last army list. I did'nt realise that weapon teams could join units.
      I still have lots to paint, but the Clanrats and Slaves should'nt take too long. With the added Skaven to the army I consider it might now take until the first week of August to complete now.
      I thought I would keep the Stormvermin as I wanted to have a core unit to tackle potential problem units I may encounter, but I can see how they can easily be swapped for other options in the army. I plan to add more elements to the Skaven army at a later date as I am getting to quite like the miniatures.

  2. Aw so old school my eye have misted up. I think I've still got my old Skaven in a box somewhere

    1. Thank you, I always enjoy seeing old school miniatures on other peoples blogs too. Perhaps you could paint up a few of your Skaven. Feel free to check out the other old stuff I have updated on my blog too. :)