Thursday, 16 April 2015

Slann Cold One Riders, Spawn Bands, and tinkering.

Over the last few weeks I have been steadily painting my way through the Slann army, but still have lots to do.
I decided to get some Cold One Riders painted up. In all the years of gaming and fielding a Slann army I had never really painted any, and only ever painted five Cold One Riders and only used them once in a game back in the 1980's. For the first unit (for I have several) I decided to paint one of two 'Cotec' regiments. In the Slann background Cotec is the Slann capital city, and so when I was assembling the army, thought it would be good to have one or two regiments which could be the Bull Slann garrison troops from the Capitol city.
For this I chose the 'Quinenz' miniature, which is the miniature featured in the artwork for the Bull Slann, and because in mounted ranks he looks good. Both units are the same, but I am painting each with different coloured helmet plumes and giving them different standards. Perhaps they could be from different parts of town? Both unit leaders and standard bearers are conversion of broken miniatures.

In addition to the Bull Slann Cold One Riders I have been painting other things. I have managed to paint up another 20 strong Spawn Band, the basic troops of the Slann army. These are a mix of all the model I never needed to use for the other units and so are a mix of miniatures. As a consequence they all have their own individual paint schemes, and take a little longer to paint.

Apart from the Spawn Bands I have been tinkering with one of the Venom Tribe units which I didn't like the colour of, and one of the Slann Mages. In addition I revisited the paintwork for my Ambulls which had become chipped over the years since I painted them. I plan to use the Ambulls, not only in their capacity of 40k monsters, but also in the fantasy battle Slann army as stand-in giant Scorpions. It's not that I don't want to use actual giant Scorpions, I have a some for use with the Animal Handlers, it's that I like the idea of a Slann Mage opening some sort of Space-Time rift in his binding magic, rather than going into the jungle and going "here kitty-kitty Giant Scorpion-Giant Scorpion"!

I also had some Reaper Miniatures Scarab Swarms, which I was never really going to use with my Khemri army. So I clipped them to fit a round 50mm base, and made a 3rd Edition Swarm. I shall use them a 'Flying Insects' swarm, as they look like flying beetles just on the ground!

Enjoy :) 

 10 Bull Slann Cold One Riders. 
+2 Shock Elite Slann.
All of the riders are the 'Quinenz' miniature. 
Side view. 
I plan to use them in two ranks of four to gain a +1 rank bonus, with two 'spare' riders to make up for casualties.
 Side views. I plan to add a shield design at a later date.
Standard Bearer and unit leader.
The Second of the Cotec cavalry.
The Bull Slann riders artwork from the 3rd Edition Warhammer Armies book. 
Note the artwork looking like the  'Quinenz' miniature.
More Slann Bull Slann Riders on the workbench.
Unlike the Cotec Regiments, these are going to be a mixture of different Slann miniatures. I will also be painting the Cold One Green.
More WIP.
I have 10 of the 'Nanuazin' miniatures, with added 'Aztec' shields, to mount onto 10 of the limited release Rogue Trader Space Marine Riding Lizards. I was never going to use them for 40k, so thought they would make interesting alternative Cold Ones.
20 Spawn Bands.
Standard Bearer made from a converted 'Allda' miniature. 
On the right the unit leader is a 'Lieutenant' miniature from the Magnificent Sven Scenario range. I could decide what colour to paint him, so opted for albino.
'Itzadodyl' on the left, and solid based 'Palace Guard Officer' on the right.
'Toltec' on the left, and 'Naxlatl' on the right.
Three solid based 'Warrior' miniatures, in a variety of colours.
'Hacienda', and another 'Itzadodyl'.
'Potzalco' and a Slann 'Unlisted with club'.
3 regiments of 20 strong Spawn Bands.
4 Ambulls.
Close up!
10 Venom Tribes armed with Blowpipes.
I already have 2 units of 10 Venom Tribes painted in the background skin colour of  "vivid red and black patterning", similar to the Strawberry poisoned Dart Frogs.
 For a change I painted these Slann just orange skinned, but did'nt like the overall look, and so a couple of days ago I added black spotted marking and paler under-throat, reminiscent of the the Orange 'Strawberry' posioned Dart Frogs.
Closer up.
I also did the same thing to the all-orange Slann Mage.
Flying Insect Swarm mounted on 50mm base.
Top view, with Slann for scale.

Next week will be the fourth of my analyses into the army lists in the Warhammer Armies book: The High Elves.
I will also be continuing to paint Slann, and hopefully heading north to London for Salute 2015.


  1. Great job Gobbo all round!
    You insect swarms make my skin crawl and have caused intense nausea do great job.
    I love the commitment to large units of bull slann I hope you have the points to magic up a standard or mage scroll as they are going to get a ton of attention!
    I also must compliment your ambull paintjobs. They are the best painted I've ever seen, quite marvellous, I have my own ideas of how I would paint them but alas I will never own one at the current ebay rates.
    Your orange slann looks quite striking, I hope that in the future you can get your hands on another, I would love to see one mounted on a warrior beetle especially if it were in mid flight!
    I'm rambling. Great job again.

    1. Cool, thank you,
      I always wanted to do a 3rd Edition Swarm, and not many people really bother. My first thought was to do Frogs, which would be fun but a bit obvious, plus I had the spare Scarabs. Glad (in a nice way) they make your flesh crawl, I wanted something unsettling from the jungle for the Slann to summon.

      The large units of Bull Slann riders will be expensive and are difficult to use, but I hope to use a couple of units when I next game Justins Wood Elves. Units of 10 give them that rank bonus and numbers to survive. I am making up a couple of smaller units of 5 for flank charging.

      Glad you liked the new improved orange Slann, I am really happy with how they came out. I still have three Mages in Litters left to do, one of which I am hlafway though painting up as Hypnotoad from Futurama.

      I have been meaning to repaint the Ambulls for ages. I based the scheme on the original paint scheme. It's a shame they are now so expensive on e-bay. I picked up mine during the 1980's, and actually used them at the time.
      A Slann on a Giant Beetle sounds a great idea. I have a giant Scarab from Reaper Miniatures, and so it could work as an alternative Cold One mounted Mage. Thank you. :)

  2. Lovely stuff here, Lee. One of my favourite armies that I never tire of seeing. The Cold One riders make such a striking cavalry unit. Will be nice to see the space marine riding lizards put to use. Is this the first time you have posted up the venom tribes? I love their skin pattern.

    1. Glad you like the army, it's my favourite army too, although I think Goblins have more individual character.

      The Cold One Riders do make an usual Cavalry unit and look exotic on the gaming table. I will be looking to do the Space Marine Riding Lizards soon, within the next couple of weeks as I am eager to finally paint them.

      This is the first time I have posted up these venom tribes in the new paint scheme. I had posted them last year in the battle report when they were just plain orange. I am really happy with how they turned out.

  3. Gorgeous work – I quite agree with 24_Cigarettes on the scarabs; great choice. When's the next big army shot going up? :)

    1. Thank you.
      I am pleased with how the Scarabs look on the base. I have no other use for them and thought I would give making a Swarm a go.
      As for the next big army shot, I am waiting until I have painted some more Slann and then will set up a big patio table I have outside.

  4. Always enjoy your Slann update - there's no such army such as yours! And it looks really good as well.
    What make is the swarm. Really want one for my bases! :)

    1. Thank you Hans,
      glad you are enjoying the Slann. There will be a few more updates floolowing as I am attempting to make a serious attempt at finsihing painting the army. It's a bit of an epic task, but great fun. :)

      The Swarm is made from two Scarab Swarm packs from Reaper miniatures (sculpted by Bob Olley!), clipped to size, and then put on a space 50mm base.
      Heres the link: