Saturday, 26 September 2015

Secrets of the Third Reich British: Finished.

A slightly shorter, and yet again a work delayed blog update!

I have finished the last batch of miniatures for my Secrets of the Third Reich British Army force, finishing the entire project. Over the last week and a half I have painted 12 Riflemen, 4 PIAT armed soldiers, 7 Assualt Bren Gunners, a Bazooka team, and (converted) Heavy Mortar Team.

I have enjoyed collecting and painting them, and they have made a pleasant change. Although I don't play West Winds 'Secrets of the Third Reich' game, I like the Weird War Two setting, and the miniatures have a great post-apocalyptic feel blended with a World War Two aesthetic. I must admit though, like all uniformed armies, they did get a little 'samey' towards the end, but I'm happy with the overall look of the miniatures and pleased to have completed something I have wanted to do for a number of years.

Enjoy :)
 The last batch of painting.
 Bazooka Team.
 Four soldiers armed with PIAT's.
The PIAT, (The Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank) was a British re-useable man portable anti tank weapon designed and manufactured during World War Two. 
Looking at them I think that if I was to have painted up in silver or gold they would look very Sci-Fi, like something out of a 1950's B-Movie!
 Three Assault Bren Gunners. 
As I mentioned in an earlier update, I think this is a purely Weird War Two weapon. As far as I know the British never made a Assualt Bren Gun, althuogh I understand there were wartime prototypes. I think it is meant to be a form of Assualt Rifle, the British equivalent of the German StG 44.
Four Assault Bren Gunners.
 Converted Heavy Mortar.
I had two 'spare' kneeling soldiers (that is I only used two crew for the heavy weapons teams), and so I added an old Citadel plastic Imperial Guard Mortar to make a heavy mortar.
 Twelve riflemen
 The whole British Force. 
I split the force down into four 10 man squads, each with one Sten gunner, one PIAT, two Assualt Bren gunners, and six riflemen (including an NCO). I also made 'Assualt Squad' of five comprising two 30 Calibre machine gunners, two riflemen, and an NCO.
In addition, there are the various heavy weapon teams, sniper teams, officers/command personal, and of course the Sherman Firefly.
 10 man Squad, split into two 5 man Squads.
I have one with four riflemen and the PIAT, the other with the Assualt Brens, Sten, and a pair of riflemen.
The 30 'Cal' squad. 

At a later date I might add a suitable looking Weird War Two Mech, and maybe another tank, but for the time being I'm keen to move onto other projects. 

On that subject I have been wanting to return to painting more of the Slann army. I have already been tinkering with shield replacments for one of the Jungle Brave regiments. However I have also been painting up some more Pygmies, with a slightly different approach.

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