Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Rogue Trader World Eaters (Part 5): Robots, Terminators, Tactical Squad, and e-bay reinforcements. Oh, and I have a flag.

I'm back. Well, technically I have'nt been away. I was unable to update the blog last week due to dentistry problems requiring a root canal. Not nice, I spent a lot of time in pain, and it was very distracting from serving the Warmaster. :(

However, I have'nt been idle. Last week I started gluing together all sixty three of my Chaos Terminators for the various Legions. In addition I tried out the Dettol paint stripping technique, which works very well. This week I have finally got back to painting, completing my last World Eater Tactical Squad, and a Robot with attendant Chaos Techmarine.

Also I have been shopping. As always I have been in need of a few more Renegades here and there for the Legions. I have managed to buy another twenty two Renegades, with one more in the post, as well as a Sixth Land Raider, and a couple of Rhinos.

Enjoy :)
 Colossus Robot with Tech Marine.
I have painted the Robot in an old Khornate Traitor Legion colour scheme from 1988, and painted the Tech Marine to match his charge.
 Closer up.
The paint scheme is the classic red/black beloved of Khornate Renegades. There was a gold skull rune on the original design which I might add later.
 World Eater Techmarine, using the Space Marine RT01 Commincation Officer Orinoco. The armour looks like it could easily be used in the Chaos Legions, and fits the look of a Tech Marine. I also gave him an unusual backpack to add more character...
...I had a broken Space Ork Heavy Plasma Gun, so I clipped the rear of it to fit, and added it as a arcane-tech looking backpack. 
 Maniple of Cataphract Robots, with Tech Marine.
I will be painting these at a later date and choosing one of the old 1980 paint schemes for them and the Tech Marine to keep them non-Legion specific, so they can be used for any of the Legions.
I just thought I would include them as I have finally paint stripped them (one of them was previously in the Squat army) and re-assembled them.
 World Eater Tactical squad. 
Finally painted the last of the eight Tactical squads in the Legion detachment. 
 On the left a Skull Headed Renegade, which I decided to paint green to give a more organic chaos feel, and on the right a horn helmed Renegade.
 Skull faced Renegade, with Minotaur headed Sergeant.
 Two 'Bloodletter headed' Renegades. I was very pleased with the depth of red I achieved on these two.
 Renegade with bolter, left,and Heavy Weapon Trooper, right.
 Sixty three Chaos Terminators.
These will broken down as follows:
Twenty one (four squads of five, plus a Captain) for the World Eaters;
Twenty one (four squads of five, plus a Captain) for the Emperor's Children;
Eleven (two squads of five, plus a Captain) for the Sons of Horus;
Five (one squad) for the Death Guard;
Five (one squad) for the Thousands Sons.
 Twenty Two Renegade reinforcements for the various Legions. I also have a Nurgle Renegade in the post on his way.
I will have an 'organise' of the Legions soon as I am near the end of those I require to complete. I'll then post the photographs of the 'Scale of the Heresy'. 
I also bought two Gnoll/Great Goblins and a Slann.
 More tanks: One Land Raider and two Rhinos.
The Land Raider is in poor condition and will have to be taken apart, rebuilt, and repainted. It also has no Las-Cannons, but I have an idea in converting some old 1989 Imperial Guard ones.
The Rhinos are fine and only require the addition of new hatches on one, and the repainting of both.
More stuff in the Dettol paint stripper.
Flying the flag for Praetoria (or the British Space Empire/VSF/Steampunk).
I have been meaning to add flags to my Imperial Guard for ages, and just decided to the other night. The flag is one from a Victrix Napoleonic British box set, but it works fine for these, and saves me painting one.
The next update will be on a few more World Eaters. I have the Bikers to finish off, and want to paint some Bloodletters and Officers.


  1. Great proxy backpack you've given the marine, looks the goods.

    I'm pretty sure (not 100%) that the Cataphracts don't use the back mounted cannons. I know they came with the boss to attach them, but GW obviously didn't test them to see if the weapon would clear the shoulder.

    Also, if you have a look in the Compendium, their not illustrated with back mounted weapons like their brother's are....strange & annoying.


    1. Thank you, glad you like the backpack.

      When I bought my first Cataphract at the time it came with a Las-Cannon. I have gone by the army list entry in the Chapter Approved Robot article in White Dwarf 104 which states they do.

      You're right in that the Las-Cannons do not fit very well, that's why I had to place them over one shoulder.

  2. Wow, what a collection - that is some major heresy! The weight of all those Terminators alone must be staggering :-) Looking forward to seeing this lot get painted up, should be a sight to behold if those WBs are anything to go by!

    1. Thank you, and yes the Terminators do weigh a lot!

      Once I have finished painting the World Eaters I plan to hire out a 6 by 4 foot desert table at my local miniatures store for photographing them.

      In the next couple of weeks I am going to assemble all of the parts of the different Legions, painted or not, to give an impression of the scale of the painting left to do.

  3. What a treasure of collection you have there. Marvelous!!

    1. Thank you Suber, glad you like them. I am having fun finally getting the organising and painting done.

  4. That's a lot of vintage minis to acquire second or third hand. I bought most of my mine back in the day, haven't been on eBay in a long time, but I can't imagine that many terminators was cheap. They used to be about 5.99 CDN per blister if I remember the Rogue Trader prices.

    1. You're right. Most of the Terminators were between £4-6 each from e-bay. I did buy most of my Renegades either at the time, during the 1990's, or on e-bay in the 2000's before they became more expensive. I have only recently been buying more to fill in the gaps of the Legions army lists.

  5. Very jealous of your robots! I'd love to get my hands on the old epic scale ones let alone these beauties!

    Great work on Orinoco (one of my favourite marines) - the Ork Plasma gun is obviously a very versatile piece of kit! I used that same bit as the base of a chain fist for one of my epic Gargants!

    Smashing work on these World Eaters and all those termies are going to be quite an intimidating sight - been busy with this legion myself but in 6mm.

    1. Thank you, I'm pleased to have collected the Maniple of Robots. I used to have loads of the Epic ones, but foolishly sold my Epic collection in the 1990's. :(

      I have always liked the Orinoco Marine, and he seemed to fit in the Tratior Legions very well. The Ork Heavy Plasma Gun is great , the sculpt with the vents and pipes makes it a useful and adaptable source for conversions.

      Glad you like the World Eaters. The Terminators looked pretty imtimidating on the table when I photographed them, so looking forward to painting them. I look forward to your Epic World Eaters. Loving your work on the Epic scale. :)

  6. are there any places out their now that sell rouge trader and pre slotta other then ebay.
    Love what you did with the robot and the tec marine keep it up .

    1. Thank you, glad you like the Tech Marine and robot.

      Apart from e-bay there are very few places to buy Rogue Trader and pre slotta miniatures. Some gaming conventions do bring and buy, and 'Miniatures Heroes' sells some here:

      Otherwise, your best bet is the Oldhammer Trading Group on Facebook.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. how do you get to the old hammer trading group on Facebook because I
    can't find anything like it

    1. Just type in The Oldhammer Trading Company to the Facebook search and it should come up.
      You need to request to join, but they do not take long in relpying.

  9. thanks goblin lee I just checked. thanks for the help and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, no worries, and best of luck. :)