Friday, 6 May 2016

The Fiend, a Hill Troll, and a Spectre.

Recently I have wanted to get back to painting items from my wider collection, and also just painting things I have wanted to for the pure enjoyment of it. I also dohave a plan to return to my Warhammer Armies project.

This entailed sorting out an army from each of the army list entries in the 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle supplement, 'Warhammer Armies'. I have all the miniatures required, and have painted up nine out of the eleven armies, but I intend to go back and tinker with the ones already done, as well as finish the other two.  For example, I have removed many of the solid based Dwarves to put into my Fantasy Tribes Dwarf collection, or into the fledgling Norse army. So with this, and with my wish to alter the composition of a couple of the armies, means that they will be receiving some addition and extra miniatures here and there.

I have also a major plan to re-do my Dark Elf army, but more on that in the next update.

What follows are three seemingly random old miniatures from my collection (and two others I have painted a while ago but not added to the blog), two of which I have wanted to paint for a while. However, I have painted the Hill Troll after painting the Orcs from the 'Blood Bath at Orcs Drift' last week, the Fiend to add to my Fantasy Tribes collection, and the Spectre for the 'new' Dark Elves.
Enjoy :)

 The Fiend!!
One of the early Citdael miniatures, the Fiend is from 1979, and part of the Fiend Factory range. He is listed as FF1 The Fiend. 
I wanted to paint him with 1950's B-Movies in mind, and so went for green-ish swamp monster look, with glowing eyes.
 Close up of the eyes.
 Rear view.
I painted him with a a base Vallejo Viloet Green on a black undercoat, and higlighted with a much lighter Vallejo Lime Green. I then blended a little in certain edged areas with flesh colour. 
The eyes were white basecoat, with a watered down bright red and dabbling of bright orange.
 The Citadel Giant Hill Troll, part of the C31 Giant Monsters range and
 was sculpted by Kev Adams in about 1985.
He was also used in the 'Blood Bath at Orcs Drift' scenario as 'Guthrum Mane'. 
Even for a Troll he is quite tall, that is a 50mm round base he is standing on, hence I assume his inclusion into the C31 Giant Monsters range! He is not solid based or slotta, but had a peg on each foot. In order to give him even more height and to look like he was climibing in hill country I built up a litte mound for him to stand on from Milliput.
 Clos up, shwoing the lovely level of detail, and that Kev Adams addition or a Goblinoid face on his knee pad armour.
His face reminds me of Kev Adams early Goblins from the C12 range he sculpted in the same year.
 Rear view, showing his cloak.
 This miniature is a solid based Citadel Miniature from the C21 Fantasy Cavalry range, listed as the 'Undead King', from the early/mid 1980's. 
I already have one of these which I used as the commander for my Chaos Army, The Soulflayer.
He can be seen here:

I managed to pick this other one from e-bay (for £5), and decided to paint him up as a mounted Spectre. I plan to use him in my re-vamped Dark Elf army, as a bound Ethereal Host. 
I have gone for a desolate mountain/volcanic black-grey base, with snow, to suggest the wastlands of  Naggaroth.
 I undercoated the model white, then gave him a watered down green ink wash. Once dry, I did a light highlight of white. Once that was dry I applied a watered down wash of Vallejo Fluorescent Green, to give an Ethereal look.
 Spectre and the Soulflayer.
 A couple of weeks ago I managed to paint up the Toad Shaman I bought from Salute 2016, made by Oathsworn Miniatures.
I do love this miniature. He (or she?) is full of character and details, and is going to end up lurking about in my Slann collection.
 Rear view.
 Undead Ogre!
This miniature has been sculpted by my friend Justin, who is looking to produce them in conjunction with Ral Partha Europe.
The Undead Ogre is loosely based on the 1980's Citadel C23 Ogre 'Hrothyogg', and is very well sculpted.
 Rear view.
Side by side comparison with Hrothyogg. 

Next weeks will be an update will be on Dark Elves!


  1. Not to be picky BUT...Pegs on monsters ARE for slotta bases 40 and 50mm square bases have peg holes rather than slots.

    1. I know, I have been aware of the use of pegs for the post solid based miniatures since 1986. My idea was firstly just pointing out to people that the Hill Troll was'nt solid based.

      Secondly I was letting people who might not have known that unlike some of the slotta based era monsters (such as the early Minotaurs, or the Talisman Troll) that he did'nt have an actual slotta tab, just the usual pegs designed for the 40mm square base (the 50mm not being released until a lot later, in the later 1990's).

      Also I was just letting people reading my blog know that due to both the pegs and that I was using a lipped base, that I had built up the base higher to accomdate the pegs. I also had to build up from the dip in the base, and so made him a little mound on which to stand.

      I hope this clears up any confusion. :)

    2. We will see some Empire Army List and Miniature goodness soon?

    3. Funny you should mention an Empire army list. Over the last couple of evenings I have been sorting out both my Empire and Bretonnian army lists, and re-allocating various miniatures.
      I plan to place a small mail order to Wargames Foundry to add a few odds and ends to my Empire army, and give an interesting twist to it. I will be putting an Empire army list on the blog in the next couple of weeks.

    4. Great news really looking forward to it :-)

  2. hey thats real cool your friend is doing those undead versions of the goodwin ogres. rad man.