Thursday, 25 August 2016

More Snakemen, Sacred Bull, and time for some hatching!

Despite a busy and stressful time at work, I have managed to paint and base another four Snakemen, as well as a C03 Cleric 'Sacred Bull this week.

I have themed the Snakemen army around the Southwestern USA, and am using the Cleric (and another two other miniatures) as 'New World' Native American looking Wizards/Shamans as Shaman/Guides for the Snakemen.
As for the Snakemen themselves, I have kept the same style as the last batch, but added a few Native American details which I will carry on adding as I paint more. I am keeping the armour bronze/gold, to keep some uniformity, but also will add some other details to add variety.

Enjoy :)
 Four more of Citadel's C27 Snakemen!
 S'lararet Splintered Fang.
I have based the shield design on my 'Native American' design Converse shoes, below.
My Converse shoes :)
 Higgat Dwarf Slicer.
I painted the eyes and fangs another colour on the breastplate to pick out the details. I might paint further  Higgat Dwarf Slicers breasplates another colour to bring out the faces. I might do this for some of the other Snakemen's armour details, but still keep the bulk of the armour gold to provide some uniformity.
Rear view.
 Saranth Elf Slicer.
The Halberd/Double handed weapon looks a little like a power axe to me!
 Left hand side.
 S'lon Life Smasher.
 Right hand side showing his Native American beaded bag.
 Close up on his shoulder armour. A lot of the details on the Snakeman armour is wonderful. The next S'lon Life Smasher I will paint will probably have a bone coloured shoulder pad.
 Sacred Bull.
He is a Citadel C03 Cleric from the mid 1980's.
As he looks more of a Plains Tribesman, so I have painted him up as a Sioux. He is based on a 25mm square base, as per Chaos Sorcerers.
 The painted Chaos Snakemen army so far!
I need to do some hatching!
 More Snakemen in blister packs which I have picked up from e-bay.
With these, the Snakeman army is now over forty models. This will make eight units of five Snakemen (Chaos Warriors), with twenty from the main Chaos army list, and twenty from the Chaos Ally list. I can also have several independent Heroes, including an Army General and an Army Standard Bearer.
I am also looking to convert one of the S'Sirron Fangthrane's into a high level Chaos Sorcerer in Chaos Armour.
I never noticed (or I just forgot) that the Chaos Star in the centre is actually an 'o' of an 'of'.

Next week, more Snakemen!!!


  1. Sweet! I love these guys! Those blisters must have cost you a pretty penny...

    1. Thank you Mr. Mouse. The sculpts are great, and they great miniatures, fun to paint.

      The Snakemen in the blisters ended up costing me about £10 per Snakeman, just over £30 per pack. Given their age and that they are'nt always easy to get, I did'nt think that was too bad.

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  3. Wow a collection, the snake men look great i especially like the native american look you gave them, and the desert terrain really looks great. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you H, glad you like them and the terrian. I wanted to go for a slightly different look. I will be adding some more Native American details to the rest of the Snakemen, as well as varying the details of their armour.