Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Khorne World Eater Army Challenge - Tuesday

Day two.
After undercoating the Army last night I decided to do the basecoat of red this evening. To do this I drybrushed Citadels Evil Sunz Scarlet (the old Blood Red as was) with a large brush straight onto the black undercoat. The idea was not to totally cover the black undercoat, but to provide a heavy drybrush, allowing a lot of the black to still be seen and provide depth, but not too much as to be just black armour with a red highlight.

I will, maybe this evening, but definately tomorrow, start to add detailing to a couple of squads at a time. I want to be very sparingly on the detailing, only lightly painting chain axe/sword teeth and bolt pistols with silver; a few symbols with gold; and odd details with black. I might paint the eye pieces white then red to give a glowing red demonic Khornate effect. The idea is to give an overall look of dark and brooding Chaos Marines without too much detail, with only one or to items of colour to break up the red.

I was also rooting around old boxes of stuff and found my two old style Chaos Predators, based on the old Mark 1 Rhino chasis. I have decided to include them in this army too, as I will never really use them for anything else, and I think that the detailing on the turrets will suit the paint scheme. In addition, the Auto Cannon and Las Cannons will be useful.

The army consists of:
6 squads of 10 Khorne Beserkers
1 squad of 9 Chaos Chosen
1 Warlord mounted on a Juggernought
2 Chaos Predators
1 Dreadnought (Helbrute)
1 Defiler.
I might add other odds and ends as the week goes.

Enjoy :) 

 The pair of Predators.
I am going to use a limited palette of colours for this army, using the colours above. For the bases I will be using a light stone coloured paint too to paint classical marble style rubble bases.
I bought the Citadel Bloodletter glaze today to give it a try.
It took me 90 minutes to do (two episodes of the Big Bang Theory, and half an hour of the news :) )
 Three marines.
As I wanted, the red has come out a slighly duller red, remincent of dried blood. I am hoping that the Citadel Bloodletter glaze will enliven and tie together the black and red.
 Close up showing the gaps showing the black undercoat. 
I am not sure how I will detail the shoulder pads. I might pick out the teeth, or just paint the gaps in the mouth black to have the look of red teeth coming out from the armour. 
 The Predators. 
I am going to pick out the side grills by drybrushing sliver, and the gun barrels drybrushing gold. The tracks I might paint rusty.
There is actually more depth to its paint scheme than the photograph suggests. 

Later this evening and tomorrow I shall be picking out a couple of squads and working on the detailing, and updating again tomorrow :)

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