Monday, 21 October 2019

Unreleased C32 Slann miniature.

Recently I purchased a batch (or Spawning?) of 1980's Slann from e-bay. One of the the Slann in the batch is a Slann which I haven't seen before. I have collected several unreleased or rare Slann before, but I have never seen this one before.

He seems to be based on the sculpt of the released C32 Slann 'Zipanzuma' due to several similarities in sculpting. A few years ago, via the Oldhammer Facebook page, I spoke to Trish Carden (formally Morrison) who sculpted this range of Slann, and she stated that there were two reasons for the existence of unreleased Slann miniatures from this era (1985-7). The first was that some Slann miniatures who did'nt make it into production due to casting concerns. The second was that in the later 1980's, about 1988-90, some sculptors in the design studio converted some test pieces based on her original scuplts, with an aim for later Slann releases to revitalise the range. However, these sculpts, and the idea, was put to one side as there were more immediate priorities, namely the massive success and focus on 40k at the time.

As for the sculpt itself I have mixed feelings. I LOVE any 'new' old sculpts of Slann which I can find and buy. I do like that the Slann seems to be wearing a captured Old World/Norse mail coat. This fits into parts of the 2nd and 3rd Edition warhammer Slann background which suggests that some Slann are adpoting some of the new weapons and equipment brought from the Old World.

On the other hand,  I am not sure on the sculpt of the weapon(?). Is it a weapon, or a standard, is it meant to be made of metal, obsidian, or wood? The whole sculpt excellent, as per the era, but the miniature concept itself is ok. It's in the same vein as other miniatures from other ranges which create variants from one basic sculpt. However, unlike some of them it just seems too different be just a 'Zipanzuma' variant, and too similar in some details, such the helmet, to seem a very separate miniature. Still, I do like it and am glad to have it. :)

Enjoy :)

 Unreleased Slann. 
Rear view.
It's a standard tab used on the Slann from this era.
Rear view.
Again, a standard looking tab. It reads G.W 1985.
Both sides of the tab are the same as that which is found on the tab of 'Zipanzuma'.
 The variant and 'Zipanzuma'.
 Next update will probably be some more Squats.


  1. Great find Lee, I think it's supposed to be a weapon , based loosely on an Aztec weapon. Sometimes these models are trainee sculptors attempts at resculpts to bulk out the ranges as well

    1. Thank you, I am pleased to have found him.
      I do try to buy any of the unreleased/limited release Slann when I can. I bought him in an auction lot from Italy. I am aware that there are several re-casters and re-sculptors about, but this miniature doesn't fit that catagory to me. It seems more in line with being a sculpt test miniature or variant from the late 1980's as it seems in a similar vein and quality to other 'resculpts' from the time which are known from the Warhammer armies book, p115.

      I think you're right on it probably being a weapon. Some years ago I bought a copy of 'Armies of the 16th Century: Armies of the Aztecs, Incas, and other peoples of the Amaericas and spanish America 1450-1608' from Wargames Foundry and it shows a lot of interesting looking weapons and clubs.

      That's a very good point concerning the trainee sculptors, I had'nt really considered it as a specific reason.

    2. Agree it looks genuine, rather than a copy.
      The trainee sculptors were responsible for several releases over the years, one of the most notable was the first release of the Legion of the Damned models

  2. Well I'm pleased you're pleased. I think I know the seller in Italy, I was perusing his Mordheim sell off last month but the p+p put me off as I was only buying the one figure.

    1. Thank you, I'm always happy to find rare Slann. I like considering how they were sculpted in relation to the released Slann. I consider them a little like a cover version of a favourite song, being partly the same, but also being a different take on a classic. :)

      The seller was nevercleaver84. I paid 8.00 Euros postage. I did'nt really mind the P&P considering I was after a rare Slann, and it was located in Italy.

  3. Hmmm...He's a nice sculpt. Agree that the looted mail shirt is a nice touch. He must be worth a pretty penny...thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree, the looted mail shirt is a great idea. I always wanted them to have sculpted a few borderland bandit Slann who were using Old World weapons and equipment. They would have fitted in with Gurggl Greenwakes band of bandits.

      I would think he is worth a good few pounds, but I'm not going to sell him. I was lucky to snag him in a batch of six other Slann (including another unreleased Shaman miniature which I already have) for 43.50 Euros, or £37.34.