Wednesday 31 July 2019

Undead Horsemen of the Lichemaster.

Just a quick update, carrying on from my last blog post, I have painted a few Undead Cavalry. I  painted these in a similar style to the Lichemaster characters from Ian Miller's artwork. They are going to part of a 3rd Edition Warhammer Undead army based on the forces of the Lichemaster. In the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario he was able to Summon Undead Horsemen, so I think they will fit in nicely (well, evilly really, but you get the idea).

Painting wise they were fun to do. I enjoyed trying out the Ian Miller style palette on other Undead miniatures, and keeping to a limited set of colours. Concerning the Undead Steeds, the Warhammer rules state that Undead Cavalry can move through walls at half speed. This got me thinking that perhaps there is something extra magical about Undead Horsemen, conferred from thier steeds. So I thought I would painted the steeds with a more ethereal look to them, rather than just a rotting 'bag 'o bones'. I did'nt do this for the riders as I thought it might make them look too much like a spectre, plus it helps to keep the steeds that extra spooky!

Enjoy :)
Three Undead Horsemen.
Left to right: ME72 Deadman of Dunharrow; C21 Undead Cavalry 'Bloodharvest'; and C21 'Doomsmile'.
This is probably one of my favourite of the range, the old style helmet and detailed armour, as well as the sycthe, not normally a cavalry weapon. He just has a menacing moodiness about him. He is mounted on the undead horse 'Rotskin'.
Right hand side view showing the lovely armour.
He is a good, standard Skeleton rider, armed with a halberd. He is riding 'Fallen Flesh'.
ME72 Deadman of Dunharrow.
This is the earlier solid based version. This is a lovely sculpt, with a very mournful air about him.
Side view.
Ian Miller's 'Terror of the Lichemaster'.

Next update will probably be more Undead.