Wednesday 22 May 2024

Chaos Dwarf Axemen with big hats.

 I have finished painting my 4th edition Chaos Dwarf Axemen. There are five regiments of 20 in each, each with a leader, standard bearer, and musician. Four of the regiments are made up from the plastic axeman miniature, with metal command figures. The fifth regiment is purely metal, with a mix of the metal axemen and command. Three of the plastic regiments leaders are one each of the limited release Warhammer Quest Chaos Dwarfs. The remaining plastic regiment, and the metal one both have the widely released leader miniature with curved sword and shield.

Painting them was pretty easy to do, and quite fast. This meant I wasn't bogged down in painting and didn't get distracted by other things, and that I enjoyed painting them a lot more. The four plastic regiments were all painted in the rusty style I have chosen as an army theme. The metal regiment I painted a dark bronze to differentiate their look the from other regiments as they are supposed to be wearing Black Shard armour. I kept the paint scheme simple, rusty (or bronze) armour, red clothing, red axe shafts, and black (but dusty) boots.

Decoration wise I used a pile of old 1990s Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors box set shields which I have had laying around for many years. I think that the shields suit the Dwarfs and look good with the rusty look. There are three regiments with the various skull and bones decoration, and two regiments with plain shields one with normal sized shield. the other with smaller ones. I did this so I would not have any duplicates shield designs. I will be adding flags photocopied and painted from the Chaos Dwarf book once the whole army has been painted.

Enjoy :)

All five regiments.
All five regiments, in a battle line.
First regiment.
This is the regiment entirely composed of the metal Chaos Dwarf miniatures and will represent a regiment equipped with Black Shard armour.
The first of the plastic regiments, with a Warhammer Quest Chaos Dwarf Leader.
The second of the plastic regiments, with a Warhammer Quest Chaos Dwarf Leader.
The third of the plastic regiments, with a Warhammer Quest Chaos Dwarf Leader.
The fourth of the plastic regiments. This regiment has the more widely released Chaos Dwarf Leader armed with a curved sword and shield. The regiment also contains the converted musician.

Next update will probably be more chaos Dwarfs.