Friday 16 November 2018

McDeath Scenario: Spot.

The McDeath scenario.
This is something I have wanted to approach for a while. I have always liked the scenario, but it's only in the last few years I have got around to collecting the miniatures for it. My aim is to have not only the forces required to play the scenario, but also use those forces for the basis of two 3,000 3rd Edition Warhammer armies; McDeath's (Orc and Goblin list); and the Rebellion of the Just (Norse list).

There will be several updates on the McDeath Scenario, but this one is focusing on Lady McDeaths pet hound, 'Spot'. Spot is a two-headed Chaos hound, which breathes fire, has Iron hard skin, and has a Scorpion Tail mutation which can deliver a poisoned attack. In the scenario, Spot is Lady McDeaths pet, and obeys a limited series of commands.

I have collected all but three of the character models from the release sheet, I don't have Sandra Prangle or Markus Grimmock, but I do have stand-ins. The third model was Spot. The original Spot miniature is one of the Chaos Hounds from the C22 Creatures miniatures range. However there are two similar two-headed Chaos hound miniatures, and I have the other miniature than the one featured in the Scenario release sheet. When I picked the hound up from e-bay, it was missing it's tail, and in need of repair. So I added a spare tail I had from the C29 Giant Scorpion, all achieved with a little drilling and pinning.

I based Spot on a 50mm square base. I tried a 40mm base and a 25mm x 50mm base, but both seemed a little too small. As I intend to use but Spot, and the Beastie of Loch Lorm, as 'counts asTrolls' in a 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin army of McDeath (more on this in a later update), I wanted both to have the same base size. Both work better on 50mm, so that's how they ended up. Painting Spot was easy. I just copied the paint scheme from the McDeath Gamesmaster Guide cover artwork. It was just a mix of browns/beiges/ and white, over a black undercoat.
I am very happy with how Spot turned out.

Enjoy :)
'Spot' from the left side, showing the howling head. The other C22 Chaos hound, the 'actual' Spot, has the howling and closed mouth heads around the other way.
Right hand side.
Slight close up of the heads.
The replacement Scorpion tail.
WIP Lady McDeath shown next to Spot for scale. I think that the 50mm base gives Spot a better and bigger battlefield presence, more befitting such a fearsome beast.
The Gamesmaster's Guide for the McDeath Scenario showing Spot. The tail in the artwork is slightly different, but I thought that the tail I had would work nicely.
Next update will be Lady McDeath. It's about time I finished painting her. I might get McDeath himself painted if I have the time.

Friday 9 November 2018

'Scottish' Iron Claw 40k Squats.

Just for the fun of it, I have painted three test models from my 1980's Rogue Trader Era Iron Claw Squats collection. I have a small army of these, about 40 or so. I don't intend painting the army yet, I just wanted try out an idea.

I have been wondering how to paint my Iron Claw Squats for a while. I have broken down and expanded my original Squat army into four other Squat armies, and their (new) paint schemes are decided. However I wanted something interesting for these. I am currently preparing to paint some miniatures for the McDeath Scenario, and so I have Scottish themes current in my mind.

So I thought why not give these Squats a Scottish flavour? The idea was slightly touched on in the plastic Squat box set art with the red and white cap bands, and has been an ascpet of fantasy Dwarfs for a while. I think it looks good and is a different approach, it fits in with the clan idea of Squats, and also the idea that the Squats were orignally human colonists from Earth. When I get around to painting all of them I plan use a different tartan pattern for each of the Brotherhoods in the army.

Enjoy :)
 Three Squat troopers.
As the Squat models are wearing trousers, I considered them as trews. I opted for bright colours to offset the darker green of the jacket.
To add a little more Scottishness I painted the footwear as a combination of black brogues and white gaiters, as per a more Highland Scottish infantry uniform. Overall, I have tried to keep the paint scheme simple, with the main focus being drawn to the tartan.
 Trooper with Las-gun.
I really like this sculpt, full of character. I never liked the Iron Claw Squats in the 1980's, but quite like them now.
 Rear view showing the backpack.
 Auto-gun armed Squat.
Rear view.
 The second Las-gun armed Squat.
I added some Warlord Games Heather Tufts to the base.
 Rear view.
Next update will be something on McDeath Scenario miniatures.