Monday 31 December 2018

Lady/Queen McDeath.

Wow, I have been so busy at during December that I have'nt been able to do any painting at all, with one  exception. What I have been doing, when time allowed, is collecting and sorting out miniatures, but alas no real painting.

I did finally finish painting Lady (later Queen) McDeath, about a year after I started her. I followed the artwork from the cover of the McDeath Gamesmaster book. It's bright, and a very 1980's looking colour scheme, and I like it. I would like the buy another Lady McDeath and paint her in the black scheme from the poster which comes with the boxed game, but as she is a very rare miniature, this would not be practical.

Sculpting wise she a great miniature. Very similar to the artwork, with a well sculpted bodice and odd looking headress, as well as the skulls and jewellery. Her face is very expressional and has a haughty look to her. I am not sure of the sculptor, but she looks similar to the 1985 C46 Townsfolk, and some of the 2nd Edition Talisman miniatures.

So here she is...

Enjoy :)
 Lady McDeath: Sorceress; power behind the throne of East Albion; wife to the King; and owner of Spot.
 Side view.
The proportions and details of the bodice, shape of the dress/robe, and jewellery are nicely done, and the miniature has a sense of drama about her.
 Rear view, showing her long hair.
 Right hand side view.
Lady McDeath take Spot out for a little excercise.
The Gamesmaster's Guide.

Not sure what the next blog update will be on. I have three armies I collected over 2018 which I have'nt photographed, and am sorting out my Slaves to Darkness era Chaos Renegades.