Monday 17 January 2022

Rogue Trader era Horus Heresy Crusader Robots completed.

I have completed painting my Rogue Trader era Crusader Robot Maniple.

As I mentioned in my previous post I have chosen to go for the Traitor Khorne colour scheme which was part of the Robot artwork at the time of their release (please see the last photograph below). I did this because I didn't want the Robots to be the colour of any specific Traitor Legion just in case I changed my mind as to which army list they ended up in. Also, I like the idea of the Robot Maniples being a little apart from the rest of the Legions, akin to the Titan Legions, but not so much so. Finally, I liked the colour scheme and thought it suited the Robots. When I think of Crusader Robots, I think of them in this scheme, which also have the twin benefits of being a Traitor scheme, and a lot easier to paint then some of the others.

They were fun to paint. Not too complicated, but the joy of painting them was in seeing them as they looked from the artwork in miniatures form. I didn't add any Khornate iconography, despite being in the Khorne colours, as I wanted to keep them in them just in their Maniple colours. I painted the Traitor Tech Marine the same colours to link him in with the Maniple in which he serves.

In addition, I have created some more scenery boards for photographing. I painted a desert looking board to match the Traitor Legions bases using Citadels Agrellan Earth paint. For the sky I chose to go for a deep and brooding red sky. Nothing too bright or dark so it wouldn't detract from the miniatures being photographs. I also added some dark clouds and far of brooding hills to give some 3-D depth.

Finally, I have added a couple of WIP photographs to show how my Alpha Legion Land Speeder Squadron is progressing. Apart from them, I have been converting up some more Turnip28 miniatures, and painting some old Minifigs Tunnel Elf test miniatures.

Enjoy :)

Robot Maniple.
Four Crusader Robots and Tech marine.
Crusader Robots, both left and right sides.
Tech Marine.
He is the RT01 Space Marine 'Communication Officer Orinoco', with a converted backpack made from part of an old broken Rogue Trader era Heavy Plasma Gun.
Coming right at you!
Inter-Legionary clash!
Maniple Line.
The Alpha Legion Land Speeder Squadron.
Khornate Robots support an advance by elements of the Alpha Legion.
The Rogue Trader era Robot artwork from White Dwarf #104, and the Citadel 40k Compendium.

Next update should be the completed Alpha Legion Land Speeder squadron.

Monday 10 January 2022

Rogue Trader Horus Heresy: Plaguebearer Head 1.

A quick little blog update. I have been painting a lot of different odds and ends from my Rogue Trader Traitor Legions, as well as some Turnip28 stuff, and I thought I would just share a Death Guard test model.

I have decided that instead of slogging through the painting of one Legion at a time, I would keep things more interesting by painting items from each, and interspersing that with some Turnip28 nonsense. I know that this will mean I will probably take longer to paint a Legion, or at the very least it will mean a delay in having a Legion painted, however I don't want to get bogged down in just focusing on one this. Also, it means that I can still tinker with the Legions compositions as I go along.

This stops me making the mistake which I often make in that I try to make a perfect army and army list, and then plough through the painting, often resulting on something with which I am not happy with, and having an unhappy hobby experience. So far it's been more fun, which I think is the whole idea! Intermixing other projects in as well breaks up the monotony of painting one thing, allows me to tackle 'bite-sized' projects, and enables me to address both the different areas of my collections, as well as providing some, hopefully, more interesting, varied, and more often blog posts. I might even get a few Goblins painted!!!

I have painted the Marine in the old Death Guard colour scheme from the side of the Space Marine box (see picture below), using Citadels Nurgling Green as a base for the armour. This is in line with me wishing to keep the Legions paint schemes as close to the original Rogue Trader colour schemes as possible, regardless of the later post Rogue Trader background. In this case the original colours are a scheme which Games Workshop re-used in later background as the Dusk Raiders, the Death Guards name and colour scheme before they were reunited with their Primarch. When painting the rest of the Death Guard I will keep to this, and some of the other Rogue Trader Nurgle era paint schemes, mixing up the look for different squads in the army.

Enjoy :)

Plaguebearer Head 1.
This Death Guard/Nurgle Marine will end up as a squad leader due to his power fist.
Rear view.
I have chosen to give the Death Guard the standard Space Marine backpacks as I shall be filling out some of their ranks with suitability painted RTB01 plastic Space Marine. Also, I like the idea of them being less baroquely mutated than some of the other Legions, just a plague corrupted version of normal Space Marines. 
The right arm.
I like the Nurgle detailing on the shoulder pad.
The side of the Space Marine box, with the old Death Guard colour scheme.
The 1991 catalogue page for the Nurgle (and Tzeentch!) Marines.

Next update might be some more Chaos Legion item as I am halfway through painting some, and just putting the finishing touches to some Robots. I am also converting more Turnip28.

Saturday 1 January 2022

Turnip28 Regiment: The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers completed.

 First blog post of 2022! What better way to celebrate the new year than a project that I painted over Christmas and which really belongs more to Halloween! Only 303 days to go. 🎃

Anyway, as detailed in my last blog post, this was is side project for Turnip28, itself a little bit of a side project from my ongoing Rogue Trader era Trader Legions project  (which, in fact is also a side project from my Warhammer Fantasy Armies, but more of that as the year progresses).

The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers were an idea for a spooky Turnip28 Regiment, using Perry and Warlord Miniatures, and Anvil Industries Pumpkin heads, instead of the usual armoured heads or various root vegetables. I opted for a muted set of colours given the Turnip28 background, as well as not wanting to have the pumpkins look too bright and orange. I wanted to give them a muddy, creepy, feel, and to avoid it looking too cartoony. For the same reason I decided to go for a darker olive green for the uniforms (I tried blue and it didn't look right), with only a little muted red to add a little colour. In all, I am happy with how they have turned out.

As the year progresses I will be converting and painting some moreTurnip28 miniautres. These will be in the more 'conventional' look with helmets and such. I enjoy this genre and the kit bashing which accompanies it, and so will pop in and out of it for a while. However, there are still many Traitor Legions to paint...  

Enjoy :)

The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers march through a village.
Toff, the regimental leader.
Two Toadies.
The Toadie on the right is different from the photograph of him in the last blog update as the sword snapped when undercoating, and so I replaced the arm.
Chaff (light infantry).
Chaff firing.
Chaff advancing.
The Toffs fodder unit command section.
I only opted for one standard for the force, and used the actual drummer miniature and standard for the Toff's fodder unit. I had a go at painting a pumpkin on the stand which I think looks passable. :)
Converted Drummers.
A pair of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Another pair of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
 Pumpkin Fusiliers with shakos.
I didn't convert many of these as on most of the larger pumpkin heads they looked a little ridiculous.
More random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Rear views of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Two Pumpkin Fusiliers marching through a village. The one on the left is wearing a greatcoat, whereas the one on the just the uniform coat. I used a mix of both in the force, although I prefer the great coat.
The Pumpkin Fusiliers marching off to do battle.

Next update will be some Chaos Traitor Legion things as I have been painting some of those as well.