Thursday 11 April 2019

Spikes Harvey Wotan, and friends.

I've taken a little break from painting and blogging (although not picking up stuff on e-bay!) for a while. However last week I decided to get back into painting, and decided on some of the old C16/D3 Chaos Dwarfs ranges.

Before I go any further though, I would like to comment on last months blog post concerning Justin Coutange. I wish to thank everybody to sent sympathy and condolences, and who shared their comments concerning Justin, both here on on the Oldhammer Facebook group. I did'nt think it would be personally appropriate to reply to each of the comments, but it was better to leave them to stand for themselves without me adding anything.

Concerning the Chaos Dwarfs, I originally painted my ally contingent of Chaos Dwarfs a few years ago, but despite the positive response, I was never quite happy with the paint scheme. Given my recent experimenting with Citadels Technical Paints on the Rogue Trader Orks, I wanted to give that technique a try with the Chaos Dwarfs. The Technique was the same: black undercoat; base coat of Typhus Corrosion; varying levels of application of Ryza Rust; and then highlighting of Runefang Steel.

I am very happy with the outcome. They look suitably rusty and Chaotic, and more how I personally imagined Chaos Dwarfs. I always thought of them lurking about on misty, snowy, desolate mountains fighting Dwarfs, Gobliniods, etc. With that in mind I gave them a dark grey base, with snow (Citadel's Valhallan Blizzard), and some Icey tufts (from Serious-Play).

Enjoy :)
 Spikes Harvey Wotan.
This moderately famous C16 Dwarf was one of the characters in the White Dwarf pull-out scenario from White Dwarf #83 'The Crude, the Mad & the Rusty. This scenario saw Spikes, Oxy O'Cetylene and his Tin Man, and a pair of Khornate Goblins, hunting down the Ogre Skrag the Slaughterer.
 I do like how the rust looks. I have decided to make the weapons, and for the others the shields, rusty. All that misty mountain air!
 I like how Spikes Harvey Wotan's skull masked helmet looks, giving a dead-eyed Chaotic look
 'The Friends'.
On the left is Badbreath Blackbeard, and on the right Grimdur Gutwrencher.
Like all of the other Chaos Dwarfs, while the metal will be rusty, but there will be a little dirty colour from items such as helmet plumes, beards, and scabbards, as well as any items of clothing.
 Zelazad Hornhead and Origol The Horrible.
 Ori Pointed-Beard (sporting his pointed beard!) and Jabbertooth Eyesplinter.
 Ori and Jabbertooths rusty shields.
 Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen.
These were'nt named but were numbered. Here are Crossbow 4 and 3.
 Not Chaos Dwarfs, but part of the army.
I have expanded my Chaos Dwarf collection over the last few years, and I have also added some non-Chaos Dwarf items to add an extra (little!) something. Here are, on the left the LE5 Psychohobbit, on the right is the Chaos Familar Iron Armoured Imp.
 Chaos Dwarf Bazooka.
I love the Bazookas, they look great and they have that 2nd/3rd Edition warhammer vibe of random fantasy nonsense.
 View of the loader, with a firework looking rocket.
 Rear view.
Yes, that patched-up bag of explosive rockets look Health and Safety safe to me!
...and now for something random.
I wanted to test out another of Citadels Technical paints, Nighthaunt Gloom. This paint is usually used for Ethereal miniatures. I chose an old JD3 Perp Judge Dredd miniature, Theobold Wen, which I have wanted to paint for a while. He looks quite Victorian, and thought he would make a nice Ghost.
Painting wise, it was just a wash of Nighthaunt Gloom over a white undercoat. I like how it has turned out, and plan to use this for painting Ghosts, with the greener version Hexwraith Flame for Scpetres.

Not sure what the next update will be on. I had'nt planned on painting all of the Chaos Dwarfs. I am currently sorting out all of my Fantasy Battle armies, and have been collecting the last items for my Slaves to Darkness era Daemon Legions.