Monday 31 July 2023

More Unreleased Slann, and the Warhammer Armies Slann Regiment from page 115.

One of my ongoing interests is collecting 1980's Slann, especially the unreleased ones. I already have some unreleased Slann, as well as a good number of the Slann from the general releases. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to buy a batch of unreleased Slann from someone, some of which I have wanted for a long time. It has also enabled me to start, and nearly complete a slightly mad Oldhammer project.

The crazy project is simple. On page 115 of the Warhammer Armies Book (1988) is a photograph of a Slann regiment, and I am going to collect my own version of it. I have done this before with an Empire Regiment from Warhammer Armies here:

However, there is a caveat. As a long time Slann collector it always concerned me that there are several miniatures in the photograph which I had never seen in blister packs at the time or seen listed in catalogues. This always puzzled me until I found out that the Citadel sculptors sometimes made miniatures which never made it to release for some reason. That could have been due to casting problems, that they were just conversions which were given a test casting, or that they might just never got around to releasing them. Several of those in the photograph seemed to fit into that definition,
and so I put the idea to the back of my mind, until a few weeks ago.

As I mentioned, I managed to buy at four of those unreleased miniatures in one go, as well as another which is unlisted. This got me re examining the photograph, and over several evenings I think that I have managed to identify all of the miniatures used, with one possible exception. Leaving aside that exception for the time being, I found to my surprise I now only require one Slann to complete the regiment.

Anyway, below are the Slann from the batch which I purchased. Also there is a quick run through of the miniatures which I think are used in the regiment. If anyone has any better information please feel to let me know. I don't intend starting painting this regiment yet, but it has definitely got me thinking about the Slann again. Anyway, all of the Slann in the regiment appear to be from the slotta based C32 Slann releases sculpted by Trish Carden (at the time Trish Morrison), or conversions of her work from the range. There is a great reference for all the released Slann at the CCM Wiki page here:

Enjoy :)

The batch of Slann.
All of the Slann here, except for the bottom left one, are unreleased. The bottom left one was uncatalogued, but not particularly uncommon in blister packs.
This Slann is armed with a dagger, and has a boss for a shield. The body appears to be sculpted from the Slann 'Unlisted with club '. The dagger is the same as the one used on the Slann 'Toltec'. 
Side view.
Rear view.
Unlike the 'unlisted Slann with club', this Slann appears to have more of a flower headdress and less of a fur cape.
Slann with sword.
He appears to be a conversion of  'Itzadodyl' , with the addition of the sword from 'Nanuazin', and the feather headress from 'Allda'.
Rear view.
Slann with, erm, something!?
I think it is a type of double handed weapon or Slann Scythe in the shape of a birds head. Alternatively, given an interesting paint job it might be used as a standard. Anyway, this Slann appears to be located at the rear right of the regiment.
He appears to be a conversion from 'Cupacocoa'.
Rear view.
Slann with skull on a stick and dagger!
This Slann may have been sculpted to be a Mage/wizard, or maybe a standard bearer/totem bearer?
He appears to be a conversion from Alligator Warrior 'Pek'.
Rear view.
The Slann 'Unlisted with club'.
This miniature, as mentioned above, was unlisted in any catalogue or release sheet, but wasn't uncommon (but by no means as common as the other C32 Slann) to see in blister packs at the time.
Rear view.
The Slann regiment from page 115 of Warhammer Armies (1988).
My interpretation of which Slann were used in the regiment.
From left to right, and starting with the front row:

Hacienda, Lumholtz, Huemal,Unlisted with club, unreleased Slann.

Toltec, unreleased Slann, Zipanzuma, Naxlatl,Unlisted with sword.

Unreleased Slann, Huastecan, Unreleased Slann, Unreleased Slann with axe (missing from my collection, see below), unreleased Slann.

Nanuazin, Allda, Potzalco, possible TSF18 Space Slann 'Scoitz',* unreleased Slann.

*Concerning the possible TSF18 Space Slann 'Scoitz', I have only identified him by his head. It is possible, and likely, that there is a conversion of him using the same body. I have a vague recollection of seeing a conversion of the Scoitz miniature with two heavy swords, similar to Nanuazin's one.
The unreleased Slann with axe is the only miniature which I am sure of missing. I have only seen it pictured twice, once in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition rule book, page 232 (pictures in the centre of the above photograph), and secondly converted into a standard bearer in a White Dwarf (I can't recall the issue number, it's from about 1987). 
Needless to say, I would like to acquire this miniature, not only to complete the regiment, but as I have always wanted one anyway.
Regimental Leader, the Slann hero on a Cold One.
The hero is quite straightforward. It is a converted 'Hacienda' miniatures, riding the Cold One 'Runner', neither of which are really that rare (well, for Slann anyway!), and a long spear with a spear tip from the Slann 'Quinenz'.
Unreleased Slann.
As an aside, this is another unreleased Slann miniatures which I have. This one is based on the body of 'Zipanzuma'. He has been given an extensive (looted?) chain mail coat, and an unusual looking axe. Given the extensive use of unreleased Slann in the Warhammer Armies Slann regiment, it is possible that this miniature may have been used, rather than the ordinary Zipanzuma model. I will investigate the photograph again, and maybe swap them around, just so this unreleased model is with others.
Rear view.

Next blog update may be on a number of things. I am currently sorting through my old 40k Praetorian army with an eye to repainting and reorganising. I have also been sorting out my early Rogue Trader collections, namely the Orks, Tyranids, and Imperial Army. Also, I have been looking again at my Slaves to Darkness era Daemon armies. As of yet I haven't settled on a project.