Wednesday 31 August 2022

New edition horus heresy thousand sons.

 First of all,  this is a bit of an ad hoc blog update.  My nieghbours house was struck by lightning (they are ok)but this has shorted out the phone lines and internet.  As a consequence,  I am updating my blog via my phone!

Anyway , I have been busy.  I have caught the 2nd edition horus heresy bug (not in the same way as the death guard you understand!), and I have started a Thousand Sons force. 

I love the new miniatures for the horus heresy, and so thought it would be great fun to paint something contemporary. I chose the Thousand Sons as I like their tragic backstory, the paint scheme looks great.

I will do a proper update when I have my internet up and running,  but for now this s is just a little preview.  In addition I have also been revisiting my Praetorian army.

Enjoy 🙂