Sunday 31 March 2024

A few of Rug Longtooths pre-slotta Night Goblins.

 Continuing with my 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle painting, I have painted a couple of regiments of pre-slotta Goblins.

These regiments are based on the Night Goblins from Rug Longtooths army list from the 1st Edition Forces of Fantasy supplement. Given this I have chosen only pre-slotta C13 Goblins miniatures for the regiments, and tried to keep them thematic by choosing goblins with hoods and robes, and painting them a paler green than other goblins may be.

The warrior regiment is Ffug's Regiment, a unit of 30 Night goblins armed with sword and shield, and so accordingly they are based on the larger of the regimental bases giving a frontage of six models. The other regiment is Gobbin Honk's Archers, 20 Night goblin archers on the standard five by four sized regimental base.

As they are goblins, they were fun to paint. As mentioned I painted them a pale green flesh colour as the old 1st Edition description for Night Goblins suggests they are a more paler, pallid skin tone. The standard in Ffug's regiment is a variation of the half moon device used in many 1980s (and later!) banners, with the added 1980s John Blanche style sun device as a background. The runes were loosely copied from 1st/2nd Edition artwork.

With the advent of the new Warhammer: The Old World, I have become very distracted with some non 1980s things. Firstly I am looking to add a Tomb Kings Dragon to my Tomb Kings army. I may even consider re-basing all of the infantry onto 25mm bases.

Secondly, and most significantly, I have began the reorganisation, re-basing, and potentially finally painting, of my big hat Chaos Dwarf army. I have been adding odds and ends to what is quite a large army. With the new Warhammer this old 1990s relic (with some 2010's additions) is now a viable 'Legacy' army! I love the idea of tackling this project, and maybe even getting to do some gaming. I think the Chaos Dwarf infantry look great on the 25mm square bases, the smaller 20mm bases always put me off really tackling the army, and the round 25mm bases never felt right.

Enjoy :)

Ffug's Regiment
Side view.
The,erm, other side!
Gobbin Honk's Archers
I added a little piece of wall so I could have one of the goblins peering around it, maybe checking if it is safe enough to start routing yet!?
The goblins advance on some Dwarfs.

My next update will probably be on a few pre-slotta C27 Goblin Fanatics, and maybe a Ral Partha Giant.