Sunday 28 April 2013

Sunday Painting

Just a quick post to update todays painting
The total today has been:

10 Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen
4 swivel guns and crew

(both lots were already base coated though)

 Karra Lakota from the Maginifcent Sven set
The wizard Aygar from the Maginifcent Sven set
2 shield designs for two of  the Maginifcent Sven characters
The 12 Gargoyles of the Regiment of Renown, The Flying Gargoyles of Barda.

Of course none of them have been varnished or based yet.

I'm expecting another busy week, but I hope to get on with painting more Slann , although looking thruogh my stuff I'm finding lots of stuff I never got around to re/ painting, so I might see how the mood takes me.
Oh, and basing the stuff below. 

I'll pop proper pictures of them all on wednesday.

 Sunday on the painting desk !

Saturday 27 April 2013

Chaos Dwarves Painted! 

Ok, I know I said I would only post Sundays and Wednesdays, but I have a spare afternoon :)  I'll try to keep to the timetable in future  LOL.

Anyway, despite a busy week I have managed to paint most of the 1980's old style C16 and D3 Chaos Dwarves for my Chaos Ally Contingent. I have painted three regiments of 20 Warriors, and most importantly the two bazukas and two mortars.  They were all fun to paint and full of character.
I still have 10 Crossbows, and 4 swivel guns left to do. 

I also replaced the spear on the Pygmy Hero Regiment leaders with a smaller one more in keeping with the miniatures.

As ever I will try and sort out the other blogs, and tidy up this one with sub sections and links.

Painting wise, I'll finish off the Chaos Dwarves, and then continue with more Slann, although I am waiting to see what goblins are released on behalf of Kev Adams for Goblin Aid. 

Chaos Dwarf Bazuka
 Looking down the Barrel
 Chaos Dwarf Mortars
 Group shot. 60 warriors and gunpowder support.
 As mentioned in a previous post, I have used Vallejo German Fieldgrey WWII, for the armour, with white added for the highlights.
 For the flesh tone I have used Vallejo Grey-Green, and added white again to create the highlights.
 I tried to keep the paint scheme simple. Whilst wanting to give them a uniform look, I did use small amounts of colour, mainly greens and reds, to break up the block look of field grey.
 On the banners and shields I went for the half black/half white scheme favoured of Chaos followers of Malal.
 For two of the standards I used the old 'shield on a stick' method, in these two cases an old marauder shields and brass rod.
 This standard comes from one of the old marauder Dark Elf regiment (I have never owned the regiment, just got the standard in a jumble of e-bay stuff), and has an old Blood Bowl miniature as bearer.
Badbreath Blackbeard, The Master of Madness (centre) from the BC6 Chaos Dwarf Renegades box set, and Origol The Horrible.
 Three Marauder chaos dwarves.
 I went for a very basic stylised face pattern for the shileds as I thought it suited followers Malal.
From left to right, Belekhost Deathbringer, Jezreel Ironhand, and Rainhard Stum. 
 Double handed weapons; Zelazad Hornhead, Barin Aardnose, and Scarsol Smashskull.
 More double handed weapon, this time Radblast The Reaver, Grimdur Gutwrencher, and Kaaos Armahand.
Slayer Mask face,  Spikes Harveywotan, and Furgol Thunderfoot.
Durhal Deathdealer,  Foaming Mad Furrikson from the renegades box set (centre), and  Status Wastedhead.
Dunuin Dust-tooth , Naurthang Blacksoul, and Jabbertooth Eyesplinter.
 A converted standard bearer from a broken Finehorn Deathscream, Ekalim The Mad, and  Mad Marik Trollbiter from the Renegades box set.
 Sithan Sharpsword,  Chaos Zombie Ninja Dwarf, and Squarehammer One-Eye
 Pygmy hero with a new spear
Work in progress on the last of the Chaos Dwarves.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Here be Dragons. 

To mark St. George's Day I thought I would post photographs my Dragons for people to look at. I have never been that intent on collecting Dragons, and so what I have are random ones, with one or two exceptions,  which I picked up over the years.
I know I have a couple more somewhere, but can't find them at the moment.

Like most of my older stuff, I am in the process of paint stripping/re-painting them. Hence why some are unpainted or not up to my contemporary standards.

The Chaos dwarves are coming along fine, but not done any painting today as been too busy, and also out in the South Coast sunshine ! 

Hopefully for next St. Georges day I will have a Bretonnian army painted in English colours, with Knights and Longbowmen made up of the old citadel range that is now avalible from the re-born Wargames Foundry War of the Roses range.  :) . Bretonnians were one of the amries I never got around to doing, but thankfully many of the miniautres are still available.  Shame I could'nt get to Salute this year.

 DS6 Serpentine Dragon.
 DS6 Young Fire Dragon / Enraged Dragon.

#324  Grenadier Pond Dragon, aka Dragonfly.

 DG2 Red Dragon, by Tom Meier. Slightly chipped after the box it was in with some Wood Elves fell over :(
 A Wingless Grenadier Dragon.
 Not sure of the name or code. I bought it to go with a load of Nick Lund sculpted Orcs I have in a box somewhere to make up a hoard of Morgoth army from the Silmarillion, but never got around to painting it all up!
 The bug-eyed, odd looking C29 Cave Dragon. But it's still strangely endearing.
 DS4 Rock Dragon, with the desperate knight.
Grenadier Skeletal Dragon. The goblin gives an idea of it's size.
 C29 Young Scorpion Dragon, C29 Mauling Young Dragon/Smoke Wyrm
 C29 Stealthy Yound Dragon/Swamp Dragon, and C29 Hatchlings.
 C29 Jabberwock.
 A Dragon, but not sure what one. I think it is an old Red Dragon from the early 1980's, maybe a Tom Meier one.
 The Ral Partha Conflict Diorama. It consists of two fair sized Dragons locked in a mid air battle. I bought it ages ago in the 1990's, but have never got around to making it !
 Inside the box, with a handy diagram for assembly.
 The Marauder Miniatures MB17 High Elf Dragonlord on Dragon. In desperate need of a re-paint! I have the Elf rider in the Wood Elf army 'to do' box!
 The Ral Partha Ghost Dragon. 
I painted this up a long time ago to look like a Dragon made of flames, but was never happy with it. It got knocked off a table sometime ago (by my then neighbours cat), and so decided rather than to repair it, to dismantle it and paint strip it, and re-paint it as a Ghost Dragon. I intend to get this Dragon painted up in the next few weeks, so keep and eye out !
 Another picture of the DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon.
The DRAG7 Dragon Masters Dragon. 
DRAG3 Green Dragon.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Chaos Dwarves and ordinary Dwarves.

Thought I would go for a bit of a change from painting Slann (not that I have been painting many this week !) and photographing goblins.

The first few photos are of my current work in progress, the Chaos Dwarf Ally Contingent . It consists of 60 Warriors, 9 Crossbows (bought another this evening from e-bay to make 10), 2 bazookas, 2 mortars, 4 swivel guns.  I never got around to buying and of the warmachines, or the Juggernaught at the time.
Hope to have the Chaos Dwarves done by the end of the week.

The other part of the chaos army, will be beastmen and minotaurs, and whatever monsters I get around to doing (got a Jabberwock, might do that) and I will paint them as and when .

The second of the photographs are from my normal Dwarf army. I have only painted about 100 odd of them, but thought I would put a few of something different on the blog for a change.

I have been asked about putting more Rogue Trader stuff on. I planned to do a seperate blog for those, but just did'nt get the time this weekend, but will do soon.

Hope you enjoy :) 

 The Ally Contingent at a glance.
 Close up of warriors. They are painted with Vallejo German Field Grey WWII. The chainmail will be a black with slight metal highlight, and I will sort out the individual details as I go.
 Bazookas, swivel guns, and mortars
 Dwarf Warrior regiment, 20 strong.
 2 handed weapons
 2 handed axes , along with a  pipe smoking leader.
 More 2 handed axes
 axe, swordsman, and halberdier
 Mix of dwarves, from left to right; Norse dwarf, solid based C06 Northern Dwarf, Dwarf from the villagers range, and solid based C06 Dwarf warrior.
 Tea or booze, the eternal question !
 10 Crossbowmen
 Cigar smoking leader flanked by two D2 Imperial Dwarves.
 More crossbowmen, the centre one with plastic crossbow.
 Dwarf cannon.
Looking down the barrel !
Goblin Commando! with grenades and short bow. 
Just had to post a goblin, otherwise it would'nt be a proper post :) .