Tuesday 31 March 2020

Middle-aged 'Snow White'.

"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted"-May West.

So Imagine that the Fairytale ending did'nt quite go according to plan. The Prince turned out to be dull or something, or perhaps they just got bored when the magic wore off? So, in middle-age, a little plumper, a little grey-er, and a little wiser,  'Snow White' decided to return to the mountains and catch up with some old contacts in the Dwarf community.

In truth, I had a spare 'FS44-2 Seductive Wench' from Citadels early 1980's Fantasy Series-Fantasy Specials range. So, I painted her up as an older version of Snow White. I plan to use her as the Contingent Commander for a Dwarf Ally or Mercenary Contingent for one of my 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Armies.

Enjoy :)
 Front view.
I gave her a slightly more flushed look to her face, and slightly greying hair.
Rear view, with dagger, or fruit knife, for cutting rosy red apples!

Next update will probably be a Dragon as I have been meaning to paint one for a while.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Hot and cold climate C28 Giants.

For a while I have been sorting out my various miniatures into their respective armies. It has been a long process, and far from finished, but it has brought to light several miniatures which had sliped my mind, and also presented me with ideas for where to place and how to paint certain miniatures. Two of those are a pair of C28 Giants.

Now the early pre-slotta C-series C28 Giants range, from where these two Giants came, were a multi part range, with each Giant consisting of one body, one head, and one weapon. These were often supplied randomly, which could result in a wide range of Giants. A year or two (maybe three) ago I decided I wanted to collect a few parts to create two specific Giants for two particular armies: one for a Norse Army; and one for my Southlands Army. This I managed to do, and then I bagged them both up for later painting. 

Couple of weeks ago, as I was sorting my way through boxes of miniatures I found them again, and decided to paint them. I have lots of ideas for miniatures, regiments, armies, etc, and I thought it would be good to create a couple of them.

The first of the Giants is for my Norse Army. I have based him on the idea of Frost Giants, and painted him with a frosty blue skin tone and white beard. In his right hand he is holding a ball, which originally in 1st Edition Warhammer was meant to be a lead ball, something which Giants could throw according to the rules. I thought, being a Frost Giant, I would paint it as a snowball, as in 3rd Edition Warhammer they can still throw things! I gave him a snowy base too, as will the rest of the Norse army.

The second Giant is for my Southlands army. Both he, and the army, are based on the background story from 'The Bowmen of Oreon' RR7 Regiment of Renown. In the story it states that Oreon joined the Sea-Elf Lord Staleor in his Southlands campaign, where they encountered a Giant whom they killed in a maybe less than honourable manner. Anyway, I thought I would try to give the Giant a more 'Fantasy African' feel, so I painted his skin tone darker, and gave him a scrubland looking base to give that warmer climate feel to the miniature.

The background to Oreon's Regiment can be found here: http://www.solegends.com/citrr/1rr07oreons/index.htm
Incidentally, I also have a pre-slotta C08 Elf army, including the pre-slotta Oroen's Bowmen, to oppose the Southlands army.

Enjoy :)
The two Giants.
Both are mounted on 50mm square bases.
Norse Frost Giant.
I painted the eyes to give the impression he is taking aim.
Rear view.
Side view.
I gave him a hammer as it seemed a Norse thing to equip him with.
The Southlands Giant.
Rear View.
The early C28 Giants range.

I am still sorting through miniatures, and painted random things, so not sure what will be next. As I am a key worker I have been somewhat busy over the last couple of weeks and so have'nt painted much.

Take care. :)