Sunday 15 January 2023

Tomb Kings Chariots completed.

 The assembling and painting the chariots is completed. There are 22 Chariots in all, broken down into 3 squadrons of six, one of 3, and a Tomb King on his own, styled as a 'Commander of the Chariots'.

My approach was to brake down the assembly and painting the chariots into two phases, firstly tackling the chariots themselves, and then secondly the crew. I did this so I could tackle all the specific chariot details at the same time and get into a mode and mindset of painting the same model, which I find easier and quicker to do. It also meant that after painting the actual chariots themselves, I would turn to the basing, which is done in stages. So whilst I was completing each stage of the basing and letting that dry, I could move forward with making a start on painting the crew, then nip back and forth to complete the ongoing stages of the basing and painting of the crew.

I have painted all of the chariots in one batch of 23, and then all of the crew in one large batch of 47. These might seem large batches to undertake, but the painting style is quite easy to do and doesn't require a lot of fiddly detailed painting. In addition I have a high boredom threshold and so don't mind painting the same things in a batch over again. In fact the batches were broken up into smaller sub-batches as two of the squadrons, and the Tomb King, had different colours to paint from the others.

They were fun to paint, but they were a pain to assemble. I am not a fan of the old two part skeletons, and I would also recommend assembling the crew in pairs which fit together, rather than just assemble them and then pair them together hoping they would fit together in the chariot (which is what I did). I found positioning the undead horses to line up to the chariot yoke a bit of a faff, but all in all these were minor issues. They look great when assembled and I think turned out nicely. I only have one more chariot to paint, but that belongs to Settra, and he will be tackled as a 'batch' on his own.

Enjoy :)

All 23 of the chariots.
As noted above, I have split the chariots down into four squadron. Two of the 6 strong squadrons are in Settra's red and turquoise, and represent the core of the chariot force. The other two represent allied, lesser subordinate kingdoms, and so I have painted them in different colours. The Tomb King is resplendent in his golden chariot (dusty, but still golden!).
Another view.
Side view.
The Tomb King in his golden chariot.
I chose this pose because I like the look of him reaching out and pointing at the enemy. The halberd looks great too, and given the extra height of he chariot gives it, I think it looks more daunting to a foot slogging enemy.
I added a spare fancy Necropolis Knight shield so he could count as shielded, and to add that little bit of extra flourish and importance.
Resplendent in his golden chariot.
I didn't glue the Tomb King onto the chariot in case he is required to disembark for any reason (or  it develops a mechanical fault such as being chopped in half or riddled with spears!). I did have to slightly cut down the side of the 20mm base in order for him to fit onto the chariot, and filled the side and underneath with millput to fill the gap and give a little extra stability weight.
I replaced (well lost really) the front blade of the chariot, and so replaced it with another snazzy Kingly addition, a blade from the plastic Tomb King/Prince model from the Warsphinx kit.
The first squadron.
I order to differentiate this squadron from the other one, I gave all of the chariot the skull decorated fascia, and a banner to match.
The Leader.
I gave him a the more crowned headdress and Tomb Guard Tomb Blade, to suggest that, whilst not a Tomb King or Prince, he was someone of importance, such as a minor son, and that is why he is commanding one of Sterra's chariot squadrons.
Standard Bearer.
Note the matching skull banner to the fascia.
The second of Setrra's squadrons.
The Leader, again as the one in the other squadron.
Standard Bearer.
I didn't use the matching standard for this squadron (but I have for one further below) as I wanted each of the squadrons to have different standards. So, being one of Setrra's chariot squadrons I chose a spare Tomb Guard standard, to lend them that aura of importance.
I only added one of the large halberds which you receive in the chariot box set as they do seem a little excessive for the chariots and look quite unwieldy. I did think it was important to have at least one  though.
The third chariot squadron.
The idea of this squadron is that they are an allied and perhaps subordinate Kingdom to Khemri. With this in mind I painted the chariots and crew details in a different colour. I also didn't add the bow and javelin cases to give the chariots a different and less affluent look. This also allowed me to convert some chariot archers below.
Like the other two leader I have added a fancy headdress and Tomb Blade, although given his lesser status, I gave him the less fancy headdress (but still more fancy than the ordinary warriors one!).
Standard bearer.
A mismatch of the standard to the fascia, but maybe something to be expected of a provisional and lesser Kingdom! 
Without the bow cases on the side of the chariots it allowed more room to convert a couple of chariot archers, and also was at least necessary to have one as they are meant to be armed with bows.
First archer.
He is just a conversion using a mix of the charioteer body and the skeleton warrior archer arms and quiver.
The second archer.
The third and final squadron.
Just as the squadron above, this is meant to represent a minor city or Kingdom. With this in mind I have also painted them in a differing colour scheme. As a smaller squadron, they would be used to provide flank support to the larger formations.
Again, he is fancy, but not too fancy.
Standard bearer.
I have matched up the standard and fascia for this squadron.
The lone charioteer, making up the third element of this smaller squadron. I didn't add a musician as I didn't want to waster the points in such a small squadron, and also it looked a bit odd just having a command group riding around on its own.

The next update will be Skeleton Warrior spearman. I am currently painting my way through 120 of them. Now that I have completed the chariots, which where a major element of the army to finish, I am moving onto the bulk of the Skeletons Warriors, which whilst numerous, are relatively straight forward to paint.

Monday 9 January 2023

A Second Necrosphinx, all three Warsphinxes, more Archers, and Chariot WIP.

 I have finally decided to tackle the Tomb Kings Chariots, a part of the Tomb Kings army which I have been avoiding.

I have 22 Chariots which to paint, which I consider a large internal component of the larger army. It is of course not just the chariots themselves, but the 42 crew and 1 Tomb King in addition which I feel adds to the workload. Assembling the chariots and crew has taken some time, and so I have decided to tackle the chariots in two phases. The first, assembling and painting the chariots themselves; second, the assembly and painting of the crew. I have mostly finished the chariots themselves, and I am currently a third of the way through the crew.

In addition to the chariots I have painted my third and final regiment of 20 strong Bowmen, and finished the second of my two Necrosphinxes.

Enjoy :)

The last of the three 20 strong Bowmen regiments.
All the bowmen.
Three regiments of 20 Bowmen belonging to the main Khemrian Army of Settra, and 40 Bowmen of Khalida, making of course 100 Bowmen in all.
Side view.
I purchased this one second hand from e-Bay. I repositioned the arms and swapped the head. He is missing the little side wings on his armour, but I don't think it really shows.
Side view.
The other side!
A pair of Necrosphinxes.
All five of the big guys: two Necrosphinxes, and three Warsphinxes.
The three Warsphinxes.
Chariots WIP.
The keenest eyed of you might notice that there are only 21 chariots here, not 22, but this is because I had not had time to assemble the Tomb Kings personal chariot in time for the photograph. In addition, I have since swapped the standard of the lead three chariots for an unbroken one I found.

Next update will be the completed chariots.