Friday 30 June 2023

The Last of the Tomb Kings (for now).

 For now, at least, this is the last Tomb Kings update. I have finally finished the army, although I do still have one regiment converted from old Khemri Blood Bowl miniatures on hold, but the army is essentially finished. Also, given GW's impending released of new Tomb Kings miniatures (later this year?)  I am sure I will be painting a few more before the year is out.

In truth, I had finished painting these miniatures in May, but the photographs have been in the 'reserve' awaiting a blog update. In the meantime I have been addressing other projects, which I am eager to make a start on, and I have also felt that this project has gone on long enough. This is the main reason for this last update with everything left to blog about in this one update.

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting the Tomb Kings, and loved giving some attention to a lovely old range of miniatures which I felt I had neglected for years. I have learnt a lot about different and new styles of painting and colours, and enjoyed returning to both Undead, and revisiting real world Ancient Egyptian history and mythology as I painted the Tomb Kings. 

Enjoy :)

Converted Liche Priest.
I have used the Necromancer body from the Mortis Engine, an Old Tomb Kings head, and a Tomb Kings chariot spear blade. I love the floaty menace he has! 
Another converted Liche Priest.
This Liche Priest is converted from GW's current plastic Necromancer miniature, with another old Tomb Kings head, and a Tomb Guard blade 
Metal Tomb King.
This was the Army General of my first Tomb Kings army at the time of their first release, and so I was pleased to be able to give him an updated paint. It's a lovely miniatures, with the outstretched arm seemingly grasping for more temporal power.
Tomb Prince.
Again, another old metal miniature from my initial Tomb Kings army. Again, a lovely miniature, especially the shield (see below).
Tomb Princes shield.
Converted Tomb Herald.
I wanted a bodyguard looking Tomb Herald miniature, and so used an old metal Icon Bearer miniature as a basis, then added a pair of plastic skeleton warrior arms, and an old metal Tomb Guard shield.
Left hand view of the converted Tomb Herald, showing the shield. 
Two regiments of 40 Skeleton Warriors.
Both regiments are armed with swords and shields, and in addition have light armour.
When constructing all of the Skeleton Warrior for the whole army, I took care to keep the torsos with armour to one side in order to equip these regiments with them.
The first regiment.
This regiment has the straight swords from the Skeleton Warriors set, as well as the helmets heads from the same kit.
Command group.
Three Warriors with their straight swords.
The second regiment.
This regiment is equipped with the curved swords from the Skeleton Warriors kit, although not with the helmets.
Command group.
Archer regiment.
I have a few plastic skeletons left at the end of everything, and so bought another few to make a further archer regiment of 20.
Standard bearer and musician.
More archers!
I had an old 1990's Mummy miniature laying around, and so painted him up. He will probably end up as a Tomb Prince of Liche Priest.

And that's it, for now. As I mentioned before I have a few odds and ends Tomb Kings left to finish off, but I will revisit them when the new GW releases appear.

The next few updated will be returned to some older Oldhammer miniatures.