Friday 29 July 2022

Paladins, Knights, and Lords of Battle.

 A bit of a busy month this month, but not alas with painting. I have however painted a few 1980's Citadel Paladins, Knights, and Lords of Battle range miniatures, really just for the fun of painting them. Nothing special in the painting, but I just wanted to paint a few of the Knights which I have had for a long time, and never painted. They will probably end up in a Rieksgard unit for my 3rd Edition Empire army.

In addition, I have been caught up by the current release of Games Workshops Horus Heresy range. I have dug out my old (2015, so not old really!) Betrayal at Calith box set and have been glueing plastic Mark III and IV Marines with an eye (a Horus based eye if you will) to build a Traitor Legion force, in my case a Thousand Sons army. More on that in a later update no doubt.  

Enjoy :)

F2 Fighter 'George Eaglehelm'.
I do love this miniature. He is bulky without being too big, and has splendid armour. The halberd/spear/double-handed weapon is unusual as well. He is actually only one of the miniatures in this batch which I had painted before, back in the 1980s, paint stripped, and repainted.
Rear view.
F5 Paladin 'Sir Kull of Death'.
I have no idea why I painted the armour red, but I thought it would suit him. With the two swords I think he looks a little more like a bandit or duellist, but he might just be a very earnest and determined Paladin?
Rear view.
F2 Lord of Battle range 'Furioso' (not to be confused with the Dreadnought class!).
He is a sturdy looking Knight with a heavy duty looking two-hand morning star. I though the ball and plume on his helm looked a little like a thistle, and so I painted it as such. He might end up as a Knight of Harkness in the rebel army from the McDeath scenario.
Rear view.
Another F2 Lord of Battle, this time 'Gustavus'.
He is armed with a big, mean, looking axe. His upper armour looks a little too bulky, but is fine, adding to the bulky feel of the model.
Rear view.
The final miniature is an old pre-slotta C01 fighter. I am not aware of him being named. I love the daemon head decoration on his helm.
Rear view.
A very modern distraction.

No idea what the next update will be on, I am currently between very modern miniatures, and some lovely Oldhammer things.:)