Monday 26 December 2022

Tomb Kings Cavalry, Tomb Scorpions, and scenery. And another big kitty too.

More dusty Tomb Kings...

I have been really (bone) rattling through the army. In addition to below, I have been assembling hundreds of Skeleton Warriors, as well as making a start on all 21 of the Chariots.

Anyway, I have painted some Skeleton Cavalry, two regiments of Horse Archers, and two regiments of  Horsemen. I wanted to paint these as I have always liked Horse Archers, and when I did play a game I found them useful. As for the Horsemen, I wanted to paint these just for the look of them. Also, to add a little more to my photography I have purchased, assembled, and painted some of Citadels old Arcane Ruins.

Enjoy :)

Skeleton Horse Archers.
First Regiment.
Second Regiment.
Close up of a few.
Arcane Ruins.
I have added a few extra details as there was a good article about converting them in White Dwarf #377 (May 2011).
I like how they came out, and I like that they are more Warhammer in their look than more directly Ancient Egyptian.
I added a Tomb King standard top to the top, and an Egyptian looking statue from an old Eldar Dire Avengers (I think(!), but it is a Citadel item) set from many years ago.
Arcane ruin arch with another Tomb Kings standard.
Arcane ruin arch with yet another Tomb Kings standard.
No real reason for this photograph other than it looks quite moody!
Ruins together.
Ruins, with Skeletons for scale.
Skeleton Horsemen.
First Regiment.
To give them a more Heavy Cavalry look I used the helmeted skeleton heads and mixed in a couple of the armoured skeleton torso from the Skeleton Warriors boxed set.
The Second Regiment.
I wanted to break up the slightly homogenous turquoise look of the army with a couple of regimenst which look like they are from subject/allied cities which have send troops to help the main army. I did this before with Khalida's archers being painted green. Here, I have painted one regiment of Horsemen red, but not too close to the Crimson Kings red army look of course! 
Liche Priest.
This is just the normal Liche Priest miniatures mounted on the Wright Lords metal horse (with a little green stuff to fill in under the saddle).
I might have him as my Hierophant.
Tomb Scorpions.
I like these, and recall them being useful in the game.
Top/rear view showing the un-built Liche priest.
Another Kitty.
This is the third and final of my Warsphinxes. I love the models, the idea, and how they worked in the game. I will photograph all three together for the next blog update.
Rear view.
Another Skeleton Archer for Khalida's regiment.
Well the original regiment had 39 archers, and Khalida. However I thought it might be a nice idea if firstly she was wasn't tied to the regiment but could wander off, and second that the regiment could be used as a 'normal' regiment with her and without having to pay the point for her.

Next update will be of course more Tomb Kings, probably the WIP on the Chariots. I am however looking at projects afterwards, and in the new year I want to paint some Goblins...