Thursday 27 August 2020

C29 Creeping Dragon.

Another Dragon, this time a little dinky one.

This is the Citadel C29 Range 'Creeping Dragon', also released as the 'Mountain Dragon' and the 'Cold Drake'. I'm not really sure why the Dragon went by three different, perhaps that's just the business of Dragons? Who knows?

What I do know is that this Dragon was sculpted by Nick Bibby in 1984, and was for sale until the 1990's. It a two-part miniature: body; and wings, and is solid based. I placed the Dragon on a Citadel 75mmx42mm oval base, and painted it in a green colour with an orange underbelly for no particular reason, blending pink-ish flesh tones around the mouth.

It's a lovely miniature, full of character and detail, such as the spines and the scales. The face is quite expressional, with a creeping look to it, perhaps giving rise to one of it's names!  It will probably end up in one of my 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy armies as a Level 1 Winged Dragon, causing low level monstrous mayhem and pyromania.
Enjoy :)
Creeping to the left...
...and creeping to the right.
Rear view showing the orange underside.
Size comparison to another of Nick Bibby's Dragons, Kegox.
Original 1980's advertisement.

My next update should contain some proper painting, but at the moment I am not finding the time, and when I do I am continually sorting out my collection into 3,000 point Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies. I'm sure I'll find something and post it for next month, and maybe even get back to two or three posts a month one day! :)