Tuesday 30 March 2021

Agrat the C27 Goblin Fanatic.

...ah yes, Goblins. Got to love them (well, I do anyway). I have shamefully neglected my Goblins for some time, and that's not a good thing to do. So here is the first of many I have an intention to paint.

And by many, I mean MANY.

This fine fanatical fellow is a pre-slotta Goblin Fanatic from 1984, sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry.  He was one of six sculpted, all with the separate and distinct identities.

He was very straight forward to paint.
I chose to paint his flesh a different colour from Goblins which I have painted in the past, and different from the standard GW studio green. It was a simple Citadel Deathworld Forest base over a black undercoat, highlighted with Straken Green, and then Straken Green/white final highlighting. The whole Goblin was then given a very thinned down wash of black paint.This is the same technique I used for painting the Big Hat 4th Edition Chaos Dwarfs, but don't tell the Goblins that!

Whilst I like the colours I have used before, I will be shortly embarking upon a major Goblin painting project and so I wanted to have a lot of the Goblins a standard flesh tone, with some varieties of course. I chose this as whilst it's green, it's not the strong green of the GW studio style, but more akin to the 1st and some 2nd Edition Goblin tones.

As a side note, I have broken my Goblinoid collection down into a series of 3,000 point [3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle] armies. Two of the armies, the Tribal army of the Broken Nose Goblins, and Gnasher Goreslobber's Orc and Goblin army, will both feature more 'traditional' green Orcs and Goblins.

One last thing to note. I mounted Agrat on a 50mm round base. This is the template size for a Goblin Fanatic in 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and so instead of having to use multiple templates I thought the base would look better. I chose the lipped base to differentiate to them from other miniatures bases on the table. 

Enjoy :)

The C27 Goblin Fanatic Range.

Side view.
Rear view.
I love the patches on the cloak.
My C27 Goblin Fanatics.
The rest of the Goblin Fanatics (excluding the Marauder and Iron Claw ones).

Next update might be more Goblins as I am sorting them into armies at the moment (well I'm sorting everything out at the moment).

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Last batch of 4th Edition Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs (for now).

This is the last update of my on/off 4th Edition Chaos Dwarf army project for a while. I have lots more to paint, but for the time being I would like to re-orientate my focus back to my 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy armies. I am currently undertaking a sort of stock take of my 3rd Edition armies, which entails sorting out all of the miniatures into their respective and prospective 3,000 point armies, as well filling in any gaps and adding those one or two miniatures to an army which I have always wanted to buy. This is a very large task, something I have been doing in the background for the last few years, but only now am I starting to near completion.

...and there will be goblins. Lots and lots of goblins. :)

Returning to the Chaos Dwarfs, I have painted a few more Blunderbuss fellows, as well as a most of their Command Miniatures. In addition I have also painted a Lord miniature. All of these are in the continuing industrial wasteland colour scheme which  I have chosen. I also had fun converting up a musician miniature. As noted, these are the last for a while, and I am nearing the completion of the third and final blunderbuss regiment, with only a few more left to paint. This will give me a nice group of three regiments of 20 Blunderbuss armed Chaos Dwarfs, including command miniatures.

Enjoy :)

Chaos Dwarf Lord.
I do need to think of a suitable name for him. I have added an old Marauder miniatures shield to give the idea of a Daemon shield. I haven't added the back banner poles as I don't intend using them for any of the Lords. I painted him with a coloured beard, which I will do for all the Lords/Mages (different colours for each one). I think it looks a little like an octopus, or Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Side view, showing the shield.
Standard bearers.
I have converted the middle one, as the banner pole had snapped off, to have him resting his banner upon an Orc skull. At some point I will add actual banners to the poles. The banner poles and axe shafts add a little colour to the more mutated and drab paint scheme.
Officer and converted/repaired plastic axeman.
The mace head is an old plastic GW one from the 1990's.
More Blunderbuss-ers. 
The first regiment of Blunderbuss.
The second regiment of Blunderbuss.
The third regiment of Blunderbuss, still a WIP.
All three together.
Converted gong playing musician.
I converted him from an old Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl miniature, and a gong and hand set from the 1990's plastic Goblin Regiment box set.

Next update will probably be a Goblin. :)