Saturday 29 February 2020

Gnome hero on Giant Shrew.

A little conversion and paint job (if you excuse the pun!) .

I had a spare Citadel Gnome miniature from the C33 Mounted Adventurers range, but with no pony for him to ride. So, I tried him out on a Giant Frog miniature, a spare Gimli's pony from Citadels Lord of the Rings range, and even the Citadel C22 Giant Snail. However, he seemed to fit nicely on another C22 Creature; the Giant Shrew.

The Gnome fitted nicely on top once I had added a small greenstuff saddle. I placed the Giant Shrew on a 25mm base as a 20mm was too small, and the 40mm seemed too large. Painting wise he was quick and easy to paint. Also, I wanted to try out the famous shield painting guide in White Dwarf #101 from 1988. It has sort of worked , it does'nt look too bad, I think I need a little more practice, maybe on a much bigger shield!

Gnomes are one of those Warhammer races who seem to be overlooked. They are only present in the Warhammer Armies book in the Dwarf army list, and to be honest, they are not great, with thier T2 being a bit low. So with many other things to choose from in the Dwarf army, and the limited miniatures range not being easy to come by, they are not often seen, which fits in nicely with their Bestiary entry in the rulebook of a dwindling, rarely seen race.  Still, I like them, and I have been buying the odd one or two here and there in order to build a little regiment of C11 range Gnomes, of which I now have 20 plus the Giant Shrew riding hero.

Enjoy :)
Gnome Hero, riding a Giant Shrew.
Left-side view, showing the shield face.
Rear view, with a purple roll-up blanket.
Right-hand side view, with club in hand.
Pre painting.

I am currently very busy with a whole range on non-miniature releated things. However, in my spare time, I am sorting out ALL of my Citadel 1980's era fantasy miniatures into 3,000 point armies. I have been planning a lot of conversions and organisations of Regiments with a view to a major series of blog updates when finished.
In the meantime I am painting random things, and trying out new techniques for painting and modelling.