Monday 29 June 2020

The Kegox Dragon: Part one.

This is the first part of a 'Work in Progress' blog update. I don't usually do these sort of blog updates, but I have'nt been able to finsh this project in the time I thought and it's a slightly bigger 'one off' project to undertake.

Leafing through the old Citadel Compendiums and Journals years ago there were always several miniatures I always wanted, but for some reason at the time, or since, I never did quite hold of. One of those was the Kegox Dragon. Now I'm not a fan of two-headed monsters, but I always liked Kegox for some reason. I always imagined his two heads chatting or arguing with each other as they both seemed to have different personalities. One angry and roaring, the other more considered and thoughtful. However, I never owned a Kegox until a few months ago when I chanced across an e-bay auction, watched it, and then was sent one of those 'sellers offers'. So I bought him for £110.

When he arrived he was in a dire need of a paint-strip and re-assembly , both of which he received, but then sat on a shelf for a few months awaiting attention. In this time I had considered what to do with him. He needed a big base, so I selected a Citadel 170x105mm Oval Base, but just placing him on a flat base seemed a bit dull. The old 1980's White Dwarf Magazines and the Fantasy Miniatures books had many examples of Kegox on fancy rocky bases, and so that was the way in which I went.

The idea I settled on was based on a little bit of whimsy. I live in East Sussex, the City of Brighton and Hove, on the edge of the South Downs, and I have always pictured some of the many fantasy creatures and monsters stalking through the peaceful Sussex countryside. So with that in mind I decided to place Kegox on a chalk downland base, with the idea of him desending down from the Downs to a roadway to cause havoc to the good people of Sussex. It would certianly make for an interesting local traffic report! And anyway, it can be explained away by some sort of magical rift between worlds or realities, a suprisingly frequent occurrance in this part of the work!

Enjoy :)
 The Kegox Box.
 Advertisment in the Third Citadel Compendium (1985).
Building the foundations of the Downs, as it happens with flint from the South Downs. 
 Adding more stones and lots of Milliput. I also sculpted a stone verge for the road edge. 
 Placing Kegox to get the correct pose.
I wanted him to be leaning out across the road roaring at the traffic.
Stupidly I never took any photographs of assembling Kegox
Adding more filling with Milliput.
 WIP painting.
I decided on a mixed colour scheme of a mainly green body, red underside, and blue legs. I will blend these together, and add some yellow blending.
I painted the chalk rocks from a base coat of grey up to white, with a brow-green wash, adding the brown colours for the soil. For the grass I have so far used a basic coating of flock, but more tufts and flowers will be added.
The WIP from the right hand side.
I had fun painting the road and double yellow lines. I may add a scratch built mangled 'Welcome to Brighton and Hove' road sign as well.
Next update should be the completed Kegox.