Monday, 17 February 2014

Very, very quick Rogue Trader Horus Heresy 40k update Chaos project!

I have been very busy this week and weekend, and today (Sunday) spent the day feeling ill. Consequently this is a very very quick update on what I might plan for the next few weeks (months probably!). Of course once I get them all sorted out I might end up doing something else, but at least they will be ready to start at a later date.
I will do a proper update later in the week.

After painting up the Squat army I thought I might turn my attention to another area of Rogue Trader 40k, that of the Horus Heresy.
Over the years I have collected a large number of Metal Chaos Renegades, and mainly the plastic (but not all just the plastic) Mk6 Loyal Marines.The idea was to re-create those epic battles of the Heresy illustrated in the 1980's White Dwarf. Lots and lots of Ultramarines battling it out with the Warmasters Legions. I always like the Heresy and as I was gaming with Chaos and Loyal Marines from 1989 through the Rogue Trader days, so I sometimes feel I was there! LOL

Anyway, I am unsure how many Marines I actually have as I organised them some years ago, but I did sort them out into the detatchments, which was the basis of all the old Marine army lists. The basic Loyal Marine Detachment was 8 Tactical Squads, 4 Assault Squads, and 2 Devastator Squads, of ten marines each. Plus the Officers and Tech Marines. I am sure I have about 3 full detachments of loyal Marines, plus Officers. I only had a small number painted, and so the idea was to paint the whole lot up as Ultramarines, the Legion that seemed most fitting to the Rogue Trader Heresy as they featured in a lot of the artwork at the time. I think I have about 40 to 50  Terminators as well, but need to double check.

Chaos wise, I think I have two detachments of Marines fitting to the Emperor's Children list in the Slaves To Darkness book. I cannot recall how many Chaos Terminators I have, but it's at least 20.  I used to use the Renegades as Black Legion, but re-painted/organised them around 1998. I am wondering whether to split the force up into one Emperor's Children detachment, and one World Eater, with the spares bulking out the Nurgle marines or even having a little Tzeench force too? That way I get to have several different detachments. The drawback would be reducing the size and impact of the Emperor's Children. I like the list for the Emperor's Children, 6 man Squads are verstile, but I also like the colour scheme for the Khorne Marines.

Added to this are the Dreadnoughts, tanks, and a few Nurgle Marines I have somewhere. The Beastman squads ended up relocated to the 3rd Edition Fantasy Chaos army. There is also the Slaaneshi Demon army, and a lot of Imperial Guard, both of which I have'nt photographed this evening.

This is all going to take some time to sort out, so painting wise I might see if I can get some Goblins done as I feel I have neglected them for a while.  :( 

 Anyway, here's a selection of photographs of the boxes of Marines to sort out! :)

 The three books with the army lists (an so much more) in. I never did get around to buying the Rogue Trader Compendium!
 Part of an Emperor's Children detachment, with the Mounts of Slaanesh Riders used as 4 of the 6 Assault Squads.
 Metal Renegades. Some painted, lots not!
 More Renegades.
 Many plastic and metal Mk6 Marines.
 Big box of Marine stuff. 
All the Terminators are in there somewhere.
 Tanks: Land Raiders, Rhinos, and Predators.
At least two need paint stripping.
Games Day 1990 Space Marine Captain. 
I went to Gamesday in 1990 (Brighton to Derby is a long way!)


  1. That's a very nice project ! I have to admit I'm 100 green of seeing the amount of renegades you have when I struggle to get the few I'm missing...
    That said, recreating the Horus heresy attles with those references is going to be spectacular ! I remember a diorama with beakies on the front and EPIC models in the back, its was absolutely brilliant. Maybe you can steal, I mean "interpret" this idea? :D


    1. I have aways liked the Epic-ness of the Horus Heresy, and I love the renegades, always liked the detailing and the tubes on the armour, gave a very odd sci fi/chaos look.
      I remember that diaroma, it was a excellent idea. I could do that at some point,I still do have a few Epic bits in a box somewhere (unfortunately I sold my Epic army in the 1990's).

      Although they share the same story, I feel the current Heresy stuff has a very different feel to the older stuff. I like both, but consider both seperate, in the same way a classic film is re-made/re-imagined :)

    2. I agree, though the modern pre-heresy stuff is quality, it tends to make more recent stuff (historically speaking) loo a bit flat which is a bit weird, the better stuff should be teh recent one shouldn't it?

      I forgot to wish you good health and to applause you for making such a lenghty (in the good way) post when you announce a very very short one ;)

    3. I agree, the contempary stuff is great but somehow lacks soul. I think it has to do with knowing that the old stuff was actually sculpted out of greenstuff, whilst the new stuff is all computer added design.
      I love the CAD technology, but when applied to a miniatures range that is uniform it can give a too uniform look. The modern miniatures feel like a mass produced product, but the older ones felt more like an artistic expression.
      The old chaos stuff had a lot of variety, and I think in some cases just as much detail as the new.
      Thank you, I am feeling a bit better. I did'nt realise I had typed so much as I was updating late at night. I thought it was a short post due to the lack of photographs and details, but I got carried away typing. :)

  2. First time I've ever seen a box of Landraiders!

    The extent of your collection never ceases to amaze.

    Loved the squats and this project sounds very exciting too - with your productivity I'm sure it'll be no time at all before we are seeing multitudes of Marines!

    1. Thank you,
      glad you liked the Squats, they were fun to do.

      Not sure how long it will all take me to do the Marines but I will have a good idea of the task ahead by the end of the week.

      One of the reasons I might keep the Emperor's Children together is having the three Land Raiders deployed as a Squadron. :)

  3. Wow Lee again you make me very jealous.. A box of Landraiders! I dream of having a collection as mighty as yours. Ummm.. Marry me?

    1. Well it's a lovely offer but I will have to decline :)

      There are only three Landraiders, the rest are Rhinos and three Predators, as I always prefered infantry to tanks.