Monday 14 April 2014

Slann standards and Jaguar warriors.

A delayed blog update this week as I was out an about on Sunday and got back a little late to do the blog! Sadly, I was'nt at Salute this year, but from what I have seen it looked fun :)

This weeks painting is the continuation on with the Slann army.
 I went back over the some of the regiments and painted up a few standards which arrived in my mail order from Outpost Wargame Services last week.
Other than that I have painted up a few of the Slann Jaguar Warriors, but have'nt made that much progress. I am really enjoying painting the Slann, but got distracted over preperations for my new job this week.

After an e-bay win, I added two more Slann to the Space Slann force, and decided to rebase them on 25mm rounds bases as I just think they just look better like that.

The plan for next week update is to do a Goblin update, an in depth look again at a particular range. I have been wanting to do an update on Goblins for a while, probably the Iron Claw range.

Quieter week this week, but enjoy:) 

 Slann Eagle Warrior standards. 
I painted the 'Smiley Demon' (it's Aztec name) standard on the left to look like a representation of an Old Slann in a Space suit. Green face, silver/black goggled eyes, and an off white space helmet. 
The banner on the right will have a symbol painted on it the same time I do the sheild devices later.
 Slann Jungle Brave on the left and Bull Slann on the right.
 Another Bull Slann, this time on the left, and Jungle Brave on the right.
 Yes, you guessed it. Jungle Slann, and a Bull Slann. 
 Slann Jaguar warriors. 
Like the Eagle warriors, and the Aztec suit wearers in history, both wore totem suits of of different colours. I have paint about half the standard Jaguar colour, and the others blue, red, or green. I did paint a test model up in a white Jaguar suit, but it looked too much like a Slann in a onesie so I repainted him!
I have painted the axes and shields to represent a mystical Slann idea that they are the magical repsentation of a Jaguar claw, a type of sympathtic magic.
 Blue Jaguar warrior, and the standard bearer for one of the regiments.
 View of the shields.
Test model for an alternative Jaguar warrior regiment using the C32 Slann 'Pulque'.
I have not decided whether to have the regiment all this colour or a mix as above.
 Aligator Warrior with new standard. Unlike the old one it's now on his back like a back banner but planted in the ground, like he is dancing around it or making a stand. 
The model on the right is the Talisman Amazon model which I had in my Slann bits box, and thought I would paint her up.
After chatting on my blog I repostioned the bug's legs to have a pose more like a real life bug.
Hooray for e-bay!
I bagged a couple of Space Slann for £15.60 inc P&P. 
With these two I now have the Space Slann army organised into 5 squads of 5 Slann, and an independent hero. I think that might me a good place to stop as it gives a nice little force. 

Next week, Iron Claw Goblins update and more painted Slann.


  1. Hi Lee,
    your army start to sound like a reference for Slann lovers, shields and banners are a really good choice.
    If I can just give you an advice (?), avoid green color for clothe of your troops. It's too much with green skin. Or if green clothes are important for your army project, use an other color for skin to contrast, yellow is perfect in this case.

    Have you an idea of how you will make your bases?

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  3. Don't loose your time to answer me for bases... Black borders are just perfect for ME personal test :o)

    1. Thank you, glad you like the shields and banners, and the overall look of the army so far.
      I have been using a mix of Aztec/Inca/Maya references, background/artwork from 1st/2nd/3rd Warhammer, ideas from other peoples blogs, and ideas that I have had over the years. I have tried to pull all those things together, so if people want to use my army of as one of thier points of reference that would be great. :)

      I will only be using green suits for the Eagle and Jaguar warriors, as the Aztecs did, and then only in limited numbers. I have painted the suits in a darker green to contrast with the green flesh and painted up a couple of the other Slann with blue or yellow flesh to avoid an all green look. They will also be in regiments with a lot of other Slann in other coloured suits, so I think they will be fine, but thanks for the advice, I have tried to stop them from being a block of green colour.

      Basing wise I was going to do them the smae as the rest of the Slann army, static flock on a brown sand mix. Unlike the scouts I won't add the tall reeds and grass, but might add flowers. I could do an update with a little basing tutorial if you wanted? I like the black base edges too for the Slann, although I think Rogue Trader models look better with brown edges as in a lot of the old adverts.

  4. Hi,
    Your blog is fantastic. This army is very beautifull. I make links in my blog:
    Thank you very much.
    Good game

  5. Thank you for your kind comments and the link to my blog.

    I have always been interested in the Slann, and also the real life history of pre-Colombian Meso-American cultures and the Inca. The Slann are a personal favourite of mine and a project I keep returning to since the 1980's. I one day plan to also collect and paint a historical Aztec army from Wargames Foundry Miniatures.

    I really like your blog. There are a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, pictures, and links there. I have bookmarked your blog, and will link to it when I do my blog update next week.

    I can recommend the book (although it is in English):
    Armies of the Sixteenth Century: The Armies of the Aztec and Inca Empires, Other Native Peoples of the Americas, and the Conquistadores 1450-1608,
    by Ian Heath.
    It has a wealth of background and costume detailing for all of the Pre-Coloumbian cultures. It was available from Wargames Foundry, but is now difficult to find but available on Kindle.

    Keep up the great posts on your blog . :)