Wednesday 20 May 2015

Warploque Miniatures, Great Goblins, and Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Praetorians WIP's.

Over the last few weeks I have taken a break from blogging and painting.

This has been partly due to me being busy at work, and partly because I had reached a bit of an impasse with the Slann army. So I put that somewhat vast project on hold, whilst not really focusing on another project.
I still haven't settled on what to do, flitting between sorting out Squats, Praetorian Imperial Guard, and Goblins. So I decided to take a break for a while to re-focus. I probably need to pick a contained and achievable project which is not too large nor open ended. I am mindful I still have a couple of 3rd Edition Fantasy Battle armies to finish off, so might look at those again.

Warploque Miniatures.
A few weeks ago when I went to Salute 2015 I picked some of their 'Albionnican Empire' Miniatures. They are part of a range designed to work with their game system, which I have not played, but is free from their website.

The design concept of them is Napoleonic in style, but with Medieval weapons, namely Crossbows and Halberds (although one of the ones I haven't painted has a flamethrower!). I quite like the idea as I always had the idea of doing a converted 18th Century army with medieval weapons as an alternative fantasy style army (perhaps using the 3rd Edition 'Empire' army list as a basis). So pushing the look of the army into the early 19th Century, with the bonus of models which I don't have to convert, seemed a fine idea.

The idea of the Albionnican Empire is that they are loosley based on the British Empire. However looking at the models I thought they looked more French in their style, especially the Ogre with his Bearskin, and the Officer. So I painted them up as pseudo-Napoleonic French.

Sculpting wise, they aren't as crisp as a Perry Twins sculpt, but they are nice and quite characterful. They are better than the rough and ready sculpting of the Flintloque ranges (which they remind me of), but would probably fit someone who is more used to 1980's sculpting or historical ranges. I like the miniatures, the breastplates are a great addition and the weapons are sensible. They are supplied on 30mm lipped round bases, but I decided to base them on 20mm square bases so they could be used in Warhammer.

They work out at about £3 per infantry, with the Officer/NCO £5 each, and the Ogre £12. The Ogre is made from resin, the humans are metal. It's not too expensive, but a small army of them might be a little pricey, although to be fair they are really meant for a skirmish game.

Enjoy :) 
 An Officer, Ogre, and eight infantry.
 The Officer.
 I like the walking stick, sword at ease on the shoulder, extra details, and the slighly huaghty look of this model. He looks like he is ready to take part in a duel, or lead a glorious charge, and will make a great Army General.
The one on the left is smoking, something unusual in modern sculpting. I painted his 'smoke' as a cigar. 
On the right is a trooper with halberd levelled.
I chose the basic Napoleonic French Infantry uniform, white trousers, blue coat, red facings and plume. I think the Shakos are meant to me helmets, but I think they look better painted black rather than bare metal.
 Two more Infantry, advancing, and looking.
I painted these up in French Light Infantry colours, with blue trousers and green/yellow plumes. 
One of the reasons I went for the French colour scheme was that crossbow seemed more French than British. I always assumed a English/British version of this idea would have longbows instead. 
 Kneeling and advancing.
I put him on a 40mm Square base. He has that veteran look with battered shield and armour, and a vicous looking sword. The bearskin with large headplate looks more reminiscent of the French Imperial Old Guard to me.
 Close up of the fce.
He is smoking a cigar too!
 Army Standard and NCO.
As you can see I did'nt get around to painting these, but included them to give an idea of their look.
 Knight and Flamethrower.

Recently I won a couple of auctions on e-bay for Great Goblins/Gnolls, which re-kindled my love of them and a wish to sort out them out into proper units.
 Great Goblin/Gnoll Infantry (and Chariot). 
I now have about 180 of the little scamps, as well as 30 Cavalry which I didn't photograph.
I really do like this range of miniatures, and am very tempted to spend time painting some up.
 Side view (ignore the 3-eyed Chaos Goblin and the odd Runequest Troll which have snuck in!) .
I have collected a good mix of miniatures, and am laways keeping an eye out for odds and ends of variants.
I have been converting up some old Mordian miniatures with some 'Gas Mark heads 1' in pith helmets from 'Black Pyramid Games'. They are supplied with spikes on the top of the helmet, but I snipped these off as they as a little fragile. Since I bought these heads a little while ago, they do more types, as well as other stuff:

Why am I converting these?
I used to play a lot of the computer game Civilization, and when I played the English I always imagined the modern era army as Praetorians. When fighting epic post nuclear war conflicts I thought that the normal Preatorians where a little underquiped for the Rad-Zone ruins. So, here are some NBC (Nuclear-Chemical-Biological) warfare troops.
I will field them as Veterans, and plan to paint them up in Khaki rather than the red tunics of the rest of the army.
Heavily converted Heavy flamer on the left. He has a Cadian (or Catachan, I can't recall) Heavy flamer, and a Gas Mask head from 'Pig Iron Productions'. 
On the right is a converted Melta Gunner. I like Melta guns as they are cheap, and have a habit of destroying vehicles or melting Space Marines.
I am happily converting up Mordians, and will paint up a squad to test out the idea, but am not 100% commited to focusing my entire time on the project at the moment. I converted up an Attilan Rough Rider with one of these heads too, but I can't find it at them moment.

No idea what the next update will be on. 
I do still have the next installment of my irregular series on the analysis of the 3rd Edition Warhammer army lists to do, and will hopefully paint up a unit of NBC Preatorians.


  1. Some great stuff there! I'm very fond of the Warploque stuff, I picked up the undead pirates myself. I'm awaiting the rulebook before they hit the painting table. Your Albionnicans look great painted up, a really characterful skirmish force.

    1. Thank you David,
      they do produce some nice and characterful miniatures. The Pirates looked good, and I understand that their Halflings are popular too.
      I got chatting to them at Salute and they seemed nice people.

  2. I thought your blog had gone quiet! I hope all is well.

    Maybe change focus and do something historical?

    1. Everything's fine, just been very busy at work, and they have been messing everyone around, so haven't been focusing on miniatures recently.

      Historical you say? You thinking Napoleonic? I liked the 10mm Waterloo, although recently I have been looking at the Victrix Spartans.

      I am looking at going back to tinkering with my 40k stuff, whilst taking time to on painting Great Goblins/Gnolls as something to take time over.