Sunday 27 March 2016


This week I have finished painting my Ral Partha's Phroggs.

The range was created via a kickstarter last year and consists of six miniatures, and can be viewed here:

The range consists of six giant metal Sci Fi amphibian aliens, with a slight Aztec/Mayan Meso-American design feel to them, very similar to Citadel's TSF18 Space Slann. Design wise they are great, and capture that Aztec/space alien vibe nicely, with feathers, Aztec padded armour, and weird esoteric alien looking headgear. Apart from the flame-thrower Phrogg, they are all armed with a a retro 1960's looking laser gun, which is'nt too bad and I kind of like. The leader has a form of Aztec looking axe/club in addition.

The faces and look remind me of Alternative Armies 'Todoroni' range. The sculpting is less sharp than other companies, but not poor quality. One thing that requires mention is that they are big. They are about 40mm (ogre sized in the Ral Partha description), and a lot taller than the old Space Slann. I have done a scale comparison photograph in the blog, and be aware that the Phroggs are also mounted on 30mm bases.

Overall I quite like them. They were fun to paint, and at £3.95 per miniature, not too expensive considering their size (and much cheaper than the 1980's Space Slann!!!). The sculpting is nice enough, and there is enough detail to make them look good, but not too much as to get bogged down.
My only question would be why make them so big when most people gaming, or who remember the Space Slann, would be used to 25/30mm miniatures? They are different from the usual 28mm humanoid looking miniatures though, but I don't think the size will make them as popular as they could have been. As a range I think they may be eclipsed by Tim Prow's upcoming Eru-Kin, a range I am looking forward to be avaliable in larger numbers.

Enjoy :)
All six of the froggy (Phroggy?) critters.
I opted for a classic mix of froggy/Slann flesh colours, and the Aztec/Slann look.
I thuoght they might look good in a grey alien or flesh coloured skin tone, the sort of Von Daniken Space Alien feel. I also went for lot of gold on the equipment and the guns to reinforce that concept.
Scale comparison photograph, with the smaller of the TSF18 Space left, the larger on the right (both bases on 25mm bases, as opposed to the Phroggs 30mm base).
The PH010 Phrogg Sergeant.
He (or she? Can you 'sex' a giant alien frog? I can't!) is armed with the laser gun and club.
Rear view.
PH003 Phrogg Trooper #3 firing.
Rear view.
PH009 Phrogg Flamer Support Trooper.
A Phrogg with a flamer thrower!
Rear view showing the chemical tanks.
PH001 Phrogg Trooper #1 loading.
Rear view.
PH002 Phrogg Trooper #2 Advancing.
Rear view.
Phrogg Trooper #4 Advancing.
I painted him similar to the 'Slanni' in the 4th Edition Warhammer 40k Rulebook.
Rear view.
The Phroggs investigating a lost colony on a far distant planet, deep in the jungle.

The next update will be 'proper' 1980's fantasy Slann, as I have a painting project I wish to achieve. :)


  1. Great work Lee - I'm sure in such a varied and weird universe as Rogue Trader that giant Space Frogs could be fairly easily accommodated - genetically enhanced Bull Slann storm troopers anyone?

    Also looking forward to the Eru Kin too though!

    1. Thank you. You're right of course, in the Rogue Trader universe there's room for all kinds of alien (and human!) weirdness. I am sure the Slann have a lot of genetic diversity considering how long there have been around.

      I am looking to collect an Eru Kin army and am looking forward to the next batch of them. They look very similar in concept to the Slann from the Magnificent Sven scenario which is great.
      I did'nt buy any of the first lot of Kickstarter Eru Kin as I am not very familar with how it worked, but would still buy some if they were released again.