Thursday, 1 September 2016

They hatched!

A very quick and a slightly tongue-in-cheek update this week.

Last week I posted on my blog the five unopened packs of Snakemen which I have bought from e-bay recently. Today, I have finally got around to hatching opening them. It always feels a little wrong opening packs of miniatures from the 1980's. They have been left undisturbed for all that time, so who am I to open them? Still another part of me thinks why not? They should be free to be opened and painted, otherwise what is their purpose? 

The purpose of these particular critters is to act as stand-in's, or perhaps more correctly, alternative Chaos Warriors. With the packs added below, I now have 44 Snakemen. The idea is to build a Chaos Army using the Warhammer Armies Chaos Army list. This only allows for a maximum of 20 Chaos Warriors, but you can have up to half the point of the army as Chaos Allies, and so this allows another 20 Chaos Warriors.

This means that 40 of the 44 Snakemen will be split down into eight units of 5 Chaos Warriors. I think this has a nice symmetry to it, with eight units for each of the points of the Chaos star. Of the last four 'Spare' Snakemen, one is the Army Standard, one the Army General , and the third another independent hero. The last one, a S'Sirron Fangthrane,  I am going to convert into a Chaos Sorcerer who is wearing Chaos Armour.

Anyway, at the moment I am part of the way through painting more Snakemen, so for the time being, here is the hatching, and a few photographs of the army WIP. I will be doing a proper blog update after the weekend where I want to do an examination of the C27 Snakeman range as I have done with previous ranges in the past.
Enjoy :)

Five packs of Snakemen MIB.  :)
Part way through the 'hatching', ahh, I swear I could smell that late 1980's air!
Out they come!!!
All done!
Left to right, five S'lon Life Smasher; five S'Sirron Fangthrane; and five Saranth Elf Mangler's.
All forty-four of the Snakemen.
Close up of the left...
...and right, including both WIP, and the few finished Snakemen.
Keeping with the Southwestern North American theme, I managed to buy the last of the three Native American miniatures Citadel produced in the 1980's.
These are to be used as Chaos Sorcerers, basically Native Chaos Shamans.
Citadel did also produce a Wizard which looked  'Incan', but I will not include him as I am keeping a 'New World/North American' feel.
WIP standard bearer.
I am not a great artist but plan to add a little more details to the Chaos Standard.

Next update will be some more painted Snakemen, and a look at the five miniatures of the C27 Snakeman range in greater detail.


  1. Great collection! Any pics of that Citadel Incan Wizard? I'm not familiar.

    1. Than kyou.

      Whilst I can't findmy Wizard (he's broken anyway), I have a link to the CCM Wiki page showing him here:

      You can't quite see the detailing on the hat in the photograph, but it looks like a Peruvean hat (a Chullo), and has Peruvean patterning sculpted on it. The rest of him has an Andean look, and he is named 'Shaman', so I thought he looked Peruvean to me. :)

  2. Wish I could have been there to share the moment of opening such ancient treasure. Did the air smell cleaner back then? or will some terrible curse fall upon you as you have disturbed their rest?

  3. It was rejuvenating and inspiring :)

    The only curse will be upon you when you have to fight them ;)