Monday, 10 October 2016

Meeting Ian Miller at the Corridor Gallery, Brighton.

On Friday last (7th October 2016) I lucky enough to attend a viewing of the current art exhibition of the work of the artist Ian Miller, held at the Corridor Gallery in Brighton (East Sussex, UK), at which Ian Miller himself attended.

For those of you unaware, Ian Miller is an artist who contributed a body of work to many of the GW publications during the 1980's, very notablity Slaves to Darkness. In addition, he provided work for the Tolkien Bestiary (in the late 1970's), and a wealth of art since.

It was a great evening. The gallery was very busy, and had quite a lot of Ian Miller's artwork on show, with signed prints to buy, of with I bought two, as well as most of the artwork itself for sale as well. I chatted to Ian Miller about his current art, and the art which he did for GW in the 1980's. I did take a photograph of the general crowds in the gallery, which included Ian Miller, but I did'nt publish it on my blog out of respect for his privacy.

He mentioned that he no longer owned a lot of the art he did for GW, and that during the 1980's he was given 'boxes' of miniatures from at the time, which he recently sold! I had taken my old copy of Slaves to Darkness with me, and as I was showing other people at the show Ian Miller offered (and did) sign and dedicate it. All in all he is a very pleasant and interesting man to chat to, and after liking his art for the last 30 years, it was great to finally meet him and see his new work.

Here are the links for Ian Millers and the Corridor Gallery websites. Both are well worth a visit, and the exhibition is on until 31st October 2016 (closed Mondays), and worth a trip to Brighton if you are able:

Enjoy. :)
The front of the Corridor Gallery (it's not for sale by the way! LOL)

The two prints which I bought. They are signed and numbered, about A3 sized, and were £20 each. 
Both of the originals are on show, and for sale.
Print entitled 'Mote 1'.
Print entitled 'The Dragon Tree'.
Ian Millers signing and deidcation in my copy of Slaves to Darkness.

Next update will be probably either Snakemen, or Tomb Kings, or maybe both. :)


  1. What an excellent treat. Must say I'm quite jealous :)

    1. It was a fun evening.
      He was a nice person, and it was great to see a lot of his new artworks, as well as buy a couple of prints and have the book signed. :)

  2. Wow, absolutely wonderful. Impressive display, you got lucky there! :)

    1. Luckily for me it is being held in my home city of Brighton and Hove. It was great to see Ian Millers artworks close up, and chat to the man himself. :)

  3. Lucky you Lee :)

    Those prints you bought look great! And to have your StD signed by the man is awesome!

    Very nice.

    1. I brought my copy of Slaves to Darkness on the off chance and was showing the artwork in it to other people who were unfamilar with his earlier work when he offered to sign it for me.

      It is lucky that the gallery is holding the exhibition in my home city. The orginal artwork of the prints were for sale too and were great to look at. I will get the prints framed soon and hang them up.

      I love the detailing and depth of them. The red on the Mote 1 is rich and deep, and the Dragon Tree is an unsual, almost bloodstained red, and has lots of little tiny details. The photographs don't do them justice. :)

  4. Hi Lee,

    I came looking for your blog after meeting you at the gallery. I am the guy who got Ratspike signed. Ian was really friendly nd hugely interesting. I'm really pleased to have met him. I landed up being a bit silly and bought one of the £150 banners in the window.

    Impressive array of armies you have here on your blog!

    1. Hello,
      it was nice to meet you, it was a good evening. I recall you enquiring about the banners in the window, but did'nt realise that you purchased one. You're right that Ian Miller was friendly and interesting to chat to.

      Glad you like the blog, I have been collecting and painting now for 30 years this year.