Friday 23 February 2018

Hohensknechtes and Stadtsknechtes.

Wow, Grandfather Nurgle has had it in for me this year! A weeks worth of flu in January, and now a nasty bout of flu lasting from the 8th February and ongoing (but getting better). So apart from considering the need to start a Nurgle Chaos army to appease him, it has also played havoc with my painting and blogging this month .

What I have achieved are a few test models. As mentioned before, I am currently sorting out all my Oldhammer era miniatures into armies, which is something I am still trying to get to a point to update my blog on. Now, when considering the Empire army, I realised I had no mounted Knights. With all of the armies I want to have something emblematic about that army in it, and so far with the Empire army I have Reiksgard, Fleglers, Armbrustschutzen, and Helblitzen, but no mounted Knights.

Citadel only made the classic looking Empire towards the end of the 3rd Edition (1992), and I did'nt really want to use them as I did'nt think that their look suited the older looking Empire miniatures I am using. They did make some, at the same time as Brettonians in 1989, but they can be a little expensive to find, and tricky to find all of one type. Also the horses they were suppllied with at the time were unbarded, and two of the three types of Empire Knights require barding. The only other Empire Knights released were the Marauder Miniatures ones, but they are quite rare and expensive.

So, bearing in mind I want to keep my armies all Oldhammer era, I decided to try something. I have a few spare Wargames Foundry War of the Roses Knights, which were originally Citadel's C26 Men at Arms range., which to me have a simialiar look to Empire Knights. So I added an embossed Marauder shield to each of them, and painted them up in brighter, more Empire' looking colours. I think the look fine, and I will add another five when I get around to actually painting up the army itself.
Enjoy :)

 The Empire Cavalry section of Warhammer Armies.
Itook the scan from Jaeckel Alone's blogspot. Check out his wonderful Empire Soldiers here:
Five Knights.
Front view.
I used two different types of Knight. One with the full plume...
...and the other with a light plume.
The other three Knights. The shield if the Knight on the right is an old Warhammer Regiments Dwarf shield, which gives a Sigmar feel to the miniature.
Rear and side view of the horse with it's head down.
Rear and side view of the horse with it's head up.

Next week will probably be some Undead.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, glad you think that the idea works. :)

  2. Good to hear your on the mend Lee, if you hadn't said where the models had come from, it would be hard not to think they were originally made for this role. Great work, hope Nurgle gives you a rest and allows you to keep painting

    1. Thank you, it's been a horrible flu. It has stopped me painting, but I am now determined to make up for some lost time once I am fully recovered. :)

      I think you are right in that the old C26 Men at Arms range were made for both historical use and for general use with the Old World Human nations/armies, the Empire being one of them. I recall seeing various photographs and illustrations in GW's early to mid 1980's publications fufilling that role, so the look fits.

      I am just not sure people really consider using them for the Empire role now as they are often associated with the iconic photographs of Dave Andrews Bretonnians. So I thought I would give it a try and give some ideas to people to perhaps consider a different look and use for these Knights.

  3. "So I thought I would give it a try and give some ideas to people to perhaps consider a different look and use for these Knights."

    You have most certainly convinced at least me!

    1. Cool, glad I convinced you, and could help with alternative Empire knights. :)

  4. Always good to see an imperial army under construction :) Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on how to build an Empire force with the Warhammer Armies 3rd edition rulebook!

    1. I am in the middle of sorting out several armies, including my Empire army using 3rd Edition Warhammer armies. Once I have finalised the army I will do an update on how and why I put the army together.

      I'm also assembling a couple of other armies using the lists. I am sorting out an Estlian, Marienburg and Tilean armies, with each of them using different aspects of the list in line with the background of the Old World Nations.

    2. Good. Looking for reading your tips to build some 3rd Edition imperial armies :)

  5. Excellent stuff and something similar to my own army.
    I decided I would make the army from the 2and edition blood on the streets box.
    2and edition scenario packs clearly used this range for the Empire and the cardboard counters show pictures of these old perry medievals.
    Well done, great to see these awesome old miniatures

    1. Thank you. They old Perry Miniatures are great, used quite a lot in some of the old armies.. You Blood on the Streets army sounds an interesting idea. I have been doing similar things with some oft he other scenarios, basing army lists on the forces involved.