Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Slann and the Villager.

This week I have painted two miniatures from the Magnificent Sven scenario release: Slann Warrior; and the Villager.

I have a soft spot for this scenario, I've played it several times over the years on both sides. It was via this that I really became interested in the Slann and the (old) background of Lustria. Over the next week or so I will painting the remaining miniatures from the release with a mind to updating the blog on the scenario range.

Unlike a lot of the later scenarios the miniatures were scultped specifically for the scenario, rather than taken from existing ranges. Several of the miniatures subsequently appeared elsewhere. Sven and Juggo e turning up in the C06 Dwarves, and Norse Dwarf ranges. Riolta Snow appeared in the Terror of the Lichemaster release (as herself), whilst the Villager re-appeared in the Shadows over Bogenhafen scenario as the Nightwatchman.

The Slann Warrior was part of the Slann army release for the scenario, but like the other Slann they were never released elsewhere, and so had a limited production run. I'm not sure when they stopped casting them but they were gone by 1987. I sent off for the Magnificent Sven Slann army offer in mid 1987, as it turned out few months before 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy battle was to be released, and these Slann were gone. As an aside, the GW Mail Order Trolls were kind enough to write me a little note explaining the offer was no longer valid (sadly, I have lost the note) and instead sent me a big box of the new slotta based Slann.

The style of these Slann are slight different to the earlier pre-slotta, and later slotta based Slann. They are a little smaller (the Slann Warrior is especially). The bare-headed Slann also have a crest on their heads, similar in a way to fish or perhaps Cthulhu Deep Ones. The sculpting of the weapons and armour are more in line with the scenario artwork, rather than fully Aztec-esque as the later Slann were. I am not sure who sculpted them, but looking at the range as a whole, they look like the work of Aly Morrison. Both Riolta Snow and Karra have a look similar to his pre-slotta Elves, so it might be the case he sculpted the rest.

Finally, painting wise I opted for two different influences. For the Slann Warrior I noticed a resemblance between him and a Slann from John Blanche's Slann artwork in the 3rd Edition Warhammer Armies book (included below). So I chose him as a template for painting. As for the Villager, he looks to me like a classic stereotypical English yokel/bumpkin, so I opted for that look when painting. I have included a photograph of the 'Two Ronnies' yokels as a visual pointer to where my mind was going when painting.

Enjoy :)

The Magnificent Sven Scenario miniatures release.
John Blanche's Slann artwork. I chose the Slann second on the left, second from bottom, as a painting template as I think they looked similar.
The Slann warrior.
Sheild design, loosely based on the artwork.
Rear view showing the scale armour.
The Two Ronnies as yokels.
He is armed with a simple looking agricultural knife, and a wooden club. Looking at the style he looks quite similar ro an English Civil War era 'clubman'.
Left hand side. I like the patch on the arm.
Mean looking and ready to crack a few Slann skulls!
Slann vs Man in the jungles of Lustria!

Next week might be more Magnificent Sven scenario miniatures as I plan to paint some more.


  1. Great stuff...and nice to see The Two Ronnies! I used that figure as a clubman along with some similar types released about the same time (and some of the C series pre slotta Thieves I recall).

    1. Thank you.
      I thought Two Ronnies as soon as I saw him. He's a nice miniature, and I only managed to buy him a short time ago and wanted to paint him soon.
      The C Series Thieves, slotta and pre slotta are great. I have several included in various regiments, and have made a small unit of 20 for my Marienburg army project. I will keep this Villager seperate in my Magnificent Sven collection.

  2. Great work on the miniatures Lee, remember the scenario fondly from the day.