Monday 28 May 2018

Undead Samurai.

A quick (UK) Bank Holiday update on a pair of test models for my Undead Samurai army. The first is a C18 Undead Samurai , by the name of Ne. The second is a converted C05 Oriental Hero miniature (one of the later Wargames Foundry castings), converted to be mounted on a spare 1980's Citadel Lord of the Rings ME64 Ringwraith (alternative) horse which I had. An obscure mix I admit!

Ne I have painted in the same way I plan for the rest of the Undead Samurai army. I have based the scheme on the historical Samurai of the 'Red Devils Brigade' of Ii Naomasa. I need to paint the sashimono detail, which I will decide on later. Instead of painting the skull and bones bone colour, I have opted for a slightly more ghostly/ethereal look to them. The reason I did this is because Japanese Undead Folklore seems to lean more to the spirits and less to animated undead and skeletons. I also intend adding some of the Wargames Foundry/Ex-Citadel Samurai to the dozen or so C18 Undead Samurai I have, so painting more fleshy looking miniatures a more 'spooky colour' I think will work better.

The converted mounted C05 Samurai I have painted as a mounted spectre. I like Spectres as part of armies, and I consider no Undead army is complete without some sort of Ethereal component. Painting wise he was simple. White undercoat, and then a couple of washes with Citadel Nihilakh Oxide. Once dry, I highlighed a few of the edges with white.

Enjoy :)
Ne from the right side.
Samurai Spectre.
I just removed the solid metal base and filed the inside legs a litte to fit him on the horse.
Right hand side.
Citadel OH5 Oriental Champion Wu-Jen.
I plan to use this miniature as the Level 25 Necromancer, but paint his skin pallid.

Note sure what the next update will be on. I do really need to get down to some serious painting. :)


  1. great looking approach to the undead Lee, and the conversion turned out really well

    1. Thank you, I wanted a slightly different, a more Japanese folklore look. The converted Spectre was fun and turned out better than I thought.