Monday 31 December 2018

Lady/Queen McDeath.

Wow, I have been so busy at during December that I have'nt been able to do any painting at all, with one  exception. What I have been doing, when time allowed, is collecting and sorting out miniatures, but alas no real painting.

I did finally finish painting Lady (later Queen) McDeath, about a year after I started her. I followed the artwork from the cover of the McDeath Gamesmaster book. It's bright, and a very 1980's looking colour scheme, and I like it. I would like the buy another Lady McDeath and paint her in the black scheme from the poster which comes with the boxed game, but as she is a very rare miniature, this would not be practical.

Sculpting wise she a great miniature. Very similar to the artwork, with a well sculpted bodice and odd looking headress, as well as the skulls and jewellery. Her face is very expressional and has a haughty look to her. I am not sure of the sculptor, but she looks similar to the 1985 C46 Townsfolk, and some of the 2nd Edition Talisman miniatures.

So here she is...

Enjoy :)
 Lady McDeath: Sorceress; power behind the throne of East Albion; wife to the King; and owner of Spot.
 Side view.
The proportions and details of the bodice, shape of the dress/robe, and jewellery are nicely done, and the miniature has a sense of drama about her.
 Rear view, showing her long hair.
 Right hand side view.
Lady McDeath take Spot out for a little excercise.
The Gamesmaster's Guide.

Not sure what the next blog update will be on. I have three armies I collected over 2018 which I have'nt photographed, and am sorting out my Slaves to Darkness era Chaos Renegades.


  1. Lovely work! Could one of those armies be high elves? I'd love to see how you treat them...

    1. Thank you.
      NSorry, not High Elves. I do have two 2nd/3rd Edition High Elf armies already, but I have not got around to doing anything with them. I do also have a Melnibonean army which I am tempted to make a start on.

      The three armies I collected in 2018 are a 4th Edition 'Big Hat' Chaos Dwarf army; a Slaves to Darkness Khorne Deamon Legion; and an army of Grenadier Miniatures Undead from thier mid 1980's Fantasy Lords range.

  2. Great work on lady Mcdeath Lee, hope you had a great Xmas and New Year, look forward to following along through 2019

  3. Thank you, it was nice to finally finish painting her. Xmas was busy at work, but I am hoping to finally get back on track with painting and blogging this year as I have let things slide a little in 2018.

    Hope your Xmas was great, have a great New Year.:)