Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Squat Mole Mortars.

I've been painting more Squats. I have a lot of infantry awaiting basing, but for now some of the  artillery.

One of the two iconic weapons associated with the Squats is the Mole Mortar, the other of course being the Thudd Gun. The Mole Mortar was released with two Squat crewmen. For those of you unaware, the Mole Mortar was a very sneaky weapon, being a Mortar which fired it's projectile underground, bursting up through the ground to explode.

I have three of these. Two have the original crew, the other I have added spare Squats to crew. I have kept the painting broadly in line with the early Rogue Trader look. They, like all the Squats so far, have been fun to paint, and quite quick to do. These took only a couple of hours.
Enjoy :)
 Mole Mortar battery.
 The first of the original crew supplied, the 'Firer'.
 The second of the original crew supplied, the 'Loader', with ammo round. He also has a twin ammo pack on his back.
Replacement crew, ' "Blish" Browning' (left), and 'Capt. Khyrk' (right).
I chose "Blish" because he has a handset of somekind, and I chose 'Khryrk'  because he looks pretty cool, he looks like a crewman, and I had one spare!
 Mole Mortars.
I based them on a 40mm round bases.
The original miniatures from the 1980's release advert.

Next blog update, more Squats!


  1. Great looking crew and mortars Lee, always liked the mole mortar as a weapon and would still like to do some for my marines one day !

    1. Thank you. When gaming I found it to be useful and I thought the Squat army should'nt be without any. I am looking. I plan to have some more in my Slaves to Darkness Chaos Renegades.

  2. Looking good. Used to hate facing mole mortars

  3. Everybody loves Squats. Great job!

    1. Thank you. Very true, I am suprised that even after all these years that Squats are still popular, and that some people are even making new Squat style miniatures.

  4. Man these look great Lee! I do love squats, and these mole mortars look suitably awesome!