Saturday 1 January 2022

Turnip28 Regiment: The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers completed.

 First blog post of 2022! What better way to celebrate the new year than a project that I painted over Christmas and which really belongs more to Halloween! Only 303 days to go. 🎃

Anyway, as detailed in my last blog post, this was is side project for Turnip28, itself a little bit of a side project from my ongoing Rogue Trader era Trader Legions project  (which, in fact is also a side project from my Warhammer Fantasy Armies, but more of that as the year progresses).

The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers were an idea for a spooky Turnip28 Regiment, using Perry and Warlord Miniatures, and Anvil Industries Pumpkin heads, instead of the usual armoured heads or various root vegetables. I opted for a muted set of colours given the Turnip28 background, as well as not wanting to have the pumpkins look too bright and orange. I wanted to give them a muddy, creepy, feel, and to avoid it looking too cartoony. For the same reason I decided to go for a darker olive green for the uniforms (I tried blue and it didn't look right), with only a little muted red to add a little colour. In all, I am happy with how they have turned out.

As the year progresses I will be converting and painting some moreTurnip28 miniautres. These will be in the more 'conventional' look with helmets and such. I enjoy this genre and the kit bashing which accompanies it, and so will pop in and out of it for a while. However, there are still many Traitor Legions to paint...  

Enjoy :)

The 31st Pumpkin Fusiliers march through a village.
Toff, the regimental leader.
Two Toadies.
The Toadie on the right is different from the photograph of him in the last blog update as the sword snapped when undercoating, and so I replaced the arm.
Chaff (light infantry).
Chaff firing.
Chaff advancing.
The Toffs fodder unit command section.
I only opted for one standard for the force, and used the actual drummer miniature and standard for the Toff's fodder unit. I had a go at painting a pumpkin on the stand which I think looks passable. :)
Converted Drummers.
A pair of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Another pair of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
 Pumpkin Fusiliers with shakos.
I didn't convert many of these as on most of the larger pumpkin heads they looked a little ridiculous.
More random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Rear views of random Pumpkin Fusiliers.
Two Pumpkin Fusiliers marching through a village. The one on the left is wearing a greatcoat, whereas the one on the just the uniform coat. I used a mix of both in the force, although I prefer the great coat.
The Pumpkin Fusiliers marching off to do battle.

Next update will be some Chaos Traitor Legion things as I have been painting some of those as well.


  1. Great painting Lee, the colours work really well for this unit.

    1. Thank you Dave. I wanted to keep the colours muted, but still give an impression of some colour. Fun to paint, and very quick to do, they only really took me about two hours in total.

  2. I already loved them just in bare plastic, but now I find them truly most impressive. Great job.
    Oh, and happy new year!

    1. Thank you Suber, and have a Happy New Years as well.

  3. Excellent result: the combination of dark green for the uniforms and orange for the pumpkins gives a disturbing effect, without being cartoonish. And the bushes growing on the bodies also help to give a muddy effect that creates a dark atmosphere. We hadn't noticed the details of the bases: the skull in the split pumpkin is brilliant.
    A nice start for a happy new year ... with the wish to have many ideas for the next side project to the side project!

    1. Thank you Rodor, glad you like them.

      I chose the dark green to offset the orange of the pumpkins, without looking either too bright or dull. I think that the bushes and mud, along with the pumpkins, gives them a scarecrow feel.

      The skull in the pumpkin is the design of one of the pumpkins from Anvil Industry's' scenery pack. I like to think that the pumpkins are growing around the buried skulls and then bringing the skeletons back to life!
      Have a lovely New Year.