Monday 9 January 2023

A Second Necrosphinx, all three Warsphinxes, more Archers, and Chariot WIP.

 I have finally decided to tackle the Tomb Kings Chariots, a part of the Tomb Kings army which I have been avoiding.

I have 22 Chariots which to paint, which I consider a large internal component of the larger army. It is of course not just the chariots themselves, but the 42 crew and 1 Tomb King in addition which I feel adds to the workload. Assembling the chariots and crew has taken some time, and so I have decided to tackle the chariots in two phases. The first, assembling and painting the chariots themselves; second, the assembly and painting of the crew. I have mostly finished the chariots themselves, and I am currently a third of the way through the crew.

In addition to the chariots I have painted my third and final regiment of 20 strong Bowmen, and finished the second of my two Necrosphinxes.

Enjoy :)

The last of the three 20 strong Bowmen regiments.
All the bowmen.
Three regiments of 20 Bowmen belonging to the main Khemrian Army of Settra, and 40 Bowmen of Khalida, making of course 100 Bowmen in all.
Side view.
I purchased this one second hand from e-Bay. I repositioned the arms and swapped the head. He is missing the little side wings on his armour, but I don't think it really shows.
Side view.
The other side!
A pair of Necrosphinxes.
All five of the big guys: two Necrosphinxes, and three Warsphinxes.
The three Warsphinxes.
Chariots WIP.
The keenest eyed of you might notice that there are only 21 chariots here, not 22, but this is because I had not had time to assemble the Tomb Kings personal chariot in time for the photograph. In addition, I have since swapped the standard of the lead three chariots for an unbroken one I found.

Next update will be the completed chariots.


  1. Excellent progress Lee, the army must be looking very impressive altogether now. Good progress on the chariots, and breaking it down into smaller tasks is a sensible idea.

    1. Thank you Dave, it's starting to take shape and feel like a big army.
      At the moment I don't have a table of floor space big enough to lay it all out. I am renovating the house as an ongoing project at the moment as well, so many things are boxed up, and it's cluttered here.
      I am looking to photograph each of the troop types together in turn once finished. Only later on will I be able to have the whole army arrayed at the same time for photographing.

  2. A truly pharaonic work! We can only reiterate our admiration for how you are carrying out your project. Will the chariots be grouped, as you photographed them, in six-piece formations, plus a group of four for the lead?
    Let's take advantage of your experience for a couple of curiosities about this race(?) of undead. In which year/edition of Warhammer do these Egyptian looking skeletons appear? Who are the main enemies of the Tomb Kings in Warhammer lore?

    1. Thank you.
      My plan is is to group the chariots as shown, with three formations of six, one of three (for supporting flanks), and one chariot with a Tomb King on it's own.

      As regarding the range, from memory, there were mentions of them in Warhammer lore during the 1990's, from 4th Edition and 5th Edition. I never really played 4th and 5th Edition, and so I am unfamiliar with the Undead army book, but Arkhan the Black, and various Mummy miniatures were released at the time as part of a wider Undead range.

      There was a stand-in army list for them at the start of 6th Edition in 2000, and then the range received it's own army book and expanded range of miniatures in 2002. After that, apart from occasional White Dwarf article, there was nothing until 8th Edition (2010), when in 2011 the Tomb Kings received a new Army Book, and an expanded range of miniatures.

      As for their main enemies, the Tomb Kings fought everyone else as most other Warhammer factions did. There was the premise that usually they just fought invaders intent on plunder. The background does mention battles with Orcs, Ogres, Skaven, non-Lustrian Lizardmen in the Southern Jungles, and there seems to be a recurring theme of crusading Bretonnians. Other than that, the Tomb Kings fought each other occasionally, or fought the evil Undead army of Arkhan the Black.