Monday, 13 February 2023

Tomb Kings Skeleton Warrior Spearmen.

 I thought it was about time I focused on some of the Core Troops choices and tackled some of the of Skeleton Warrior infantry. I have 200 Skeleton Warriors, 120 unarmoured Spearmen, and 80 armoured Swordsmen. So I started with the Spearmen in late January, finishing them last week.

These are painted the same as the rest of the army, with the Khemri turquoise shields and red spear shafts. They were straight forward to paint and fun in so much as it was nice to see so many ranks of Skeletons take shape. And yes, I did paint them all in one big batch!

Enjoy :)

120 Spearmen organised into three regiments of 40 Warriors.
Battle line.
First regiment.
Second regiment.
Third regiment.
Three Masters of Arms.
As they are unit leaders I equipped them differently from the rank and file, with Khopesh swords, and slightly fancier head gear. 
Standard Bearers.

My next update will be on the Ushabti which I am currently converting and painting.


  1. Excellent work on all the regiments Lee

    1. Thank you Dave, I wanted to make a start on the Warriors, which form the bulk of the Infantry.

  2. Really cool, what a hell of a work! They look impressive