Tuesday 9 May 2023

Tomb Kings: Settra the Imperishable.

The great ruler of Khemri himself, Settra the Imperishable.

I had been putting off this miniature for a while as it was a complicated one to assemble, and also required me building a special base for him to sit on. This is the old pewter metal one which I have had sitting in a box for about 15 years! It is a lovely miniature, surprisingly fun to paint, and fun to do.

First of all I had to build him a specific base, as he wasn't supplied with base big enough, and I didn't have a plastic base big enough. The base was simply a piece of plastic card cut to size, and then modelled with Milliput. I added a variety of spare bits to add some flavour to the base, and added the skeletal horses to the Milliput whilst is was drying so they were embedded strongly onto the base.

Once the base was built, it was on to the construction of the metal Settra and his chariot. Both of these were again more straightforward to assemble than I thought they may be. I assembled, and then kept  Settra and the chariot separate, so they would be easier to paint, with the idea of assemble them together at the end.

Painting was easy. I used the dusty method, which worked well with the model. I added a few more details that I would normally have done, but there was nothing too problematic in the painting, or in the painting of the base.

And that is it. It's a lovely model. It will be interesting to see if GW produce a new model for Settra in their forthcoming Warhammer: The Old World releases, and if they do what he will look like.

Enjoy :)

Settra the Imperishable.
Slightly closer view of front.
Thundering across the desert.
Side view.
I was quite impressed by the detailing on the chariot.
Close up of Settra.
Scarabs fleeing Settra's oncoming chariot.
I wanted to convey a greater sense of motion and dramatic onslaught to the model, so I added the flying scarabs from the various Tomb Kings plastic kits.
More Scarabs.
Random skull decoration from the GW Arcane Ruins set.
Skeleton (spare from the Casket of Souls), scarabs, and skulls.

I only have one more update on the Tomb Kings left to do, and then they are finished. Well, until GW releases the Warhammer: The Old World.
Meanwhile, I am looking to paint some goblins at some point, and I am also returning to my 1988/90 Realms of Chaos Daemon Legions as well.


  1. Fantastic work and base Lee, looks the centre piece it should be, and good call on making a base big enough for all the parts to sit on. If you want to add a little more movement to the model, get some lambs wool and stick small clumps behind the hooves that are touching the ground, and the wheels, then when fully dry, tease and pluck the wool in the opposite direction the chariot is travelling, this will look like dust being kicked up as they move along.

    1. Thank you Dave. That's a great idea to add lambs wool to the wheels. I should really have mentioned that Settra was going to be quite a centre piece to the army. You are right, that is one of the reasons I mounted him on a large custom made base, as well as to ensure that none delicate parts of the model were exposed to being damaged.

  2. What an imposing display. I love the tiny details here and there, really enjoyable work!

    1. Thank you Suber. I wanted to add a few details to the base to add to it's drama, and stop it being too bland.