Thursday 27 June 2024

Chaos Dwarf Hell Cannon and Earthshakers.

 More Chaos Dwarfs, this time some of the heavy artillery, with two of the 1990's Earthshaker Cannons, and a Hell Cannon.

I mounted the Earthshaker Cannons on 150mm by 100mm bases to simulate the footprint of the Forge World Earthshaker. In addition I borrowed an idea from one of the Chaos Dwarf Facebook groups and added an Ogre loader to each using 'era appropriate Ogres' from the early/mid 1990s. I also secured them all to the bases to give them the look of a diorama. I shall be adding banners to the Earthshkaers at a later date. My plan is to add all of the banners to the army in one go once it has been completed.

As for the Hell Cannon, I mounted that on the same sized base as the easthshakers, but vertically. I purchased the Hell Cannon second hand from e-bay, and it was missing the crew, and some of the chains. I replaced the crew with one spare Earthshaker crewman, and two 1990s Bloodbowl players. I didn't bother adding new chains, I just assumed this Hell Cannon was a little more well behaved, perhaps trained the Barabara Woodhouse way, as older readers of this blog may recall!?

Enjoy :) 

Hell Cannon, and two Earthshakers.
Left side view.
I left off the Chaos star symbols from the wheels as I wanted to have a more mechanical look to it, and to tie in with the cogs and bits on the bases. 
Right side view.
Top, showing the metal daemon skull.
Close up of the tormented souls inside. I opted for a blood red look to tie in with the rest of the red in the army, and to give an icky feel to the cannon.
The first Earthshaker.
On one of the Facebook groups someone used this Marauder Ogre as an Ogre loader. I thought this was a fantastic idea and looked good. The scale armour really ties in with the Chaos Dwarfs.
Chaos Dwarfs carrying the shell.
The corroded gun barrel.
I wanted to keep the rusty theme of the army with the gun barrel, but didn't want to have it look like rusty iron, which I didn't think would make sense for a cannon. I didn't want a verdigris bronze either. So I painted the barrel Typus Corrosion, lightly painted it Retributor Armour, and then, before it dried, wiped some of it off to leave a pitted mix of the two.
The second Earthshaker.
Another Marauder Ogre being used as an Ogre loader.
More crew.
The other gun barrel.

Next update will probably be some more Chaos Dwarfs. I have been painting a lot of different things recently, and so have a backlog of photographs to add to the blog, so I shall started with the last few Chaos Dwarf items I have painted, and then update on the other things through July and August, mainly Rogue Trader, and 2nd/3rd Edition Fantasy Battle stuff.


  1. Wow, full ordnance. I love how they look, what a job you did here!

    1. Thank you Suber. It's a big army so I wanted a lot of heavy artillery to back them up. I'm pleased with how the rusty look still seems to work with the greater amount of red I used for the Earthshaker gun carriages, and the screaming souls in the Hell Cannon.

  2. A suitably grimy finish for a campaign set in the blasted chaos wastes.

    1. Thank you, I am going for that grimy, rusty, evil polluted industrial look.

  3. Fantastic artillery Lee, all your additions and subtractions add a lot of character to the weapons and crew

    1. Glad you liked the additions. I really like that I could have 1990's big hat Chaos Dwarfs for the Hell Cannon. The Ogre idea I saw on a Facebook group and thought I must give it a try, and it seems to work well.