Sunday, 24 November 2013

Slow painting, quick update...

Sorry but a very quick update this weekend as I have been very busy all week, hence not getting around to an update during the week :(

I am still painting the Woods Elves. I have not made as much progress as hoped, but this week I have still managed to paint one complete unit of 15 Wood Elf archers, a leader for one of the others, and a re-paint of the Giant Eagle.

 The weeks painting.
 Unit leader and Musican. 
The unit leader is a EC01 Range Melnibonean Infantry archer from the Citadel Eternal Champion range. 
I only bought him this week. I popped along the coast to Worthing, and whilst idly browsing in a flea market found him and another archer while rummaging in a box. £4 for the two of them.

One-eyed archer from Skarloc's Wood Elves. 
Also a standard bearer from the Elven Command range.
 Two archers, both female.
 Two more archers, this time male.
 Unit leader for the regiment I painted last week. 
He is an old C08 High Elf named 'Orc Slayer', and designed by Aly Morrison. 
His Elves have a slighlty differing look to the Jes Goodwin ones. They seem softer faced, and slightly shorter in height compared to Jes Goodwins more leaner, sharper faced ones. I prefer Jes Goodwins Elves, but I like ths Elf and wanted to add him to the army. Especially as there a drwaing looking like him in the Wood Elf Lord's Bowmen entry in Warhammer armies. :)
 Giant Eagle. 
I am not sure of the code or origin of this Giant Eagle, but I am sure it's an old citadel one.
 The painted army so far. 
60 Archers from the Skarloc's Wood Elf box sets (including a couple of extra odds and ends), 2 Treemen, 10 Warhounds with 2 Handlers, Giant Eagles, and Zoat.
Sorry about the rubbish photo.
What's left to do. 
30 Scouts, mounted Army General, and mounted Wizard. 

I have a continuing busy week, but I plan to put as much time aside as possible to get as much painted as I can, and even do an update during the week if possible. 
Afterall, I am starting to run out of Autumn for the Autumnal Elves!   :)


  1. Nice :) I like the autumn theme, well done

    1. Thank you,
      I thought it would make an interesting change from green, and I like the colours of Autumn.

  2. Some of your loveliest painting yet, I think. Great work!

    1. Thank you,
      I'm pleased with how they are looking individually, and coming together as an army.